Tuesday, November 17, 2009


This is of course what we can do on top of other efforts we've been making such as becoming self sufficient(so that we don't need to buy THEIR products) and to demand a real investigation on 9/11 and so on. Recent example of what we have to do is here.

But this one is very unique because anybody can do it anytime and anywhere!

Believe me, I feel very positive about this. ;o)
Anyhow, please read on.


As many of you know, 9/11(September 11, 2001) tragedy along with many other tragedies such as JFK, RFK, JFK Jr., John Lennon, Harold Holt etc assassinations, 7/7(London), Bali bombing, Port Arthur Massacre and so forth was an inside job with outside help.

As many of you are aware, we have been under attack of all sorts - chemicals(toxins) in our food and environment, water fluoridation(even if fluoride were 'good for your teeth' it's definitely a mass medication without consent and undemocratic), GM food in most of packaged food like 'soy lecithin' in chocolate, chemtrails to assist HAARP that weather weapon , vaccine/immunization/pharma fraud, mobile/wireless(EMR), 'global warming created by human CO2' scam to exploit us further with 'carbon tax' while reducing the fertilizer called CO2 to eventually create massive food shortage, and the list goes on.

These lies are generated by our so-called 'leaders' in governments, and main stream media who are not serving their employers/readers(us) but obeying super rich and powerful criminals called Illuminati.

There are many journalists, researchers and websites which tell us about those evil doers' crimes on us and yet, there's not even a single one who tells us what we should do or we can do as far as I know. Many of them seem to simply scare us further more, and leave us feeling powerless.

Over some years, I've been thinking about a solution, and now I've finally come up with one.

Have you watched a film "SECRET"?
Personally, I didn't like it because it talks about how to become rich and famous. Yet, we can use its method to realize what we want for a better future like Michael Jackson was singing about.

It's like this: You imagine what you want happen has already happened, you feel it's great it did, you thank for it and you are so happy. The key is that you use positive words only(no "no, not, never" and alike), believe it 100% and feel the joy wholeheartedly - then it comes true!

I always thought those evil doers have been using this Secret all along and recently I realized that they are actually using OUR mind on top of theirs to achieve their goal.

John Todd, ex-Illuminati whistleblower told us that they the Illuminati believe the New World Order begins when the lights of NYC are gone. Thus they made a film, "I am Legend" and showed us NYC without lights. Now they are showing "2012" to make us wonder what would happen, and feel scared.

i.e. when we think about those dark and nasty future, we are actually helping them achieve their goal of total tyranny. Therefore, we've gotta use the same tactics for us rather - use our power of our mind to turn it around.

So, please say this below everyday, believe it and feel the joy!!

All those who have been making horrible mistakes over centuries have finally succeeded to free themselves from deep, deep brainwashing, accepted and fulfilled their responsibilities and have become benign individuals. Now we are living in a very peaceful, fair and just world full of love and compassion. I am SO happy, am really grateful and this is GREAT!! ;O)

They say we are creating our own reality, then let’s make a better one! We simply didn’t know that WE HAVE the POWER to CHANGE.

Regardless to the differences we may have, I believe we all want to live in peace, and in a fair and just world, don’t you? Believe it or not, worth a try!

I hope you pass this to all the people you know on this planet so that we'll have more and more citizens join me doing this around the world everyday. Please make sure to forward this entirely and if you have any query, please do not hesitate to leave a comment.

Remember, there are many spooks/agents everywhere, but they are really really scared of us!! Yes, a friend of mine once said to me, "You are scared when you're doing something wrong." That's it.

Thank you very much.
Love, Peace and Gratitude to you all!

(Then) Deputy Shadow Defence Minister of Japan
Councilor Fujita Questions 9/11, Part 1/2/3/4
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George Hunt said...

I liked what you had to say about "Positive Thinking"-- that our free world is not coming down on us. I think you have hit on to something that I should apply to my own frustration of TRYING to get through the human denial pattern that there isn't ANYTHING about our governments'actions that should cause them to fear. How naive. George HUnt

Aus911Truth said...

Hello Mr. Hunt, or may I call you George?

Thank you very much for your comment!

I truly understand your "frustration" because that's what I've been feeling time to time while working to spread the truth about 9/11, and so many other issues.

It was only recently that I managed to connect the dots of "Secret" and all this we've got.

I really think it works no matter how absurd it may sound. We've gotta wake up more and on top, we can do this anytime, anyday, anywhere. ;o)

I know "how naive" people are, but I was one of them till somebody in Japan showed me images from the Pentagon and WTC7. MSM is there to spread the lie and brainwash citizens. So, we've gotta do what we're doing.

Best regards, and
Love, Peace, Gratitude to you and water inside you.