Thursday, May 28, 2020

Protest to say NO to mandatory vaccination - this Saturday

Just saw this now.
Don’t know who’s organizing it and it’s a shame again, it’s on Saturday - weekend when the traitors are not there, and not even in front of the FAKE Parliament House. It could be a (sort of ) trap to fraudulently arrest more innocent citizens. But FYI.
And read on to other articles below. ;o) Especially

GOVisCO Fraudulent Criminals cater themselves very well and One very important video, revealing the Pedophile Ring in Australia

A couple of days ago, I was talking with a man in a shop who understood everything I told him about the current situation of this country and the world. And he mentioned Andrews having raised his wages by much. It was a while ago, but they treat themselves super well, don’t they, with the money they steal from us!!
Victorian Premier to become highest-paid state leader as tribunal grants pay rise for MPs
By state political reporter Richard Willingham and Bridget Rollason
Posted 17 SepSeptember 2019, updated 17 SepSeptember 2019

Monday, May 11, 2020

[Pandemic LIE] How Appropriate!! Mothers’ Day Protest Against this Cruel Lockdown, Vaccines and 5G!! - FAKE Parliament House, Melbourne 10MAY20 & Plandemic

Remember what the original Mothers’ Day was about?

Mothers, remember the original Mother’s Day spirit, stand up and fight against 5G!!
The founder of the activity Julia Ward Howe was against war, i.e. against the LIES of the FAKE authorities.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

[Pandemic LIE] Surgeon General’s interview: OK, it was true but… &Trump gives $483 million to Gates-funded vaccine maker & Another protest in St. Kilda & Tomorrow…

This is a sequel to, at least the first part,

[Pandemic LIE] Stunning Turn of Events - U.S. Surgeon General Gerome Adams Dumps Gate’s Predictive Contagion Model!!

As I wrote, I tried to find any news repot on this Surgeon General’s decision, I first wondered about that site, so I opened its “About” page,
Fort Russ News