Friday, December 27, 2019

Australia (or rather, the Entire World), Wake Up or Die!

A few words to add to my previous post, “Don’t Go to Japan”

After 3/11, the criminal fraudulent COMPANY called ‘Japanese Government’
and those traitors (many of them are evil Koreans) said,
“we have to help them” in dealing with debris, spent much tax money to transport them here and there, all over Japan to burn all toxic and nuclear waste while Kobe, after the earthquake (most likely they created) years ago, dealt with its aftermath by itself. i.e. they simply spreaded the contamination so that people in other areas will get sick and die.

Also, Fukushima is a prefecture of agriculture, and yet those traitors don’t help them. Therefore farmers there have to keep producing crops on their contaminated ground. And their products get sent out to everywhere in Japan, which could/will end up into your mouth if you go to Japan. The criminals encouraged people to “Help them by eating their products!” for long, long time and many Japanese agreed without knowing what it really meant. As usual, they use and abuse our emotion and caring mind.

And for those who had no idea, there are over
50 nuclear reactors
all over Japan
, that CIA and their underlings successfully sold to Japanese after WWII.

cf. Nuclear Power Stations in Japan (JP)

A map of nuclear power plants in Japan

Little boxes with roof kinda thing showing the number of reactors.
And even if they’re not in operation, it means there are tons of used fuel rods

I think I told you that almost half a million died till mid year, and now I got the figure,

Above figures are as of 24DEC19, but the estimate of deaths in year 2019 shows
and the number of births went below 900,000 first time ever since 1899 and now it’s
So, population reduction in Japan is doing fantastically for the criminals.
And the same will come everywhere incl. Australia.

So now, “Wake up or Die!”
Rusty in the U.S. was quicker to spot this again,
He showed us the second video, but I upload one before fist, here

Australia - Wake Up Or Die! - MAKE THIS VIRAL!

Drought by Design - The Genociding of Australia

I don’t know why this guy, Max Igan (I think), is saying that we shouldn’t use the term “chemtrails” but “geoengineering”, perhaps copying that Bechtel guy Dane Wiginton,
but the title says it all, I should say.

I wrote about that’s World Population Forecast 2025 before,
No wonder, along with 5G, they can easily achieve that target and further.
And I also mentioned somewhere in the past about bush/wild fire burns VERY WELL because of nano-metal toxins in chemtrails they’ve been spraying over our heads every day.

As I have been showing for many years ever since I realized that chemtrails are real back on 20th of April, 2008, we really need to wake up more to see our ugly reality, while we, the older generation is still alive, who could tell the difference between the real sky and chem-sky,

The Real Reason Why Dementia is Second Worst Killer in Australia!!

the difference between the real natural summer [where it was 30 degree C and up everyday with absolute blue sky until we would start seeing some clouds in the afternoon, and some nights were 25C+ and we couldn’t sleep], and artificial made FAKE summers of recent years.

Unlike the natural summer in the past, we have chemtrails/chem-sky all the time, and on hot days which are
very sporadic,
it’s crazily hot in the sun, but it’s cool to cold in the shade and at night, after the sun’s gone down. which is not natural at all, and this ‘Global Warming’ ~ ‘Climate Change’ stories are all lies. And just like Max Igan, I’ve been using duna plus hot water bottle at night through summers in these years.

I think I heard that they were going to make it hot today, or tomorrow again up to 40C+, but last night, or rather very early this morning, I saw FOG. And yet, many Sheople think it’s because “this is Victoria”.

HOW STUPID and BRAINLESS they’ve become sadly, though I do encounter some with their brain still intact. Anyway, we’ve got to remember what the sky used to look like and compare.

Also, as I wrote on that video page, I wonder what Max Igan is doing about this situation besides making these videos… has he been refusing to pay rates etc, like I have??

HUGE FRAUD: Our ‘Governments’ are all COMPANIES, stealing and poisoning us via various means!!

We need to wake up more urgently, but we need more people who actually take action to fight back like I have (or using some other tactics). And as usual, if you don’t have time or courage to do so, be 100% sure to say the Secret

All of their poisons and crimes have gone back to Illuminati, and Illuminati has perished.
Since many have woken up fully, we’ve got genuinely decent, fair, just & peaceful world now. Yes, thank you!!

with genuine emotion of joy and gratitude as many times as possible everyday. And, if you think above is way too long, just say

Illuminati has perished. Yeah, thank you!!
at least, and on top, keep doing your bits to wake up more urgently to stop all their crimes!!

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