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[REVISED] Digging TUNNELS everywhere, definitely linked to their GENOCIDE with Microwave Weapons now includes 5G ~ Dave Hodges, just like Mark Steele - Illuminati underlings are to tell us some truth to obtain our trust first

Some years ago, I watched this video. In case, you haven’t.

WAL MART !!! Caught RED HANDED Conspiracy Becomes Reality

That guy, interviewing a truck driver… is that Dave Hodges?
Anyway, that footage reminds me of the Jesuits’ agent Alex Jones going into the Bohemian Grove many years ago. We thought that was wonderful, but it’s actually impossible to film a footage like that when the opponent is Illuminati.

They always introduce some fantastic truth seekers, showing some incredible story, but they tend to turn out to be their agents.

When I thought Dave Hodges is dodgy is when I listened to him interviewing the mother of a University student who was killed by a mobile tower, standing right across from his dormitory room.

The New Wireless 5G is Lethal- Virginia Farver and Dave Hodges

Notice he’s calling Osama bin Laden as the mastermind of 9/11.
And he calls himself a truth seeker??
Well, Bush was with some bin Laden family members, but there was a talk about Osama got disowned by his family, and he wanted the US out of Saudi Arabia. So we’ve got to think about Osama and his family separately, and yet this Hodges guy is still calling Osma, the mastermind of 9/11, oh really.

America's Chances For Survival - The Common Sense Show's Dave Hodges

Notice they never talk about the real evil doers behind the scene but ONLY about their puppets. Even when they talk about the Federal Reserve the COPANY, they blame the Congress, and never talk about the real criminals who killed those against the idea by sinking titanic etc.

And when you consider about the lies related with Hitler to Holocaust, when Hodges talks about what Werner von Braun said to his father, “Heisenberg” (spelling?), his take, or his father’s take would become absolutely turned around.

There, I speculate that von Braun tried to point out that “Heisenberg” was actually a plant of the U.S., and that’s how the vital technology that Hitler couldn’t obtain came to the U.S.? Remembering the fact that von Braun told his student Dr. Crol Rosin about Illuminati’s plan of using UFO/alien stories to achieve their goal of NWO, even though von Braun had to obey the orders (of the US) to keep living a comfy life, he wanted the truth out. And yet he couldn’t tell who is on which side, therefore he just said that name only.

And he calls his show, “Common Sense Show”?
That’s actually the Common Sense created and twisted by the Illuminati!!

Also, for the record, I sent a mail to this Richard Sacks and asked him to tell his followers about all our Governments are Companies FRAUD and we should use it to beat them. Well, maybe he didn’t get my mail, but never got any reply whatsoever. i.e. he could be hiding that reality from his listeners.

*I’d like to add to say that I encountered some destruction while I was uploading this article (things didn’t work as they should’ve, and taking a long time etc), and right after I did it, it stopped working completely, and I had to just quit. That indicates that they don’t like this sort of topic to get published, as expected.

Anyhow, this video about the tunnels is definitely worth a watch.
And I know they must have been digging and making tunnels in Australia as well.
Cause I saw some huge and long trucks carrying huge machines and running in the middle of a night many times in the past, on M1. They were running towards Melbourne when we were going home the other way.

I didn’t know back then, what they were, but when I saw this video, was the AHA!! moment.

Many of Illuminati’s crimes are all linked with one another.
Someone I spoke with on the internet recently was saying that water fluoridation was to make us ready for chemtrails. He suspected that those who drink fluoridated water cannot tell the aluminium getting sprayed. Just like that, these tunnels and underground facilities are not just prisons for us but also the safe place for Illuminati and their direct underlings to hide when they start serious attack upon us with their Microwave Weapons, now incl. 5G.

Therefore, unless you’ve got an invitation to live there with them, you are one of the mass to be killed by their GENOCIDE.

Also talking about agents, when I watched

Barrie Trower & Mark Steele on 5G

I didn’t get the right vibe from this Mark Steele. So I did a bit of search and voila!!

Published: 22 April 2019

On top, after Barrie told me about Jerry Flynn, I searched and watched this interview

Microwave warfare expert Jerry Flynn on 5G and EMF's

and didn’t miss where Jerry says that Mark Steele’s “delivery is uneasy”.

The guy who’s interviewing Jerry didn’t seem to get what he meant, but Jerry’s comment further reinforced my impression about Mark Steele.

So, please remember that there are tons of FAKE Governments’s agents among us, and most of the time, they give us good and important information, but they are there to mislead us, so that we get divided, and the entire movement gets destroyed.

At any rate & as usual, please fight back the traitors i.e. Illuminati’s underlings
like I do,
but if you don’t have time nor courage to do so, be 100% sure to say the two sets of Secret,

All poisons have gone back to Illuminati.
Yes, thank you!!

*cause they realized that they have to take their responsibility ;o)

above and below everyday many a time, with real emotion of joy and gratitude,

And keep doing your bits to wake up more!!

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