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“Dr. Mary’s Monkey” - Lee Harvey Oswald, the link between the Secret Project to Kill Castro by injecting cancer causing virus & JFK Assassination

This is one of those “saved some years ago but never watched” video’s story.
Hope many of you already watched or at least heard about this.
As I shown you before,

JFK’s fatal shot came from the driver William Greer the Freemason!!

JFK’s Fatal Shot Came from the Freemason Driver!!

JFK was killed by the bullet came from the front, shot by his Secret Service driver.
This operation was carried out by CIA, FBI, Secret Service and the Navy Intelligence under the order of the evil Bilderbergers. And yet, there are still this myth of “Lee Harvey Oswald was a sole assassin” so persistently in order to hide the real culprits just like Osama bin Laden for 9/11, and Martin Bryant for Port Arthur Massacre.

For example, this article

Lee Harvey Oswald Inside the Soviet Union [INTERVIEW]

writes shamelessly:

”… I think it's fair to say the Kennedy assassination had very little to do with John F. Kennedy
(end quote)

Oh really!??
What kind of moron can conceive such a stupid speculation!?
And then, the interviewer goes:

Why do you think that so many Americans still cannot accept that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin of John F. Kennedy.
(end quote)

That’s simply because Oswald had nothing to do with killing JFK PERIOD and it is clear once you watch the above Zapruder film.

Mainstream media and quite a few so-called ‘alternative media’ are just their tool of brainwashing us and misleading us so that we’d buy their lies. Watch this short video,

BEAST MODE Propaganda Exposed! The Video EVERYONE Should See!

Anyway, the story I’d like to present you today is this,
Dr. Mary’s Monkey

Dr. Mary's Monkey

There are many related videos on the internet, and I hope you would watch some, especially this below


Above is featuring Judyth Vary Baker, a lover of Lee Harvey Oswald, who wrote a book “Me and Lee”.

Me & Lee

And Ed’s story is like a sequel of the story I told you here,

Never get any shot!! All vaccines are Poison - Polio was originally caused by Heavy Metal Toxins!!

Interestingly, Ed Haslam is saying that there was no theory of virus causing cancer for many years, and even in a document of the American Cancer Society where 200 causes of cancer were listed, virus was not among them.

That reminds me of their HPV (cervical cancer) POISONOUS vaccine fraud, where they told the world that HPV is the cause of cancer, or that very POLIO’s true story, where the genuine cause was Heavy Metal Toxins and pesticides, but they hid it, spreaded the idea of “virus causing it”, then either ‘found’ or create such virus to sell poisonous vaccines.

From another video,
And the criminals who’ve been selling ”slow kill” poisons to us, decided to make toxic vaccines.

As Ed tells in above interview video,
*Right click and open to a new tab to have it enlarged properly if necessary.

Eddy found some big problem in Salk’s vaccine, but she got kicked out where she was, and sent to influenza section where she meets Sarah Stewart,
They found the evil virus “polyoma” but the criminals changed the name to LESS HYSTERICAL NAME,
That’s their usual tactics.
Deceive with FALSE names

Same with so-called ‘side effects’ which is actually some horrible adverse health effects including death, or mental illness which is actually caused by Heavy Metal Toxins, mineral imbalance, and other toxins which cannot be solved by poisonous psychiatric medicines or psychological counseling.

Other examples includes the names of various weird illnesses that we never heard in the past and changing the name of rape seed oil to much nicer sounding Canola oil to sell that machinery oil which was NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION, and it’ GMO too.

Anyhow, Eddy predicted our NOW.
Then, Ed talks about Alton Ochsner, who did what rotten doctors of present days would never do.
Man on the left is Ochsner. And the girl on the right is Judyth Vary Baker

Listen to Ed for the reason why Ochsner used his own grandchildren as guinea pig in above interview!!
And the result was telling, as shown above,
Ochsner’s grandson died within 48 hours and his granddaughter was crippled with it.

I’d love to see the same action taken by those rotten doctors who promote poisons such as HPV vaccines or cancer and/or psychiatric medicine/treatment. They would never do that because they KNOW they could KILL.
Then came the vaccine by Sabin, but that was poisonous all right.

In the meantime, there was this ‘threat’ of Castro in Cuba with Soviet’s nuclear missile, starting the third world war, and here comes the secret project to kill him by injecting cancer causing virus. And then, there was a high school student named Judyth Vary, Judy, who lost her grandmother to cancer (though cancer cannot be a cause of DEATH as Dr. Niwa told us), wanting to find a cancer cure.

In the process, she was experimenting, and succeeded (?) to cause cancer in mice in only 7 days. She weakened their immune system by radiating them (that’s why I try to buy organic spices, expecting they are not irradiated) and injected the cancer causing virus. it was amazing, innovative or whatever cause the FAKE Government’s laboratory had never done that.

Alton Ochsner heard about her, contacted her and persuaded her to work for him by giving her some very nice conditions such as helping her skip two years in the university along with her tuition paid by him. So, after studying how to handle cancer causing virus in monkeys at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, NY, she took a bus from Florida to New Orleans on 19th of April, 1963 to help Ochsner’s new project.

Judy already had a fiancee, but he was a man who came to New Orleans where she was, for a couple of days only, to get married with her, and leaving this newly wedded wife alone behind to go and do his job.

Ochsner sent a babysitter to Judy, and that was Lee Harvey Oswald.
Shame but I haven’t read Ed’s nor Judy’s book yet,
On top, I haven’t even watched “JFK” by Oliver Stone yet.
Pathetic, eh?
But from gathering their stories by watching videos, I suspect that Lee’s marriage to a Russian girl could have been a part of his job of making himself look like a communist.

Lee confided Judy that he was a bit rough on his wife physically, and that’s why Judy didn’t want to marry him, and yet, that tells that his relationship with his wife was not all that sweet. I assume it was a result of combination of several factors, but anyway, Judy and Lee fell in love.

They worked in this secret project of creating powerful cancer causing virus to kill Castro under Ochsner, and the operation itself was conducted under
Dr. Mary Sherman.
Judy and Lee also worked at a coffee company as a cover, but their real job was at David Ferrie’s apartment with hundreds of mice, and Lee was to carry viruses to Dr. Mary for her to mutate them with radiation etc, in order to make the viruses nastier.

A guy named Sparky Rubinstein was giving Ferrie some financial support (i.e. investing), that Lee introduced Judy to, hut he was actually Jack Ruby who later shot Lee to death to shut his mouth.

Lee, who’d been performing to appear a Castro follower, handing out fliers on street etc, eventually realized that their target is NOT Castro but JFK by the end of July that year.

Many sheople still believe Lee was the sole assassin, but according to Judy, Lee was a true patriot who left high school to join the Marines, and then trained to even endure any brainwashing sort of technique - most likely before he went to Soviet, I’d say. And Lee even stopped another plot to kill JFK in Chicago before Dallas.

As for the virus, Ochsner decided to test its effectiveness by injecting it to prisoners taken from Angola Prison, to a mental hospital in Jackson, Louisiana, which was 30 miles away. Judyth got upset about this plan, protested to Ochsner by writing a memo. But then Ochsner got mad at her, threatened her to shut up.

Those prisoners contracted cancer in 28 days.
And yet, the plan to kill JFK was making progress, and Lee called Judy on Wednesday, before that Friday when JFK was assassinated.

Lee was fully aware that they were to use him as a patsy as he stated after the arrest, but he said he couldn’t get out of it, and said that his presence could reduce the number of bullets that hit JFK, asked Judy to tell his children that he is innocent and a real patriot. They cried and cried.

JFK killed, Lee was shot by Jack Ruby, and Ruby said that he got that lethal injection to cause cancer, and died. Dr. Mary found dead, a horrific death. I’ll show you the photos of her body after mentioning about David Ferrie below. They are dreadful, so please be warned, and don’t look at them if you are not ready for such images.

So, “Dr. Ferrie”
called Judy and told her to hide, never do anything to stand out, forget about becoming a brilliant scientist, and become a vanilla girl, and said that he would never contact her again. Then a few years after JFK assassination, he was found dead in his apartment.

His body was found on February 22, 1967
1 + 9 + 6 + 7 = 23
2 + 2 + 2 = 3
Now I show you the images of Dr. Mary’s body.
According to Wikipedia, her date of death was July 21, 1964.
1 + 9 + 6 + 4 + 7 + 2 + 1 = 30

Ed is saying in the interview, that her security alarm was off,
Lightning cannot cause such damage,
Her hair is all right, but her right arm and right ribcage were disintegrated,
Electricity usually go through the feet to the floor, but her legs/feets were fine.

Perhaps, when she put the switch of linear particle accelerator of 5 million volts, it cooked her… and yet
she was still alive.

After that, somebody stubbed her heart, kidney etc, and autopsy showed she was alive when she was stubbed at heart but dead at kidney. Dreadful…

You can see some organs on the fifth photo above.
Looking at the third photo, I see black dots on the walls, therefore I wonder she might have stubbed at heart in this apartment rather than somewhere else. If that was the case, that makes it MORE dreadful cause she was still alive for such a long time, after so badly burned.

Also I wonder when they took her clothes off.
Before cooking her? Or after moving her to her room?

Apparently, some black object over her body was her clothes, and her death coincided with the Warren Commission coming to New Orleans where she lived.
but I don’t think all of it got burned to make Dr. Mary lie naked.and this is merely just one murder out of how many??

Anyhow, Judy hid herself in the shadow as David Ferrie told her, had several children cause Lee asked her to, but after 40 years, she came out to tell the truth.
I bet I’m not the only one who loves to watch above program that they never aired.

It is interesting to know that Ed’s father, also a doctor, worked in the hospital where Dr. Mary worked and when his father took her to his house after a party, Ed even sat on her lap! When she was killed, his father went to see her body. On his return to home, Ed saw him crying and that was the first and the last time he saw him crying while his father must have seen horrific sites during the war.

Since I haven’t read the books, this is another speculation of mine, but i think that “kill Castro with cancer causing virus” was a sheer excuse to get ready for JFK assassination plus creating nastier virus to put in vaccines to kill us.

As you should be able to see, Lee had to be killed before any hearing because they couldn’t let that secret project out, known by public. And I think that’s why Lee knew that the chance of his survival was slim.

I really wonder what was going through his mind in those final days…
And did you know Lee was only 24 when he was killed?
Please spread these facts, about Lee’s innocence far and wide.

At any rate, we’ve got to continue our fight against the traitors.
So join me with the real fight or at least, say the Secret everyday

Illuminati has perished.
Many have woken up fully, and now we’ve got a seriously decent, fair,
just & peaceful world.

with real emotion of joy and gratitude.

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