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[Pandemic LIE] How Appropriate!! Mothers’ Day Protest Against this Cruel Lockdown, Vaccines and 5G!! - FAKE Parliament House, Melbourne 10MAY20 & Plandemic

Remember what the original Mothers’ Day was about?

Mothers, remember the original Mother’s Day spirit, stand up and fight against 5G!!
The founder of the activity Julia Ward Howe was against war, i.e. against the LIES of the FAKE authorities.

And we’ve got the same spirit.
Let’s go over some mainstream news article.
10 daily
Several Arrested After Crowds Defy Warnings To Protest Coronavirus Lockdown

By Eden Gillespie and Viki Gerova
Sun 10 May 2020 2.36 PM
Police have arrested 10 people after hundreds gathered at an anti-lockdown protest at Melbourne's Parliament House on Sunday. Protesters were filmed chanting criticism of Victoria's lockdown measures and holding signs calling for people to 'fight for your freedom'.

Other signs held by protesters framed coronavirus as a conspiracy theory and claimed '5g kills'.

Videos posted on social media showed people yelling "arrest Bill Gates", with further footage showing violent clashes between police and protesters.

The title says “Protest Coronavirus Lockdown”, yet they couldn’t ignore “5G Kills” bit, and as usual, they used their favorite term of conspiracy theory to smear us. Labelling, you see. And the voice of “Arrest Bill Gates!!” must be growing and growing among those awake.
Is It Time to Launch an Investigation Into the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for Possible ‘Crimes Against Humanity’?
Robert Bridge
April 30, 2020

and against that evil Fauci
EXCLUSIVE: Robert F Kennedy Jr. Drops Bombshells on Dr. Fauci For Medical Cover Ups and Fraud; Fauci “Poisoned an Entire Generation of Americans”

I haven’t listened to above nor watched below yet, but they’re deleting below video & info everywhere, so I recommend that you watch it before they delete this one.
PLANDEMIC Part 1: Expert Virologist Speaks Out

Back to yesterday’s protest.
I saw just a brief piece from the Guardian,
Coronavirus Australia updates: anti-lockdown protest in Melbourne as NSW and WA set to ease Covid-19 restrictions – as it happened
Calla Wahlquist (now) and Michael McGowan (earlier)
Sun 10 May 2020 18.24 AEST

There, let’s take a look at those figures.
It says

Coronavirus latest totals

Confirmed cases 4,023,539
Deaths 279,307

And let’s compare those with the figure Jon Rappoport pointed out, and this is from that criminal Company WHO’s site,
[Europe] 2018–2019 influenza season: what we know so far
There it says:
During the winter months, influenza may infect up to 20% of the population

and Jon wrote:

The population of Europe is 741 million people. This works out to 148 million cases of ordinary flu. Not once. Every year. EVERY YEAR.

So we are to compare 4,023,539 worldwide/COVID-19 vs. 148,000,000 in Europe/Seasonal flu.

WHO’s page doesn’t show how many deaths, but let’s apply what we found out from the leaked footage from the White House Coronavirus Task Force Briefing Room.

[Pandemic LIE] YouTube’s manipulation & Corona is “JUST ANOTHER FLU” by the White House Press Corps, so Pandemic is a HOAX!!

White House Press Corps Caught on Hot Mic Take Off the Masks It's a HOAX!
The Houleigan Apr 21, 2020

So, the actual - or more accurate (it seems) fatality rate was 0.1 ~ 0.3%.

In Europe, every year 148 million people get infected with seasonal flu according to the criminal Company WHO, and 0.1% of that is 148,000 and 0.3% of that is 444,000 in Europe vs. 279,307 worldwide according to the Guardian. But we know that they’ve been padding the number of victims etc. So, let’s see what 0.1 ~ 0.3% of their figure of those infected.

0.1% of 4,023,539 is 4023 and 0.3% of it is 12,070 worldwide.
You’ve gotta tell others this.
Those infected: 4,023,539/worldwide vs. 148,000,000/Europe and
Deaths - estimate: 4,023 to 12,070 /worldwide vs. 148,000 to 444,000/Europe

That’s what my sign said, and no MSM showed my sign as far as I saw.
So, if you ever see any MSM showing my sign,
please let me know.

Again, just like I was joining the one in Trafalgar, I was running late cause I was making above signs in the morning, and I didn’t know… or actually forgot about Toorak Road exit is closed. So I had to take another route, and when I got to the area after parking my car, it was almost 12:30pm and that’s when I heard some rough exchange between the protesters and the FAKE police the Masons.

That 10daily article said:
Police said pepper spray was used during the arrest of one individual on Sunday.

I don’t know when it happened, but I saw a woman who seemed to be a bicycle rider, having her eyes shut tight and trace of water on her face, from washing her eyes. So it means the FAKE police cowardly spray whatever directly into her EYES!!!!!

“…these are extraordinary times and the health and safety of every Victorian needs to be our number one priority…” a police spokesperson said.

But they clearly didn’t care about
our safety at all!!

"We have made it very clear that if a planned protest was to proceed, it would be in direct contravention of the Chief Health Officer’s current directives," they added.
(end quote)

OK, directives folks.
According to the person who told me about this protest, and I’ll quote, talking about the protest in St. Kilda:

They are lying bastards!!! We attended another gathering last Friday in Acland Street St Kilda, a lot more police presence, but they got laughed off and left us alone. They also told the media they disbursed us and we were charged and fined there as well it is all utter bull shit. We have full video footage of the whole day. We know the law better than them.
You cannot be fined for a directive and that is all the social distancing and lockdown "laws" are, they are not laws, they do not exist on paper as offences, they have not gone through due process. It is all an utter farce and the police know it.

(end quote)

Well, even if they made it a law, a Company cannot make law to begin with, so it’s either way, invalid.

Another coverage by 7News,
Melbourne protests: Violent scenes in Melbourne’s CBD as coronavirus protesters are detained
Alex Chapman
Sunday, 10 May 2020 4:06 pm
We can see there, that this FAKE Health Minister Jenny Mikakos is very keen to promote vaccines.
And the man who was bleeding was probably the man on the site,

I think I met him in Trafalgar when I was telling others about my fraudulent and brutal arrest. He was very sympathetic and kindly gave me his number and told me to call him if I encounter such violence again. And this day, he had to face that himself. I hope he is all right. Maybe I’ll call that number later.

Another page on 7News,
Violent clash: Arrests and injuries as coronavirus protest turns ugly
Stefan Mitchell
Sunday, 10 May 2020 4:24 pm

Did you see that?

It says,
Arrest at 5G protest
Melbourne’s Parliament House has been swarmed with protesters on Sunday picketing against vaccinations and a 5G network.

More clearly than 10daily, it reported that we are against vaccines and 5G.
I find that is interesting and even wonder if that’s actually a sign of those in the rotten media, also aware of 5G danger, and want to wake up more. At any rate, it’s good that MSM tells readers/viewers that we are NOT ONLY against the lockdown but those horrific poison.

Also one of the videos I recently watched said something like “protest gives them a reason to arrest you (so don’t do it).” And in the past, I repeatedly said that protests and/or petition are just degasification and useless UNLESS we get good & big enough coverage on MSM. So in that sense, MSM is not ignoring our action, although they ridicule us. And even when they would never show a sign like mine which could help wake up others, those who are already awake must be nodding and those on the verge of waking up will THINK more.

It is a great shame that some got violently attacked and fraudulently arrested, but this kind of direct action is really necessary cause it shows some NEVER CONSENT. Also I saw among those working on the other side, there are some who are actually with us, or are questioning the official lie. One of them was a crew of MSM, and yet when I spoke with him, he understood and I gave him my mini-flyer, which he gladly took.

And those who still believe in vaccines should watch this.

Mike Wallace 60 Minutes Exposes Swine Flu Pandemic & Vaccine Fallout of 1976

cause we’ve got to learn from the past, which often get hidden deliberately.
And know what’s really happening,

#ExposeCBS Michigan Health Center Workers Stage “Fake Patients” In COVID19 Testing Line For CBS
May 6, 2020 Project Veritas

plus, what is about to happen…

Contact Tracing-Bill & Chelsea Clinton-G. Newsom-A. Cuomo

So as usual, spread the word especially about their bottom fraud of

Governments are Companies
Documents relating to registration with the SEC of the Australian Government as a privately owned American company
tell them that I have proven above via my battle, and that’s why they cannot make me pay,
and reveal this pandemic LIE. Also don’t forget to say the Secret as well,

Illuminati has perished.
Yes, thank you!!

with genuine emotion of joy and gratitude as many times as possible everyday. (Now, shorter version only I display)

and get their underlings come on our side

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