Tuesday, April 27, 2010

'Leader' of 9/11 Truth in Sydney John Bursill is an AGENT!!

Somebody on my list found a site with Bursill's brief bio written by Carol Brouillet.

Along with another fact I found on the net, I posted it on 911Blogger.com

I wrote:

Along with his good and close mate Ken Jenkins who graduated from Carnegie Mellon University, what Bursill who has "served in the military, in the Australian Army (reserve) Infantry for 10 years, finishing up as acting Battalion Operations/Intelligence Sergeant" according to Carol's post here, who kept denying and ridiculing me when I said there are lots of spooks among us on "What hit the Pentagon?" while others helped him to bury my posts with lots of negative ratings, what he is trying to do here is...

simply to spread the disinfo that AA77 could have hit the Pentagon just like AA11 and UA175 which actually crashed into the Twin Towers!(I now rewrote this sentence and one below to clearly say what I meant. You can see the original in the image below)

At least, he is clearly saying it was possible with the Pentagon and WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??


And think why he denied what I said and tried to warn other truthers when he was actually an OPERATION/INTEL Sergeant who MUST KNOW, FULLY AWARE THAT HAPPENS(that there are many agents among us infiltrating and misleading us to divide us, destroy the movement and conquer) ALL OF THE TIME!?

I wouldn't be surprised that this comment will be again buried with tons of negative ratings or even, DELETED.

Let us see if the moderators have the guts to face the reality.
9/11 Truth Australia
September 11th was an Inside Job!
(end of what I wrote)

The screen shot of that comment posted:

but they deleted it AS EXPECTED.

They might do the same with that bio page.
So in case, here's what it said:

Now, I might be banned on that site... oh, I could log in!
I'll repost it though I'm sure they will delete it again.

Uh oh, I posted it but it doesn't get on the page!
They are censoring what I write OBVIOUSLY.

John Bursill is an agent and 911Blogger.com is run by agents!
Please see the facts without letting your emotion destruct you.

Anyway, please copy this, tell others and warn them!!
Here's my mail I sent to one of the moderators and he never ever got back to me. Guess he just wanted to know how much I figured out, and I did quite a bit!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sr. Rosalie Bertell, PhD warns about chemtrails(2 videos)

Yoryevrah — March 09, 2009 — In early 2005, snowshoefilms interviewed epidemiologist Rosalie Bertell (Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart) in New York City. Questions covered a wide range of topics, including 'chemtrails.' The interview was posted (7 parts) on Archive, and subsequently posted by others on youtube. Here is a 2009 updated edit of that interview, with chemtrail video from Sister Bertell's Mother House in Yardley, Pennsylvania (2007) and video from Chautauqua, N.Y. Note: Clifford Carnicom (Los Angeles May 17 2008 Chemtrail Convergence) calls attention to 3 aspects of chemtrails: ionized metalic salts, organic fibers, and dessicated red blood cells. It is our view that these dessicated blood cells are used to disseminate mycoplasmas -- in particular, weaponized mycoplasmas such as fermentans incognitus. See snowshoefilms' video of microbiologist Garth Nicolson for an explanation of how mycoplasmas could be disseminated via aerosol spray.

Friday, April 16, 2010

VERIFY 9/11 at Kyoto University - Sunday April 18, 2010

Prof Yuji Nishimuta at Kyoto University, one of the tops of Japanese national universities is holding an event to pursue the truth about 9/11 this Sunday!!

A staff, yush who's been spreading the word tirelessly says,

"Kyoto is not that far, so please come and join us!!"

Please tell your friends in Japan!

DVD "9/11:Blueprint for Truth" in Japanese, Trailer

Monday, April 12, 2010

Brave ex-Marine tells viewers about chemtrails on TV!!

HURRAY TO KEVIN LOLLIS the meteorologist at KTLV in Medford, Oregon!!

While his weather forecast explanation, he pointed out some 'bands of clouds' and explains what they are.

He says(as you can listen to - below video):

...southern and northern California, we've got a bit of unusual situation, now this first portion of radar cycle fairly bland and typical but then you see these bands of very distinct cloud cover moving into the region.

That is not rain, that is not snow.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Powerful presence of 9/11 Truthers at Anti-War March in L.A.

Yes, this is exactly what I saw when I was doing my 11th Day Action last month in Melbourne with my daughter.

We were handing out hundreds of flyers as usual, and there came bunch of Socialist Alliance type 'peace activists,' occupying the space we were using, pushing us away, putting a table and started talking to passersby.

One of them actually approached me and his first question was,

"So, do you oppose these wars?"

I couldn't believe it.

He didn't seem to expect that my answer was "yes."
Sorry but I thought he was an idiot and yet, I believe he is simply BRAINWASHED to think that we 9/11 Truthers are nothing but destruction.

He did say, "9/11 is just destruction to anti-war movement" and I could not believe that one either, but I know he was just parroting some agent who taught him that nonsense.

Why us revealing the real criminals' lies and say that the bottom excuse of these wars is actually an inside job, can be a destruction to anti-war movement!?????

Port Authority Seeks New Homes for WTC 9/11 Steel

Wish someone on our side to get some of them, invalueable EVIDENCE of that horrendous crime.

Go to their pageand see the photos of the 'artifacts.'

Port Authority Seeks New Homes for WTC 9/11 Steel

The Port Authority is soliciting proposals from public and municipal agencies and not-for-profit organizations interested in acquiring a piece of 9/11 World Trade Center steel for public display.

Letters requesting a piece of steel should be sent on official letterhead to the Port Authority to the attention of Christopher O. Ward, Executive Director with a copy to Timothy Stickelman, Esq. of the Port Authority Law Department and Norma Manigan in Public Affairs. The mailing address for all three is:

Collateral Murder

How disgusting and disturbing what they're doing there.

WikiLeaks releases video of alleged U.S. helicopter attack on Reuters reporters
Posted: April 05, 2010, 2:02 PM
by Ron Nurwisah Meghan Housley, National Post

Video footage that allegedly shows a U.S. attack in Baghdad in July, 2007, in which two Iraqi journalists were killed, has been released online after a public screening at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.

Some move seen on the HAARP Fluxgate Magnetometer

Ending Date: 20100406 分は

The boy who lived before

Very intriguing story.
Watch these videos.

The boy who lived before

Clydebank Town, Scotland, whose chief industry until the 1970s was shipbuilding, suffered a brutal attack by the Luftwaffe during a two day onslaught in March 1941. By dawn after the all clear the people of Clydebank emerged from their shelters to find their houses and main buildings burning and beyond recognition.

The blitz, as was hoped, did not break the spirit of the people. Their following hardship strengthened the bond of the remaining population.

They helped to rebuild the devastation left behind by the ninety-six bomb craters.

Years later a new community sprang up and the memories of the dreadful war dissolved within the families of the older generation. Grandchildrens grandchildren lived a life of peace, and the Macaulay family were no different. Until that is, they became concerned by the behaviour of their six year old son, Cameron. It began as he developed his speech. He fantasized about having another family.

He said that he missed his mum - he remembered her with long brown hair down to her waist before she had it cut - and his brothers and sisters. He told stories of his life in Barra (160 miles away). His father he said was called Shane Robertson, and died because he never looked both ways.