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Finally!?? Veterans Today says “Russia Govt. Report: Snowden, Greenwald are CIA frauds” but that was…& courageous Ursula Haverbeck

Have you come across the advertisement on YouTube that shows,
I was surprised to see that when I was going to watch a video with Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn!! That tells that they are showing this to the mass.
Above guy, I’ve been skeptical for some years now,
The reason why I don’t think he is genuine, is because he and his mates are buying that Al Gore’s lie, anthropogenic global warming’ and also, they focus only on lines of chemtrails.

G. Edward Griffin whom I met at the 9/11 Conference in March 2008 in Sydney, held by that fake Government’s agent John Bursill, and a relatively new chemtrail activist Dane Wigington who actually promotes that lie called sustainable energy having a lot of solar panels on top of his house, which is not the real answer - all of them are following the same trend of just focusing on lines and never encourage people to observe and learn how those lines change and alter our sky.
Shorter version also emphasizes the lines…
Yet, I assume people who know about chemtrails would be so happy to see this
NASA’s satellite images show how heavily some area getting sprayed…
But where it takes you is,
They have another ads on some other topic,
aliens or people living underground or something like that, which Snowden himself was talking about, I think. Anyhow, they want you to go to gaia site to learn more. But I’d say that’s probably another agents’ site to mislead the mass.

There are many who found out some conspiracy just interesting and merely like that kind of story rather than taking action to change this horrible world, and this bunch at gaia site must be wanting to take them further away from the real truth.

Also, a bit before, YouTube was showing this trailer a lot!

Same with Julian Assange that I recognized as an agent long ago (my JP article on him, they made a film on Snowden, directed by Oliver Stone who made JFK movie years ago.
I’m not keen about the actor who plays Snowden, so I’m not sure if I’d ever watch it…

Anyway, when Snowden was introduced to the world, I heard that he said something like “They knew it was coming but they didn’t prevent it” about the Boston bombing which was an absolute inside job. Also, as my mate says, I wonder why he can get so much air time.

Same can be said about Assange, who got some funding from George Soros, a member of Illuminati, if Snowden was a genuine whistleblower, he must have been killed before mainstream media would have any report on him to show the world, don’t you think. But he managed to fly over to Russia via Hong Kong? And media, which has been bought by big $$$ told us about it. Go figure!

Again, same with Assange, one litmus test was of course, 9/11.
I found an article on Russia Today, titled

Read Snowden’s comments on 9/11 that NBC didn’t broadcast

doesn’t contain that word, “INSIDE JOB” or “FALSE FLAG” at all.
And a video on Alex Jones channel on the same story,

claiming the same take, just like his take on Boston bombing.

Don’t you think when he’s been revealing big secrets, well supposedly at least, he should be able to find out that 9/11 was an inside job!?

Alex Jones himself, is said to be an agent of Jesuits or Israel, and he’s been stirring up fear in people's mind without showing the bottom lie of Governments are Companies, which we could use to fight back to the evil traitorous criminals.

Back to Snowden, I forgot the link but he was also going along with the official line/lie of ‘global warming’ when talking about chemtrails. What’s the possibility of him NOT knowing facts!?

There must be more dodgy stories if we dig further, but Snowden himself seems busy tweeting or retweeting about the move of “Pardon Snowden”. Seems he really wants to go home.
But if he was a genuine whistleblower, I assume they’d kill him in retaliation when the mass starts to forget about this ‘hero’. And he should know that, I think.

Remember that lecture held in Athens, and it was held by that New York Times
One of the major media outlets that David Rockefeller thanked for their not reporting truth. I found links like,

Athens Democracy Forum · NYT Conferences
Hosted and moderated by New York Times editors, and presented under the auspices ... Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulos, the fourth annual Athens Democracy Forum (Sept. ... The Times works meticulously with sponsors to integrate them into the ...

Carnegie Council Is Media Partner for New York Times Athens ...
28 Jun 2016 ... The New York Times Athens Democracy Forum brings together ... Op-Ed Columnist, The New York Times; Edward Snowden, Former U.S. ...

Yeah, Carnegie, everyone. How about that!
I’d say many of Snowden’s stories are true, but we’ve gotta be very careful.
Because I believe they contain some lies to mislead us.

And the article on Veterans Today,
To be honest, I’m not sure about that site either…
Russia Govt. Report: Snowden, Greenwald are CIA frauds

Reading the title, you would expect that Russinan Government reported that…but it’s actually about a report an American dissident Dr. Les Sachs who fled to Belgium wrote. So I should say the title is a bit misleading.

I found his email address, so I sent him a mail, and got a reply straight away. So I wrote again to say that the title was not quite accurate, etc. And on top, I asked him about his take on the holocaust.

He hasn’t written back yet. Shame!
Of course, he might be thinking it’s way too risky a subject to talk over the internet/e-mails but he does say on his site that he has a relative who died in the holocaust, therefore he must be believing that myth. Or…?

BTW, do you know about this very courageous German lady, Ursula Haverbeck (87!!) who’s got another jail sentence
I watched her interview last year,

Oh, it’s been deleted…
This one now,

Ursula Haverbeck - The Panorama Interview with English Subtitles https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEFR_AFkhWc

and she sounded genuine and very convincing.
I strongly suggest to you to watch it!

Anyway, there are so many agents on every issue, everywhere!!
So please beware and warn others, too.

By the way, it’s a bit of a worry, tomorrow’s date - though it’s already today:

27th September (9) => 9 + 2 + 7 = 18 => 6 6 6.
Hope nothing drastic happens..

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