Wednesday, March 25, 2020

We are seriously in a WAR while many are asleep. Total LOCKDOWN could be on its way… Do as much and whatever you can NOW to wake up more!!

I’ve got a lot to say but I’ve got to make this brief and quick.
Basically, my mates are saying that there’s a talk that our FAKE Governments are about to order a total LOCKDOWN deploying military to control us.

They are the criminals, and they have been having this WAR for long, long time while the majority’s all brainwashed, misled and deep in coma.

Also, as I thought it seems this ‘corona-whatever’ killing people (allegedly) is a combination of BIO Weapons as Prof. Francis Boyle says, but probably NOT of China but of U$A.

And Italy, South Korea and Iran are under attack by this man-made virus.
One big reason why Italy is getting attacked I think is that their (FAKE) Government
listened to its people, and revealing vaccines are poisons.
(there was a huge demonstration of anti-vaccines a while back - below)

Protesting against mandatory vaccination all across Italy

And they’re finding out ugly truth…

BOMBSHELL – Corvelva Releases Next Vaccine Analysis Results

RN Discovers Vaccines are injecting Cancer

Also they’ve been making brilliant documentaries such as Chemtrails the Secret War and ZERO - Investigation into 9/11 (search within this blog or do that on YouTube to watch if you haven’t), so the criminals are retaliating cowardly.

Not sure why they’re doing it to South Korea - maybe so that they can say Asians are prone to get this or whatever = lie.

Anyway, I’ll put up what I saw last month.
Watch them, and spread far and wide urgently along with some other information that I’ve been showing you here.

WE Are "All" the ENEMY on the Battlefield - PART 1 of 4

WAR - We are “ALL” in GRAVE DANGER - Part 2 of 4

WAR in Humanity - Nano Tech in YOUR Body and 5G - Part 3 of 4

High Tech WAR - “Control the Enemy Remotely” - From a Distance

One more,

DEBORAH TAVARES Illuminati Global Agenda & Smart Directed Energy Weapons Age Of Truth TV -MIRROR

*Though I’m not sure about this guy or this “Age of Truth” people cause their symbol is all seeing eye and at the end they promote the liars like David Icke.

The latest of hers which I haven’t watched yet, but might as well,

COVID19 Worldwide Survival Plan March 10th 2020NutriMedical com Report Dr Bill Deagle MD

Please, please do your best to wake up strangers!! cause I’ve been encountering many who were wondering and questioning about this fuss, so when I filled them in, they got the message straight away. Do not worry about others thinking of you a conspiracy nuts. We have no time to worry such a trivial thing and so many people’s lives are at stake here.

Also as usual, keep saying the Secret
(see my previous posts, it’s at the end) and stay safe.

Simply you know, we’ve got to beat them.

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