Thursday, February 21, 2019

Another way to spread the ugly truth - Use ‘Company Search Result’ page print out for the envelope!! ;O)

Along with FAKE Rates, water bills (unconstitutional + based on FAKE law) and FAKE traffic fines, I’ve been refusing to pay another FAKE fine for having blackberry in my backyard. It started a few years ago when the FAKE Local Government charged me some $200.00 FAKE fine for that and recently, they tried to drag me to FAKE court,
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therefore I wrote a reply and used the print out of ‘Company Search Result’ page for the envelope. ;O)

This one seems a bit messy cause I hand-wrote the explanation for posties to read,
and the front looked like this,
I did the same with the one addressed to the FAKE Registrar at court using the ‘Company Search Result’ page for “Department of Justice” the COMPANY. And what I wrote in my letter is shown below though the fonts/bold etc are not exactly the same:

. My Address
. 13 January, 2019

Dale Gillette the TRAITOR
‘Baw Baw Shire Council’ the COMPANY
33 Young Street
Drouin, Vic 3818

Charlene Griffin the TRAITOR
Magistrates’ Court of Victoria the COMPANY
134 Commercial Road
Morwell, Vic 3840

Dear Dale and Charlene,

Your paper had this sentence that says:

But in fact, YOU are the ones who have been ignoring the facts I have presented.

Ignoring the facts presented to you by me over the years does NOT make them disappear as you wish. And you have shown me NO COUNTER EVIDENCE to prove that you traitors are NOT working for criminal COMPANIES but for genuinely lawful, constitutional, valid, de jure Government, at all.

It is just like, a murderer who killed somebody, yet claiming he is innocent when physical and circumstantial evidence already proved that he is guilty, but you just listen to his words and believe he is innocent. Well, I’m NOT stupid like that. I need to see some verifiable and sufficient COUNTER EVIDENCE from you but there is NONE.

I have already tried with ‘Magistrates Court of Victoria’ at other locations along with so many other co-traitors of yours, and they had NO COUNTER EVIDENCE to say that they are real court at all. I have NO INTENTION to go to a Kangaroo, FAKE Court which is a traitorous fraudulent COMPANY.

Your co-conspirator Samantha Bell wrote about “the High Court’s ruling in Rutledge v Victoria [2013] HCA 60 (Rutledge)” but that’s long after the ‘High Court’ has become your kind of traitorous fraudulent criminal COMPANY, i.e. that ‘ruling’ is just a farce and absolutely INVALID.
On the other hand, way before that, when there was some JUSTICE still left existing in this country, there was a ruling at the High Court. See the print out that I kindly enclosed, a photocopy of the top and the page which is relevant here.

Commonwealth v New South Wales [1923] HCA 34; (1923) 33 CLR 1 (9 August 1923)
Here I type the part where underlined,
A fee simple is the most extensive in quantum, and the most absolute in respect to the rights which it confers, of all estates known to the law. It confers, and since the beginning of legal history it always has conferred, the lawful right to exercise over, upon, and in respect to, the land, every act of ownership which can enter into the imagination, including the right to commit unlimited waste; and, for all practical purposes of ownership,

Do you have enough brain left to comprehend above?
It says that the owner of the property has got the most absolute rights and he/she can do anything in the extent of your imagination, and he/she can even pile up garbage on it!! On top,

Sec. 27 of the Commonwealth Act also enacts by sub-sec. 3 that “the State shall not be entitled to compensation in respect of the loss of any rights of dominion, taxation, or revenue

That means that you CRIMINALS cannot charge any tax on our property!! That itself proves that you DOLOBO Shire the Company has been robbing us unlawfully.

“Dolobo” (*Dolobo is pronounced almost as “Dolbo”) means “thieves, robbers” and rhymes with ‘Baw Baw Shire’ the COMPANY, a bunch of THIEVES who are very good at wasting our money all the time. When I explain that to others, they just LOVE IT cause they all hate you.

Anyhow, above ruling has never been repealed or overturned.

Hope XXXXX (*my neighbor) understands what that means.
In case, that means that above ruling is still standing tall with absolute power and validity in this country, protecting our rights and our freedom


Luckily to you, XXXXX worked at primary school therefore her emotion has been blocking her eyes and ears, because she doesn’t want to admit that she worked for traitorous criminals, and she chose to be left in the dark, to keep believing that you traitors are our authority. But there are other school teachers who fully understood what I told them of our ugly reality, and some of them actually thanked me for my battle against you traitors.

Also, years ago I told XXXXX how beneficial blackberries are because they are full of anti-oxidant, so she can eat the ones growing over our fence, as well as she can cut the part growing over her land, and even offered that I would go into her backyard to cut such if she wishes. She never asked me to do that. I even wanted to thank her because the blackberries actually CAME FROM HER BACKYARD INTO MINE.

That itself means, if she believes you traitors are actually our authority and if your all FAKE laws are genuine, it means she didn’t abide by that i.e. she “didn’t eradicate the noxious weed” even though shops are selling the berries. And if she did what your FAKE law says, all this farce never happened therefore, SHE should be fined long before I did, right? What does she think of that then? If she denies it, it’s called DOUBLE STANDARD. Apply that FAKE law with me but not with her.

And instead of realizing this ridiculous situation, having been so heavily misled and brainwashed, she has been helping the traitors take away our freedom and rights and destroy her own country where her children and their children are to live in. How wonderful!! Perhaps I should ask her to show me some verifiable and sufficient COUNTER EVIDENCE to help YOU criminals, that NONE of you traitors can ever show me at all.

One of my mates in this battle told me that he knew a judge.
That judge agreed with everything what my mate pointed out in association with the Constitution and basic laws, but he added to say that he could agree with my mate OUT OF THE COURT, but while in court, he HAD TO OBEY THE EVIL ORDERS.

Shortly after that conversation, that judge resigned because he was SO ASHAMED of himself committing shocking crimes against his fellow citizens.

Another mate of mine told me about a ‘police officer’, a COMPANY employee,
*Many love my sign shown below ;O)
who got fed up with him, forced to keep committing horrendous crimes upon his fellow citizens and resigned in disgust.

YOU BOTH along with so many of your co-conspirators have got NO DECENCY NOR COURAGE like they showed. You guys are just caring about your lucrative wages and fringe benefits which come from the money you STOLE from us.

While you’re busy stealing our health, wealth, freedom and rights, the tops of your evil doers are adding the finishing touch of killing us all to make the world population under 500 million or less as they depicted on their Georgia Guidestones.

A while ago, I met this lady in Warragul in a shop and she told me that her husband was dying from Alzheimer’s and that she found out the medicine his doctor made him take over the years actually had the ‘side effect’ to make him contract Alzheimer’s. Also she knew about chemtrails - we are forced to inhale nano-particulates of Aluminium (cause of Dementia, which is the second worst killer in Australia now), Barium, Strontium, Boron and many other poison including germs and evil man-made viruses, being sprayed over our heads everyday in order to have stupid Sheople keep believing in this ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’ LIE that Maurice Strong and Al Gore sold to the world. They are creating FAKE warming with their WEATHER WEAPONS and many like XXXXX, sorry to say but those who seem to have lost some of their brain function, cannot remember what our summers were like in the past.

And they’re going to create this Global Dimming.

Meaning we won’t have the sun.
Then what will happen?
We’ll have much less crop of everything along with so many bees killed, and many are to starve to death along with their attack upon us with their Microwave Weapons such as mobile, WiFi, Smart POISONOUS Meters, and now 5G. on top of all their evil WEAPONS which have been killing us the SLOW DEATH. Many scientists are warning us saying it’s a GENOCIDE. Yes, it’s a GENOCIDE all right especially when they’re going to launch 20,000 satellites for 5G to zap all around the world, and it’s already in our neighborhood.

NO WONDER why my health is getting more damaged along with so many others’. You might not sense it cause you’ve been eating all JUNK, therefore your CENSOR is NOT WORKING!!

Anyhow, thanks to your kind of Traitorous Criminals, many will be killed including you and your family, because YOU are the ones who carry out their evil crimes upon us.

The top evil criminals, your big bosses never care about our life including the ones of their stupid underlings, YOU MORONIC TRAITORS. YOU must be fighting this battle along side with me NOW but instead, you are still bullying and stealing from innocent citizens.

Dolobo Shire the COMPANY who made Palmerston (Street) weird one way, now wants to do the same with Smith Street in Warragul, and that’s called AGENDA 21.

Listen to Ann Bressington (Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21, Club of Rome) on YouTube and find out what happened to Paradise, California. Many died, burned to death due to the FAKE Wild Fire the criminals created with their WEATHER WEAPONS and reducing lanes for cars.

Since your co-conspirator called ‘Victorian Government’ the COMPANY has been ‘warning’ about GRASS FIRE which we NEVER HEARD IN THE PAST (*at least in our area, I never heard that), I guarantee you that THEY are going to cause that along with FAKE (*I mean, deliberately created) bush fires to kill people.

is NOT enough to say to your kind of cowardice traitorous criminals.

You must have had NO ONE who ever truly loved you and you love NO ONE either. Because, if you love your spouse/partner, child/ren, parents, and your friends, you cannot destroy their country and their world, CAN YOU!?

with ABSOLUTE DISGUST to you DETERMINED Traitorous Criminals I utterly DESPISE,


CC: XXXXX and Samantha Bell

(end copy & paste)

It’s been way over a month since I sent these out to them, and I bet they had some FARCE, a SHOW at the FAKE Court in Morwell, but I have received NO REPLY WHATSOEVER.

Please fight back against these TRAITORS yourself. And if you don’t have time nor courage to do so, be 100% sure to say the two sets of Secret,

All poisons have gone back to Illuminati.
Yes, thank you!!

*cause they realized that they have to take their responsibility ;o)

above and below everyday many a time, with real emotion of joy and gratitude,

And forward this page to everybody you know!!

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