Thursday, January 30, 2020

The PIRBRIGHT Institute (Bill Gates) and CDC own the Coronavirus strains!!

As expected sort of, I was attacked by the criminals' Microwave Weapon again and couldn't sleep any longer than one and a half hours last night so I'm really tired. Yet, we had that meeting (shown on the last entry) and though I couldn't show even half of what I planned to show cause we kept talking, LOL it was good.

Anyway, Coronavirus, yes?
From the moment I heard about the news, I was sure somebody like Fort Detrick or so created it. So I did a bit of search and instead, I found many people/civilians near that base have been dying from cancer. Apparently, they dumped toxic waste into underground, and contaminated the water.

Same story with different names, different substances etc. happening all the time everywhere, and I really wish many would wake up to see what's really happening, not because of some WRONG decision but deliberate planning and the evil criminals carrying it out.

One of the participants kindly told me that CDC had the patent of Coronavirus. I found this page, straight away,
Bill Gates Funded the PIRBRIGHT Institute, Which Owns A Patent
On Coronavirus; The CDC Owns The Strain Isolated From Humans

January 29, 2020

And Bill Gates et al were talking about "pandemic coming!!"

Event 201 Pandemic Exercise: Highlights Reel

I'm sure they're making Coronavirus Vaccine to sell to the world, or already have one. BEWARE, people. Never get it cause that will make you sick.

Also, while quite a few still believe Trump is a good guy, he who was apparently saying that 'Global Warming' was a China's conspiracy, now says it's real.

Remarks by President Trump on Proposed National Environmental Policy Act Regulations Energy & Environment
Issued on: January 9, 2020

I might add some videos on this page later (regarding that Fort Detrick causing cancer) but I really need to sleep... so unless you fight back like I have been. ;o)
say the Secret

All of their poisons and crimes have gone back to Illuminati, and Illuminati has perished.
Since many have woken up fully, we’ve got genuinely decent, fair, just & peaceful world now. Yes, thank you!!

say it with genuine emotion of joy and gratitude as many times as possible everyday. And, if you think above is way too long, just say

Illuminati has perished. Yeah, thank you!!

at least, and please do your bits to wake up more urgently to stop all their crimes!!


chuckwagon said...

Interesting you would talk about their 'microwave weapon' (Max Igan also may have been hit, he went crazy for a while and started talking flat earth) , but about 3 weeks ago now I was woken by what I think was the same thing or at least some kind of EMF Pulse. I was asleep and about 0230 I was woken after what felt like a 'WOOMPH', that's the only way I can describe it , it felt and was I'm sure an EMF Pulse that affected my whole body. It was painless but it woke me from a deep sleep. I'm no big agitator against the NWO criminals I only have a small YT channel with a few chemtrails I have filmed over Brisbane but this was a hard pulse. At the time I thought hmmm maybe positive ET's? But now I am not so sure after hearing you and Max talk about what seems like the same thing or at least similar. Interesting times, keep safe brother.

Aus911Truth said...

Hi chuckwagon,

It seems you are one of TIs in the world.
Yes, I had the same thing,

> It was painless but it woke me from a deep sleep

and they kept doing it for 3 days and nights for me several months ago.
I was simply so exhausted but they don't care, do they.

Read "Mind Games",

I read it 10 years ago, and they were targeting ordinary citizens, not necessarily like us, trying to reveal their crimes or anything. And listen to A.C. Griffith

*though I'm not sure about his statement (I believe it's in there too, in those videos) regarding Israel helping the U.S.

Anyway, take care of yourself though we cannot do anything really, against their Microwave Weapons.