Monday, July 31, 2017

Tell them their ‘Notice’ is all NULL & VOID!! ~ The Agreement I made with so-called ‘Civic Compliance Victoria (CCV)’

I had another so-called ‘parking fine’ and this criminal was pretty persistent and audacious to keep sending me their fAKE notices even after I wrote the “Notice of Default”. So, this is what I sent to them last,
I wanted to see the face of the person who saw above first,

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

My Battle Against the traitorous fraudulent criminals - Vol. 3

First, if you haven’t, please read these:

My Battle against the Traitorous Fraudulent Criminals 1

My Battle against the Traitorous Fraudulent Criminals 2

And I realized that I didn’t finish showing what I wrote to those criminals about rates. I might skip some but the last letter I wrote to the notorious evil Freemason’s law firm that’s been representing all the so-called ‘Local Government’ at least in Victoria, is as below. I’ll make some part’s font bold to emphasize here.