Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Toxic Skies?

You know they made a movie, a drama

but it's a reality.

A local NBC channel talking about what most people know as "CHEMTRAILS",but are actually: Indirect-Semi-Direct-Direct Aerosol Campaign from the ARM program (Atmospheric Radiation Mesurement)...their real name are AEROSOL just need to know about them to start seing them all over your own skies mostly BEFORE rainy days...

This is (10 months later) part 2 from the NBC4 report on "CHEMTRAILS".Actually the real name for these "lines in the sky" (that DON'T dissepate) are :AEROSOL SCATTERINGS brought to you by the ARM program (Atmospheric Radiation Mesurement) and the D.O.E.
Check out and,two great websites about this.
If you type into Google: Indirect-Direct Aerosol Campaign ,Bethel, will get all the info FOR REAL!!!
Let's bring this to the light and get our BLUE SKIES BACK!!!

When 'global warming caused by human CO2' is a lie, their excuse for chemtrails is also a lie.

Look up in the sky, watch out and tell others!
Chemtrails in Gippsland

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