Monday, April 27, 2020

[Pandemic LIE] YouTube’s manipulation & Corona is “JUST ANOTHER FLU” by the White House Press Corps, so Pandemic is a HOAX!!

When I sent a link below to the person who told me about that ‘accident’

Melbourne crash: Porsche driver who allegedly fled scene after four police officers killed named

a reply came back saying:
Love the bit about traffic stops being their “bread and butter
(end quote)

“These police officers were doing something that we do 10 times, 20 times, 30 times a shift – intercepting a motor vehicle on the side of the road, this is the bread and butter of policing,” he told reporters.
(end quote from the news article)

Also that article ends with:
and she encouraged people to extend their support to the force
(end quote)

I haven’t checked the date of this ‘accident’, but they might have carried it out on Anzac Day or close to it, so that it could be easier to stir up Sheople’s emotion to gain their support when there must be more people who got harassed by those FAKE Police officers like I have.

Now, after I uploaded that very short footage from the protest,

[Pandemic LIE] Aussies say NO! to Tyranny - Follow our steps everyone!!

[Pandemic LIE] Australians say NO to Tyranny!! Follow our steps everyone!! and NO DOUBT they sent in some spooks… & that car accident on M3?

I noticed that it can’t receive any comment without my choosing so,
also I found that my YoTube channel “Videos” page doesn’t show many videos I uploaded!!

JFK’s Fatal Shot Came from the Freemason Driver!!

JFK’s fatal shot came from the driver William Greer the Freemason!!

Related entry (below) is for some reason, well read recently.
Hope the readers forward any information they find on my blog to others far and wide, and repeatedly.

“Dr. Mary’s Monkey” - Lee Harvey Oswald, the link between the Secret Project to Kill Castro by injecting cancer causing virus & JFK Assassination

YouTube has also been hiding my comments I post here and there. I mean I can see them while I’m logged in, but when I log out, they are not there i.e. other people cannot see my comments. When nobody else is talking about their traitorous fraud and the fact that I used that very fraud to beat them and proved that THEY ARE the criminals (and that was the very reason why I got kicked out of Twitter at the 33rd suspension), and that’s why I wrote in my previous post, that I will wait and see if that “Know Your Rights” will let me tell this to their listeners or not.

Many of you should know but just like that, YouTube and alike have NO hesitation to hide anything and LIE any time.

So they might delete this video below I got from G.E. Griffin’s Need to Know,
Therefore before they do that, make it viral, like Coronavirus LIE!!
White House Press Corps Caught on Hot Mic Take Off the Masks It's a HOAX!
The Houleigan Apr 21, 2020

Guess you didn’t miss that part where this Doug says that everybody there had a (flu) shot!
I think I was swindled to have it a few times which caused CFS & hay fever,
In the meantime, as I’ve shown you, some Victorians remembered the spirit of Eureka Flag all right,
and we need to see that everywhere in Australia and beyond NOW!!

Let everyone know about their shocking fraud which is the cause of all the problems we’ve been facing,

Governments are Companies
Documents relating to registration with the SEC of the Australian Government as a privately owned American company
tell them that I have proven above via my battle, and that’s why they cannot make me pay,
and reveal this pandemic LIE. Also don’t forget to say the Secret as well,

Illuminati has perished.
Yes, thank you!!

with genuine emotion of joy and gratitude as many times as possible everyday. (Now, shorter version only I display)

Cause EVERY ONE OF YOU MUST JOIN and TAKE ACTION NOW to stop their massacre!!

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