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New documentary on Morwell Mine Fire ‘Your Power’ Hides Facts & Misleads You to Buy More Poison

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New documentary on Morwell Mine Fire ‘Your Power’ Hides Facts & Misleads You to Buy More Poison

Luke van der Muelan who was a C.M.F.E.U. (union) official blatantly dismisses the
importance of the CAUSE of the fire, i.e. my allegation/fact that many people saw some guys were burning toilet rolls on the road right across from the mine before the fire. It’s like that CIA’s shill Noam Chomsky saying “Who cares who killed JFK!

simply hiding his boss’ horrific crime.

Luke was also busy emphasizing that we “need to send our independent representative to Spring Street and Camberra”, all through the event as a paneler. In the meantime, I’ve been pointing out that it was the biggest mistake we were lead to make for years and years to give our political power and responsibility to somebody else. He would never say that. And he would never tell you those so-called ‘Governments’ are actually COMPANIES with NO AUTHORITY or POWER but deceiving us to steal our health, wealth, freedom & rights, and POISON us.

On top, I heard they at the mine didn’t let the fire fighters go into the site at the beginning to put it off. I bet, after starting the fire, they used their weather weapons (chemtrails possibly with HAARP in W.A., named after Harold Holt they killed) to create strong wind to make the fire horrific, and the criminals used that as an excuse to shut down Hazelwood Power Station, making so many people lose their job and suffer.

That’s why it was SO important to divert people’s attention from WHO started the fire because it was their INSIDE JOB.

Also as I pointed out, they are selling toxic ‘alternative/sustainable’ energy.
Rare metals are environmental and human health hazard to begin with, used in both solar and wind power. And while we’re getting zapped QUINTILLION TIMES MORE than 10 years ago,

WiFi / EMF Refugees - What Being Electromagnetic Hypersensitive is like

that’s EIGHTEEN ZEROs after one, and if you have solar panels above your head, you get zapped more everyday, and low frequency noise from wind power has been making so many people sick and suffer. They never say a word about them in this film but make it look like they are the only solution.

On top, that woman was saying there that there is no silver bullet.
Do you buy that?
I don’t.
Cause the real solutions have been banned and hidden.

Nicola Tesla’s technology that FBI confiscated upon his death, cars running on water, and creating electricity with magnets and so forth to name a few, all hidden, banned, and many inventors killed.

Stan Meyer - Water Car Inventor Killed

Official Stanley Meyer Autopsy Report
Published on Dec 29, 2011
Official Stanley meyer Autopsy report. This was sent to me from the coroners office in Columbus Ohio. The coronor refused to talk about the situation.

Water Car Inventor Murdered
Published on Aug 11, 2010

Government killed inventor! Electric car without Battery invented

Might as well,

The Dirty Truth about Oil

Nowadays, I found I can’t buy any decent size magnet anywhere.
They’ve been making it so that we cannot get the vital materials to make things ourselves. It’s like, we have no other option but are forced to buy whatever they make available, which tend to break soon, so that we have to keep buying junk again and again. And many think that’s the norm!?? How stupid is that!?

People need to wake up seriously!!
Many are WAY TOO TRUSTING and don’t check any facts, especially the ones deliberately hidden from us.

Start your fight against those traitorous fraudulent criminals in COMPANIES calling themselves ‘Government’, ‘Court’, ‘Police’ and so forth like I have been (See my articles “My Battle Against…” 1, 2, 3 and more)

and if you do not have courage to do so, say the Secret everyday with genuine emotion of joy and gratitude!!

*I wrote about this film showing a bit here:
towards the end of the page.

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