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Dangerous world we are in (Murder by FAKE police & Dreadful weapon) & Don’t waste your time and energy with hopelessly stupid Sheople & 30MAY20 Protest

Many of you in Australia must have heard about this
‘Distressed’ man shot and killed by police on Monash Freeway
3aw news
11:26am, May 28, 2020 Updated: 12:48pm, May 28
Armed man shot dead by police in freeway ‘standoff’
The New Daily @TheNewDailyAU

I didn’t check seriously after finding above but I don’t think I saw many articles on this. Anyhow, they don’t really tell the detail of the incident, do they. I couldn’t tell if that 53 year old man who was distressed had for instance, lost his job due to this pandemic LIE or missed his sessions with his doctor to deal with his mental issues which was caused by various poison including Heavy Metal Toxins ( that they don't tell you, like the patient of one of more than 600 doctors who wrote to Trump asking him to stop this lockdown who actually committed suicide (the patient), and why several FAKE police officers who must have been a lot younger than this man, couldn’t shoot his leg, or just violently hold him down like their mates did to me.

Someone told me that they shot 2 bullets into his chest meaning they intended to kill him, I guess, when I assume he was not threatening anybody, apart from facing those FAKE officers.

And only thing he had was a knife and they don’t tell us how big or what kind of knife that was either. At any rate, they’ll probably whitewash this case just like so many others, and the killers will get away from whatever they did wrong, I bet. Wonder if there’s any follow up articles to begin with.

Also, how many of you heard this one?
Australian police authorities buying up sound weapons
Rachel Carbonell and Jeremy Story Carter
Posted Tue 17 May 2016, 8:01am
Updated Tue 24 May 2016, 11:34am
Australia's police forces are buying up devices capable of causing long-term hearing damage (*seems PERMANENT damage, rather) from a distance. … The Law Report contacted all of Australia's police forces and found more than half now own LRADs.

Wonder if that’s what Barrie Trower called growler
Who makes/sells it and how much!?? I assume it must be someone like Raytheon, but it’s really dreadful. Even Sheople need to seriously THINK VERY HARD why they need such a weapon against their original employers, whom they are supposed to serve.

As for 600 doctors, it’s from FOX
Published May 20
Doctors raise alarm about health effects of continued coronavirus shutdown: 'Mass casualty incident'
By Tyler Olson | Fox News

Again, I saw it on G.E. Griffin’s Need to Know news and he wrote:
More than 600 doctors signed a letter to President Trump calling for him to end lockdowns across the US that are crushing the nation’s economy. The doctors say the loss of livelihoods are causing poverty, loss of homes, despair, alcoholism, drug abuse, and suicides. It is the view of these doctors that these effects are more deadly than the virus. -GEG

It’s good to see some people are doing what they can do.
But the criminals are determined to do whatever they’ve been doing, and the majority of the world still don’t know about their fraud of Governments being fraudulent criminal Companies. Using this traitorous fraud, we can point out everything they do or say is null and void because companies don’t have the authority of real governments.

Actually, it was a mother of small children who told me about the above murder, and on that day alone, I encountered total six people in a few hours, who understood everything I say and what my signs on my car say. But there was one, in a shop, who refused to see our ugly reality.

In conversation with him, when I mentioned about the protest held yesterday (it was Friday, the day before), he said those protesters must be all jobless. He didn’t mean that they lost their job because of this fuss, but he meant those are lazy bunch who have nothing else to do but go to protest. First of all, it’s such a baseless allegation.

Anyway, can you see what he was doing there?
He simply didn’t want to know the problems we are facing now, so he decided to attack the messenger rather than arguing the message with me. Usual tactics of (sorry to say but) stupid, coward, dumbed down Sheople.

Also he insisted that Australia is the best democratic country in the world and eventually telling me to “go back to where you’re from” cliche. I told him everywhere is the same but obviously he refuses to see the reality of the world. I should have told him what a bus driver years ago told me, different one from the one I mentioned in

This driver was from Czechoslovakia and he said to me,

“You see we don’t like it there, communism or socialism but we live there anyway. Yet at least we know that Government lies all the time. Australia is a good country but people here believe that they live in a free and democratic country while they live under tyranny in fact.

Back to that stupid man in a shop, seeing my sign “5G Kills, he even added to say that he is really looking forward to have 5G so that he can download whatever so quick. I should have told him that my laughter who was in a share house near the city, where they had 5G kept telling me that she had to use her data because it was SO SLOW!!.

Later on the same day, I went out to a shop to get some things to make my sign for the protest, and this… another stupid man in his late 60’s just banged into my car!! I stopped at the red light and as usual, had a good distance between my car and the one before me, but all of a sudden, this guy backed up and kept coming towards me. Of course, I honked the horn vigorously, but he probably didn’t hear it as well as not seeing me there, just rammed into my car.

I was really disgusted that he kept on and drove forward when the light turned to green but I had to stop there.

At least, he had some decency to stop in a car park to wait for me, but they were horrible - especially his wife was rude. It was absolutely his fault 100% but they even tried to find any wrong doing on my side, like his wife pointing out my car having a small dent which was caused by some other fool who banged into my car when it was parked somewhere, and the guy kept saying that my car was too low when his 4WD is too tall and he obviously doesn’t have any extra mirror or monitor to see the back all right. He even said that I must have stopped my car way too close to his, which was not true. He should THINK how far he had to back up before he damaged my car.

And then when I told them repeatedly that they should report this to their insurance company, they insisted that I have to do so, and when I did it on Saturday, as expected, they told me that he has to report to them.

I’m just so dumbfounded (though I knew it) that some people are so simply disgustingly STUPID!! They could be victims of all the Microwave Weapons which are damaging our health including our brain, caring mind etc. But because of his stupidity, I missed the shop, therefore I decided not to join the protest - partially because I was physically tired.

Honestly, I’m still disgusted with this while they never see the fact that I had/have to use my time, energy and money (even if it’s a tiny amount), to deal with this till my car gets fixed on top of them messing up my schedule. I bet they believe that’s just fine cause their insurance company will pay for the damage. They can’t see any further.

Anyway, another reason why I didn’t join the protest is what I wrote here prior to the day,
Same reason why I don’t join the protest in front of ARPANSA the Company on weekend,
which is located over 20km away from the city, with no pedestrians walking around to see us.

Same with yesterday’s which was at the Royal Botanic Gardens,
which is so far away from CBD and so huge!
Therefore, unless there’s some decent report on MSM, there’s no meaning of having such a protest, as I always say.

I looked for MSM articles on this anti-mandatory vaccine protest and at around 5pm on Saturday, I didn’t see anything on ABC etc. When we had that protest on 10th which started at 12pm like yesterday’s, early report was out at 2:31pm and on,

'We don't consent': Dramatic scenes at anti-lockdown protest
by Stephanie Bedo and Natalie Brown
10th May 2020 2:31 PM

Protesters clash with cops during wild rally against tough lockdown laws - as frustrated residents are joined by anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists who blame 5G for COVID-19
By Charlotte Karp and Brittany Chain For Daily Mail Australia
Published: 14:55 AEST, 10 May 2020 | Updated: 06:23 AEST, 11 May 2020

Yes, there was some news report came out after 5pm for the 10th protest,

Ten arrested and police officer injured at protest against Victoria’s Covid-19 lockdown laws
Michael McGowan
Sun 10 May 2020 17.49 AEST
Last modified on Wed 13 May 2020 12.16 AEST

So I’ll see if there’s any report apart from what I found then,
Anti-vax protesters defy coronavirus restrictions across Australia
Georgie Moore and Angelo RissoAAP
May 30, 2020 3:08PM
Topics Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Hundreds of anti-vaccination protesters have defied social-distancing measures at rallies across Australia.

Protesters claiming the COVID-19 pandemic was a “scam” gathered at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne on Saturday, and carried signs declaring they were against vaccines and 5G technology.

Their placards stated “5G — communism“, “COVID 1984” and “our ignorance is their strength”.
Shame it doesn’t say how many attended in Melbourne, while reporting there were “up to 500 protesters” in Sydney. And they ridicule our side as always, but at least this Perth Now (in Western Australia) reported it. Wonder how many Victorians get to read it.

Anyway, we’ve gotta keep fighting and do our best to wake up more - not those hopelessly stupid Sheople but those who are on the verge of waking up. As usual, let them know about their bottom lie,

Governments are Companies
Documents relating to registration with the SEC of the Australian Government as a privately owned American company
tell them that I have proven above via my battle, and that’s why they cannot make me pay,
and reveal this pandemic LIE. Also don’t forget to say the Secret as well,

Illuminati has perished.
Yes, thank you!!

with genuine emotion of joy and gratitude as many times as possible everyday. (Now, shorter version only I display)

otherwise, mandatory vaccines with
Microchips & RNA
that messes up our DNA are on their way
as that evil man wished.
Cause many are now competing to be chosen,
Who's leading the race? A guide to coronavirus vaccines in the pipeline
ABC Health & Wellbeing
By health reporter Olivia Willis
to poison & kill you.

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