Wednesday, March 20, 2019

It’s really LAUGHABLE, this Christchurch FALSE FLAG!! No wonder why the TRAITORS want to ban sharing images from the day

I haven’t seen any images from the day unfortunately, but then, I came across this one,

Christchurch shooting 100% Hoax Proof video editing Mannequins used Pewdiepie

which has been already deleted, as expected.

It showed some images from the day and claimed the seeming ‘dead bodies’ were actually mannequins. It seems legit to me. ;o)

On top, I saw all kinds of comments on YouTube saying that there were no people shouting, no glass broken of the Mosque, and bodies were already lying around before the guy started shooting. It’s really laughable
how dodgy this operation was!!

As some of you already know, I saw Hillary and John Podesta (Hillary’s Pizza Gate mate) went to see that FAKE P.M. of New Zealand prior to this drama
and I found this page for Podesta,
John Podesta Was In New Zealand Days Prior To The Mosque Terror Attacks

which showed this image comparison,
I don’t know what that “14” and a “fish” means, but talking about signs,
look at this one,

14 Reasons Why the New Zealand Mosque Attack Could Be a ‘False-Flag’ Mossad Operation

Tarrant showing the same 6 6 6 finger sign that Trump made, that I showed in my previous post

As usual, it’s SO OBVIOUS that N.Z. Christchurch shooting was a FALSE FLAG - Donald Trump talked about 49 Muslim Shot to Death in 2016!!

Also I found this hilarious image,
*Right click and open to a new tab to have it enlarged properly if necessary.

Can you see the guy, walking behind the man with FAKE blood all over, holding a spray bottle of FAKE blood!?? LOL

Already, somebody figured out this woman was one of the CRISIS ACTORS on the day,
No wonder why those Traitors in N.Z.

want to ban people sharing the images from the day.
They obviously don’t want more people to figure out this dodgy operation.

And look at another FAKE report, trying to dismiss the claim of FALSE FLAG,

Christchurch attack was a 'false flag,' conspiracy theorists claim
By Chris Zappone
March 18, 2019 — 11.37am

They eliminated the bottom half of above two photos, of Tarrant and the guy with the spray bottle, so that you can’t tell it was their stupid performance!!

And now, it’s revealed as usual they were having some exercise,

Paramilitary Police Training Drill Took Place On The SAME DAY As Christchurch Mass Shootings…

Anyway, please fight back against these TRAITORS like I do, and if you don’t have time nor courage to do so, be 100% sure to say the two sets of Secret,

All poisons have gone back to Illuminati.
Yes, thank you!!

*cause they realized that they have to take their responsibility ;o)

above and below everyday many a time, with real emotion of joy and gratitude,

And forward this page to everybody you know!!

Traitors in N.Z. Succeeded to Achieve their Goal (at least, one of them) in Only 72 Hours!! using that Christchurch Mosque FALSE FLAG

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