Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Anti-5G Global Protest 25JAN20 - Melbourne

I hope many of you know that there's going to be this protest against 5G worldwide
though I cannot even find the page of the bunch of people who started it
Oh, I found it,
Thank you, Carol! ;o)
Anyhow, I saw somewhere that a group of people having a protest in front of ARPANSA which is a company
on that Saturday 25th of this month.

While I do appreciate their effort, I don't see the point. Cause when I checked their address on Google map (on Lower Plenty Road), it's not sort of an area where there are many pedestrians, and those criminals working in that COMPANY are not even there to be ashamed of their crime.

Also, after seeing such a big rally of so many misled Sheople for anti-Global Warming/Climate Change protest in Melbourne,

I don't feel it's right that nothing is happening in Melbourne CBD.
So, I decided to do my standing, just like 911 Action for 9/11 Truth.
i.e. I'll be standing on the corner of Swanston and Burke in the city, starting around 2:30pm with my signs, and I will hand out my flyer to wake up more.  I'll be there till around 5pm or whenever I ran out of my energy and my flyers.

I'm not registering anything with FAKE police so it's not a real rally so to speak. But if you have time, want to help or just want to talk with me, come along!!

As usual everyone, keep fighting against the traitors like I have been,
and if you don’t have time or courage to do so, be 100% sure to say the Secret

All of their poisons and crimes have gone back to Illuminati, and Illuminati has perished.
Since many have woken up fully, we’ve got genuinely decent, fair, just & peaceful world now. Yes, thank you!!

with genuine emotion of joy and gratitude as many times as possible everyday.  And, if you think above is way too long, just say

Illuminati has perished. Yeah, thank you!!

at least, and  keep doing your bits to wake up more urgently to stop all their crimes!!

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