Friday, November 25, 2016

Compilation of short videos for beginners - those who don't know that 9/11 was an Inside Job & Trump is a Jesuit!!

You know I hand out my fliers and talk to strangers whenever possible.
When I was doing it the other day, I realized that younger generation nowadays doesn’t really know what 9/11 was all about. No wonder it’s been over 15 years now and obviously they teach lies at school

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Overwhelming super evil plan in place and we don’t have the fund of Bill Gates et al to spread the facts far and wide, quickly enough…

So many information’s around... all the time around us but the majority is just rubbish, and genuine information we vitally need doesn’t get conveyed to others quickly. I’ve been hearing bits and pieces over the years maybe but it seems it took over a couple of years for me to encounter this one by sheer chance, which was probably not a chance but was meant to happen. Yeah, about time for sure.
I never heard about this Woodborough Conference, never heard about this German guy Harald Kautz-Vella before.