Saturday, December 12, 2009

HAARP Nature Modification Weapon! Project Blue Beam

14 April 2009

Informative video on HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) the new weather modification and mind control Star Wars Defense Initiative (SDI) weapon of the US military. HAARP is capable of creating weather like hurricanes and tornadoes and tsunamis and earthquakes. It is also capable of altering peoples moods. HAARP has the ability of modifying the World's electro-magnetic field. Project Blue Beam.

I always thought HAARP is a weather weapon but mainly to cause earthquake, tsunami etc. However, when I heard this saying "Heating the region of about 120miles above the earth surface..." I wonder that's what made us have had about 10 super hot days in Victoria last summer while other days were 20 to 25 degrees C.

You see, 'global warming caused by extra CO2 created by humans' is a shocking lie. Therefore I was wondering why we had such hot days when other days were so cool.

We see many chemtrails, therefore HAARP can work all right in this country...

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