Saturday, February 25, 2017

Fukushima still a BIG problem, KILLING so many and contaminating the world - Remember what happened in Mururoa…

Early this month, to our surprise because they’ve been hiding and manipulating reports related with 3/11, Fukushima radiation etc, the mainstream media (MSM) told us that they estimated the level of radiation at No. 2 reactor in Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant which was 530 Sv/hour. Below is from Asahi Newspaper,
The drawing of the containment vessel,

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Speed DOESN'T kill!! - FRAUD called ‘speeding fine’ - We were all swindled with their MALICIOUS propaganda to GET ROBBED!!

OK, I’m going to write this years after I wrote it on my JP blog when I realized that this slogan, “Speed kills” is a lie. I once sped and the FAKE police was sitting RIGHT THERE, waiting to charge me this hefty fine, and I had to have it divided to pay bit by bit. So back then, I was swindled all right with their evil lie. But one day, I encountered this article,
Speed doesn’t kill, says Benz

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Someone asked me how to get that GOVisCO information, i.e. Company Search Results…

Well, I thought that was simple, easy and straightforward but this person says he can’t get the results. So I did it myself, using this FAKE so-called ‘Local Government’ as an example.

First you open, and if you don’t see the option of Company Search, click that top right icon which looks like a magnifier, and then put the name of the company you want to see above the line like this,
then press that “Company Search”, where the mouse is.

Moon Landing HOAX - further evidence on top of what I showed you before

We were all lied to on various things.
Almost everything we were told over the years are lies.

I found this video recently, and it’s a good addition to what I wrote before

Watch it before they delete it!! - Secret NASA - Real Footage

I still remember when I was talking with many members via CC mails, of the so-called 9/11 Truth including Prof. Stephen Jones (who was actually a professor at a university of Mormons, DUH!!), Kevin Ryan (very dodgy, too), that agent in W.A. named Frank Legge (you can put that name in my blog search) who attacked me because I started talking about this very Moon Landing Hoax. One of them admitted that the first one, Apollo 11 didn’t get to the moon, but my take is that all of them didn’t.

So, here’s the video of which some parts are actually REALLY hilarious.