Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Electromagnetic Radiation and the Brain

It's still probably very hard for ordinary people who have no knowledge about New World Order/One World Government/CFR, Agenda 21 and etc to comprehend, but all these things from GM food, vaccine/immunization fraud, chemtrails/HAARP/weather modification, weather WEAPONS and this EMR, electromagnetic ray attack on us, is to reduce our population of the entire world to less than 500 million as it's clearly said on that Georgia GuideStone.

They sold us the lie of 9/11, then global warming=CO2 when it was basically the sun, and they've been selling us another scare campaign called "population is a problem"...

If you put the entire population of the world onto Australia, each person would get about 1/4 acre!! Imagine that. Population is NOT a problem. How we are distributing resources or wealth IS the problem. DUH!!

PLEASE, wake up people!
We've gotta stop this one, as well as so many other attacks from our 'authorities' and 'experts' to make us and our children sick, die, or sterile.

PLEASE, listen to this interview and forward the URL of this page to everybody you know.

Electromagnetic Radiation and the Brain
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