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Bushfire started by WEATHER WEAPONS of the TRAITORS in the COMPANY called ‘Government’ who never use their ‘rain-making’ technology to save lives!!

Once you understand the WEATHER WEAPONS,

FrankenSkies Full Director’s Cut

Chemtrails the Secret War

you should be able to see that this bushfire in Victoria was also created by these traitorous criminals in the fraudulent COMPANY.
Governments are Companies

Ever since 20th of April 2008, when the FAKE Government’s agent, John Bursill the ‘9/11 truther’ arranged to spray chemtrails over my house which made me sick for hours and cough for months, I’ve been observing the sky.

And some years ago, I was standing in a train station and I heard a thunder but
it sounded like an explosion.

In fact, I don’t recall seeing or hearing any lightning and thunder much at all prior to that, but after that, I’ve seen quite a few lightnings, and I started to see horizontal lightnings first time in my life. i.e. Never happened before naturally.

I am fully aware these traitors have been stealing from us and poisoning us for many years, and I know they created these fires in Victoria this time AGAIN, to torment ordinary people, make many lose money, on top, gaining more control when they have NO AUTHORITY over anyone because they are just COMPANIES.

In recent years, I noticed that it was already cooling down in the first half of February. Yes, Global COOLING but this year, they probably wasting our tax etc. money further more to spray poison over our heads to change the climate, they made it up to 37C and made everywhere DRY,

Melbourne’s run of hot weather, with forecasts of 37C, 36C and 36C for the next three days
March 1, 2019 1:35pm

*I TOLD YOU that they’ve been enhancing the sun’s heat to raise the temperature, and that’s why it’s COOL to COLD in the shade or at night.

and then create lightnings to start the fire, then create strong, gusty winds to make fires bigger and spread widely as they wished.

I don’t know how many of you know about chemtrails,
*Right click and open to a new tab to have it enlarged properly if necessary.

Over M1 a few years ago.
It’s not that my photo is blurry but the sky seriously looked that weird.

Below, residue of chemtrails on my rear windshield and the roof,

And some fiber I found, dropped on the ground,

From “Chemtrails the Secret War”

They even made stamps to SHOW OFF their evil technology’s results which includes LIGHTNINGS!!

And as I’ve been telling you, nano-particulates of metal toxins in them make colorful clouds,
Clayton, Victoria

pink sunset,

Mornington area
when the original/natural sunset is orange.
And even when it’s cloudy, the clouds have got somewhat metallic glow.

Near Ballan, Victoria 07APR18
I took these on my way from weird Fund Raiser for the truck driver who sent to jail - suspicious case.

Sickening sky by Chemtrails, 04FEB17

Maybe it’s hard to tell from above, but if you see them, you’ll know what I mean.
I’m talking about that metallic glow. Anyway, keep that in mind, and read below,

Pam Schingler fled her Bunyip home…She described the sky as having an eerie glow.

“It was grey with bits of bright orange. Even on Black Saturday it didn’t get that bad.”

Her description may not really match with above images, but one of the photos on that page
Caption: The fire is threatening homes and lives. Picture: Lawrence Pinder Source:News Corp Australia

shows me a bit of that rainbow color clouds and metallic glow created by chemtrails with nano-particulates of metals.

Same article talks about the help people didn’t get from the FAKE authorities:

Herald Sun cartoonist Mark Knight, who defended his house during the Black Saturday bushfires, was again forced to tackle the raging Bunyip inferno near his property. …

“During Black Saturday, we were able to fight because we had their help,” said Knight, who spoke with admiration of CFA volunteers.

“People down here are angry and believe the CFA have deserted them.”

Yeah, FAKE authorities are saying that they can’t help everybody:

Emergency Management Commissioner Andrew Crisp…
"I want to be really, really clear that people cannot expect a fire truck at every house," he said.

BUT. that’s supposed to be THEIR JOB, isn’t it.
Also, some people are complaining that the traitors didn’t do what they should have done:

Among the properties lost was Andrew Clarke’s home, a wine bar and gallery at Jinks Creek, which was destroyed in the fire that started from a lightning strike in the Bunyip state park last week.

Clarke blamed the severity of the fire on a failure to clear scrub and undergrowth from the forest.

“We are so devastated and I have tried to get the message through to Parks Victoria for years and years,” he told Nine’s Today program on Tuesday. “And nothing has been done.

OF COURSE, the traitors tell us whatever excuse for anything while they’ve been spraying day and night, hot or cold, rain or shine, to change the weather and make us sick. And you’d better think well. And this lady is saying something interesting. She’s saying that many people died because they were leaving early. They panicked, and had accidents.

Evacuating The Bunyip Bush Fire

I’d say, more unnecessary deaths which would have never happened without our traitors committing crimes upon us.

Still skeptical?
Well then, please tell me why they, the FAKE authorities didn’t use the technology which they’ve been using for tens of years.
Of course, ABC isn’t telling us the entire story. They are spraying NOT ONLY silver iodide but various POISONS, and they can make it rain, shine, flood, drought, ANYTHING.
And “don’t worry about any residue”, eh?
When they’re spraying aluminium, barium, strontium, boron and some man-made nasty viruses to make us sick and die!??

Towards the end of the documentary FRANKENSKIES, a girl making a speech at the anti-chemtrails rally, I think that’s in front of the State Library in Melbourne, and she’s saying that “dementia is the third killer” but I heard on the radio last year, that Dementia is the SECOND WORST KILLER in Australia. In a few years time, it went up the rank.
West Gippsland, 15OCT18

Please remember, it’s not just lines.

And there in above article, can you see?

Dr. Siems also does research for Hydro Tasmania, which has been cloud seeding for about 40 years

This article was published back on 12th of November, 2010.
So they’ve been using rain making technology for like, FIFTY YEARS!! but they NEVER BOTHERED to use it to save people’s houses, homesteads, and their LIVES!!
And you can see in above, that N.S.W. has it too when I saw an article about Queensland having bought the rain-making technology from Thai King.

Thai king to help Queensland ‘make rain’
09 August 2010 - 08:38:45 AM - Source: AAP
Can’t find the link of above article I saw years ago, but the same thing I guess, below:

Thai rain making comes to Qld

And then,

Yeah, MSM (mainstream media) writes whatever to mislead Sheople but some Comment shows people knew.
Thanks for the floods Queensland government

This was reported BEFORE they cause flood at the top of the mountain, Toowoomba in JAN11
(JP which has below link to see photos)
which cannot happen naturally!!

Do you remember when they created flood here and there in Victoria and that TRAITOR Julia Gillard started talking about ‘flood levy’. They do nothing other than stealing from us, waste our money in every possible manner, and poisoning us by making up FAKE Laws.

You see, we were all forced to believe that Russia is bad and i’m not saying that they are genuinely benign and good. But they are/were much better in a way, because when Chernobyl happened, they made it rain before the radiation reached Moscow. As a consequence, small town/village had to suffer tremendously, but then Russian Government saved their capital where there are a lot more people.

While having the technology to make it rain for FIFTY YEARS, and not using it to save people from the fires (THEY CREATED THEM BTW), itselff is a shocking crime, don’t you think.

On top, today it’s gotten SO COLD!!
No wonder,

Victoria's Mount Baw Baw has bushfires and snow all in the same week

UNNATURALLY!! of course.

Even though many Victorians don’t mind the cold weather, I feel SO SORRY for those who evacuated cause they never thought about taking a lot of warm clothes, I bet. This is seriously a shocking crime, and I was actually crying tears of RAGE as I was writing this draft. :O(

Just for the sake of it, I upload photos I found years ago that I saw on the net, stating they were taken in Daylesford, Victoria on 3rd of August, 2000. That means they’ve been doing this for TWO DECADES at least in our state…Oh, that ABC article already told us that they’ve been doing it for fifty years in Tasmania, so we don’t know how long ago they started it altogether.

And the weird helicopter my daughter saw with weird pipes in the back, in May, 2010.
After seeing the chemtrails that rotten agent John Bursill arranged to spray over my place, I saw a helicopter flying SO LOW and I smelled weird burned metal smell. It was at night and dark, but it could have been one of these helicopters.

So, as usual please fight back against these TRAITORS yourself. And if you don’t have time nor courage to do so, be 100% sure to say the two sets of Secret,

All poisons have gone back to Illuminati.
Yes, thank you!!

*cause they realized that they have to take their responsibility ;o)

above and below everyday many a time, with real emotion of joy and gratitude,

And forward this page to everybody you know!!


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