Monday, May 23, 2016

What is ‘modern medicine’ doing to us? Think about the “cause” that many doctors wouldn’t even mention

I started warning others about that horrific cocktail of poison called ‘cervical cancer vaccines’ a.k.a. HPV vaccines, with product names “Gardasil” of Merck
and “Cervarix” of GSK back in March 2007 right before Johnny coWARd started telling girls, “It’s free, it’s free!! Go and get it’ when it cost $400 or $500/person for 3 shots back then.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Japan has been under attack by artificial earthquakes created by weather weapons etc.

Apparently, Blogger = Google = Murdoch = Illuminati is blocking this site from viewers. Some people told me that they couldn’t open my blog both in English and Japanese. The evil doers are really scared of people learning truth because they have been committing horrific crimes upon us for decades if not centuries. Even a Russian search engine was trying to block my blog with a warning,
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