Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Weather Weapons at Work EVERYWHERE!!

If you know anyone who’s skeptical about this crime with weather weapons, I’d like you to show them evidence we’ve got.
As I showed you before, the documentary “FRANKENSKIES” is revealing lots of them,

FrankenSkies Full Director’s Cut

And recently I saw this one, on HISTORY CHANNEL!!

HAARP Weapon Exposed By History Channel

A friend of mine told me years ago that both Begich and Agnew are dodgy so that could be the case. They tend to have their underlings tell us truth, so that We the Sheople would follow them rather than real truthers. Anyhow, even “History Channel was telling us, so we should use it to wake up more.

A while ago, I wrote about the California fire.
See below images that I took from
*Right click and open to a new tab to have it enlarged properly if necessary.

And read below,
People were cremated and DNA was consumed!??

Normal fire wouldn’t be able to do such things, and you should know that by using your common sense that they want to destroy.

In the meantime, #19 typhoon (officially named “Soulik”) is near Japan and a friend in Kyushu told me that they didn’t even have any rain from it. And yet, now the mainstream media i.e. liars are telling that it “will slow down but regain power”
and they can’t even tell which way it’s going…
Look at that wide range of East/West of its possible route.
If it slows down, it means it loses power but for some UNKNOWN & WEIRD reason, it’ll regain power and they can go WEST which is against the natural way.

*Above article:
台風19号 暴風域が発生 来週にも非常に強い勢力へ
8/17(金) 16:07配信

it’s just like that strong wind they made to blow around March 15, 2011 that carried Fukushima radiation to Nagano and onto Hamamatsu!!

It just does NOT happen naturally. Cause the weather tends to go to the East and NOT to the West.

In the past, I wrote some articles on my JP blog about typhoons WITHOUT an eye!! See NASA’s satellite images on
https://insidejobjp.blogspot.com/2016/10/blog-post.html and
I bet I might see that with this one if I keep following it.

It’s also a known fact that Russia used chemtrails when Chernobyl happened, so that the huge chunk of radiation won’t go to Moscow. They made it rain before, and the radiation rained over a small village, and many died as a consequence. But they thought it was ‘better’ than killing more in the big city.

I don’t know if I’d approve that strategy, especially when they DIDN’T tell the villagers and make them evacuate prior, but you see, Russia was a lot better in handling that incident than Japan which is absolutely hijacked by traitors, that I call ‘evil Koreans who’ve been destroying Japan’,who have been spreading the radioactive contamination all over the country ever since. It’s really a great tragedy cause it’s still happening. i.e. Don’t go to Tokyo Olympics 2020.

One more video, for the sake of it,

The Government Has Manipulated Our Weather for Decades

Also it’s been a while but I opened NASA’s satellite image page around Japan yesterday, and saw this…talking about some proof, they are
spraying everywhere!
Starting with 19th terra image. Look over Japan Sea between Chosen Peninsula to Ishikawa Prefecture
Same day, the image from aqua
20th, terra
Make sure to right click and open to a new tab to have it enlarged properly if necessary.

20th, aqua image
Look how LONG they spray, along the west side of Hokkaido (north) especially, and a bit down, you can see the lines = chemtrails are spreading. All poison, folks.

As the documentary, “Why in the world are they spraying?*” showed, they are spraying and manipulating the weather everywhere in the world while betting money on who can make more disastrous weather!!
*That series didn’t tell us that ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’ is a lie = Beware!

We’ve got to stop this along with so many other crimes the traitors are committing. So as usual, please fight bak like I do, or at least say the Secret with real emotion of joy and gratitude, and tell others to join in!!

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