Saturday, March 13, 2010

Seriously, what is this mantra "We demand a real investigation!" about...

As I learned the current world situation, I started to wonder about this mantra we've been saying, "We demand a real investigation on 9/11!"

Seriously, when 9/11 and so many other crimes were inside job with outside help, plotted by a bunch of super rich evil doers who call themselves "Illuminati" that shines, and when Illuminati owns media, governments, justice system, police, military, international entities like the UN, WHO and so forth as well as infiltrating us all the time in order to mislead us, divide us from within and destroy any movement, and attacking us further with their "dumbing down the population" every single day, who could ever carry out a real investigation?

The reality tells me they do not exist among those in power anywhere around the globe.

YET, we just cannot overlook the lie and leave everything as is because it will simply get worse and worse. Nobody can escape from this UNLESS WE CAHANGE IT.

And we need numbers.

We need to keep waking up more and more citizens so that we can have enough power to topple the rotten governments and all the entities who are working for the dark power.

Watch this short video,

Vote for Answers

For those who lost their loved ones on 9/11, 2001, as well as numerous innocent citizens of Afghanistan, Iraq and other countries who have been killed, maimed, and forced to have their lives all messed up, I will continue my activities to wake up more in order to stop this craze.

So, please join me in the quest of truth, justice to achieve genuine peace and fairness on this lovely planet, our home, planet of the Earth.


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moffin01 said...

The first step is to get as many people as possible to understand what has happened & what is happening.
At some point the 100th monkey theory will "kick in", everyone will "get it".
At this point there will be no turning back.
I think it's also just as important to continue to create the world we want by, as someone famous once said "being that change".