Thursday, December 1, 2016

MUST WATCH Documentary on Smart POISONOUS Meters, WiFi etc. - WAKE UP!!

Some years ago, I watched a documentary, it was rather a lecture with audience about this Smart Meter but calling this agenda as Illuminati’s Smart Grid”.
I tried to find that video but YouTube or search engines hiding it and cannot locate it. Instead, I found this and I should say it is a very good documentary so I’d want EVERYBODY to watch it.
Ever since they installed Smart Meter in our neighborhood, I’ve started getting
metallic noise in my brain 24/7. I mean we’re still refusing to get that shocking murderous meter in our place, but all the neighbors have got one each, and their meters are making me suffer, as well as having killed our pet bunnies!! :O(

Time to time, on and off, I get a shocking reaction of tremendous headache, ear ache and even my heart was aching at one point which makes me wonder they might be emitting horrible level of EM Radiation on and off to damage our health.

Have you watched “Kingsman”? I mentioned about that before, but in that movie, using SIM card, the evil doers make so many people die. I am sure that is what they want to do eventually, through these Smart Meters, WiFi which is absolutely a weapon (according to Barrie Trower, that courageous whistleblower, UK military EM weapons expert) mobile and so forth.

When I was suffering from horrific headache, I managed to install a faraday cage to 2 of my neighbors’ Smart Meter, and after a few minutes, after the first one installed, it worked to certain extent as I was hoping, and that horrific headache was gone!! ;o)
Yes, you use that chicken wire which protected the Blues Brothers from the beer bottle attack!
I ran into a very knowledgeable man in a hardware store, and he told me this should do with Smart Meter problem, though it can’t eliminate all the radiation but to certain level, it can reduce it.
So I installed in my neighbors’ though only a couple of them so far…
Even with them, that metallic noise in my brain is still there and quite often in the morning, I spit out blood. Seeing a lady with similar problem in above documentary confirmed that my problem is from the neighbors’ Smart Meters. And we’ve got to get rid of them ALL because the EM radiation flies all over the place all the time.

Smart Grid & Compteurs Intelligents = Arnaque et Danger de Mort!

People like me, with EHS - electromagnetic hyper sensitivity are your canaries. I can see we need to destroy these meters in the near future in order to avoid getting killed.

Many people, probably because eating junk food etc, can’t sense it but every one of you, as some parts in this documentary states, is getting the same health damage. ‘You don’t feel it’ doesn’t guarantee that you don’t get the damage at all.

And it’s NOT JUST health issue but your PRIVACY’s gone down the drain.
Who would want to know your electricity usage in every 15 minutes!?
THEY are censoring what you do, which electric appliances, computers etc you are using in WHICH room in your house, WHEN. And you should THINK WHY!?

Here in Australia, they charge us $1.33 or so per day for us to use electricity nowadays on top of the actual usage. At 11:40 in this film, a former Premier of British Columbia says, “It’s all about money. We’re gonna be charged for time of use one day, it’s coming.” Yes, it’s already started and once they have it there, they can simply raise the rate/day. Did we ever consent/approve them to charge us that extra? Were you aware of this? Even though I don’t have Smart Meter installed, I think our electricity bill went up cunningly, and I assume that’s probably when they started charging us that service fee?? Can anyone confirm this somehow?

It’s exactly the same with the fraud of banning the good old inexpensive incandescent light bulbs and started selling a lot more expensive and highly toxic weird looking fluorescent and/or another highly toxic LED light bulbs using that scam of ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’ story. Listen to Dr. David Evans who worked for the (FAKE) Government for the very issue.
They never warn the population about those toxic light bulbs’ danger, the fact that the latter consume more energy to be produced, and damaging our health while incandescent ones were using much less energy to be produced and leaving or going us much less poison. All this is really a crime!

I know our fraudulent criminal (so-called) ‘local government’ which is actually a Company along with the rest, went around into old people’s households, and ‘kindly’ installed those spiral fluorescent light bulbs in every room!! And those who don’t know what they really are, were thankful to the criminals. It’s really sad and so disgusting actually.

Also in Japan, that traitorous fraudulent fake Government just approved for hospitals to charge inpatients to pay for the utility!! That’s like double charge and we actually see such double or triple charge in our society which is simply a THEFT = not right. Please consider, is this the world you want to leave to your children, your grandchildren and so forth? … and it’s definitely getting worse and worse as we speak

We’ve got to get rid of them all ASAP before we lose all our bees, or your child like that lady in the film, also their reproductive ability (because Illuminati doesn't want our children to have their children. Remember the movie, Children of Men? That's their plan). And EM Radiation can disturb various brain functions such as learning skills to begin with… along with notorious Monsanto’s Round Up type herbicide, pesticides, poisonous vaccines and so forth, we’ve seriously got to get rid of them before you die from brain tumor and so many other, various kinds of illnesses.

It’s not just cancer or leukemia. Look at Japan now, radiation causing all sorts of problems but people, the mass has been brainwashed and dumbed down so they don’t even know why they are dying. We are certainly the next with Illuminati’s evil agenda moving forward everyday. Some might think I’m crazy, but I bet they can kill us using these Smart Meters, WiFi, mobile and its towers by emitting shocking level of EM radiation one day because, as I said before, they are weapons.
Georgia Guidestones at the top says their goal:
And as I always say, we’ve gotta get rid of those evil traitorous fraudulent criminals at Companies calling themselves ‘Governments’ by not giving them our power (money&vote)!!
Governments are Companies!
And please pass on!


Anonymous said...

There is an excellent Australian website by Don Maisch PhD on the dangers of emf and smart meters if people want the facts...

Aus911Truth said...

Hi Anonymous, thank you very much for the link.
It's encouraging to know that there is at least one scientist in Australia who speaks truth! Is he from Sweden or his ancestors, maybe? Anyway, I really wish more Australians to wake up.