Saturday, December 12, 2009

"N.W.O. Insider - How They Will Kill YOU!!", eh?

I upload this video here but I tend to agree with this comment:

lionstar111 (1 week ago)
Green IS STILL IN the game. He works for the factional group---spouts agenda of elites. "too many people on earth" on and on. His function is to fear monger.
(end quote)

I do have a feeling that this "population is a problem" is another scare campaign of theirs just like "global warming swindle" in order to have this excuse to reduce the world population so that it'd be easier for them to control(they need slaves but they don't want to have this many to share whatever resources on earth) and ultimately justify their deed of murdering the mass.

When I think about alternative medicine, alternative fuel(water can run cars and many who invented that got killed and hemp can be the answer to paper, clothes, fuel to cancer cure!) and so forth, and how we are wasting our water and food now while so many are starving to death, I think we can manage the population only if we manage our way of sharing and stop super unfair exploitation.

Also I think this video is there to promote what they want to achieve - exactly what I talked about in my "Solution."

In that respect, perhaps I shouldn't put this up here, but as an example of their tactics(see above "Solution"), voila!

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