Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Returning the dead mouse to Victoria Police the COMPANY

I told you that many people love my signs.
I got this memo left on my car the other day,
As I said, they messed up the function to get images from my camera into my computer, but I managed to get this one through other means. ;o)

Anyhow, there are many people either awake or waking up.
Like last night, I was coming back from the city and stopped at a service area on the freeway, and this young man showed that he agrees with what I put on my car, so I went to speak with him, and he knew everything!

He said he was going to take photos of my sign to put on SNS, and I know some people actually take photos as I drive, and I’m hoping they’re doing the same.

If you wish, you can always use the images of my signs from

Wake up others with signs!!

and upload them on your FB, Twitter, Instagram etc but make sure to add my blog address to wake up more. ;o)

Anyway, I told him about my battle, and the most recent harassment from the traitors was that dead mouse left in my car, which was locked and parked in my car port.

I thought I wrote about it but perhaps I did only on my JP blog.

Anyway, I did take a couple of photos of the thing, so I hope I can show them sometime in the future, but here I let you read what I wrote to the local FAKE police about it when I kindly return the dead mouse to them some days after, when it was getting rotten and smelly.

25 November 2018
(My Address)

Station Chief
- More accurately,
Branch Manager
Victoria Police the COMPANY
(Their Address)

Dear Sir,

As I wrote you before, it is NO USE to report a crime to TRAITOROUS CRIMINALS but here again, I notify you about this disgustingly nasty prank and only persons I can think of who hate me enough to do such a thing along with the previous thefts, are you and your co-conspirators.

I bet it was either your co-employees of the Company called ‘Victoria Police’ or your co-member of evil Freemasons, who left this in my car which was parked and locked in my car port.

So, here I return it to you.

And if you ever claim you are a police officer, find and arrest the perpetrators for this and other crimes they committed and recover what they stole from me. In fact, I don’t hold my breath at all, while you are very good at letting culprits get away even when you guys managed to puncture his/their tire!! It’s laughable, and so many citizens KNOW that you guys are NOT DOING YOUR JOB but just stealing through your FAKE fines.

Yeah, that’s actually because you work for the criminals, therefore you never arrest them, including your mates who commit crimes such as above, and you, yourselves are destroying your own country i.e. you are all traitors!!

I heard your company wants to recruit more, but what you have to do is to shift those FAKE officers roaming around stations and in the city, doing nothing but bullying homeless and some ethnic pedestrians, to the real work place to catch criminals seriously, which you’re not doing to begin with. OF COURSE, you guys just want to waste more and more people’s money therefore, hiring more and spending a lot on your ads.

You are all shockingly sickening cowards.
Yet, more and more ordinary people are waking up everyday.
So, wash your neck and wait for the day. Anyway,


(end copy and paste)

So far, no reply.
Not that I expected any.
But someone definitely came back to my car port a few days ago, and peeled off my sign on the wall that says:

Who put the DEAD Mouse in my car which was locked
FAKE Police Officer? who burgled my house
Lowest kind of all

(end quote)

They probably didn’t like that while our neighbors could read it along with so many other signs I have.

And I’d like to emphasize that it’s important we tell them that we know that they’re committing shocking crimes upon us, and they ARE the criminals - traitors, destroying their own country. And we should never use their term such as ‘Honorable’ when you write to the traitors who call themselves ‘politicians’. In fact, that word sounds like “FART” in my native tongue, and that’s more suitable for them, LOL though it’d be an insult to “fart” cause “fart” is actually helping our body get rid of some unwanted gas, right?

If you want to see the photo of the mouse, please read

Traitors COWARDICE harassment: The DEAD MOUSE they left in my car…

Anyway, please join me in this fight like I do (read “My Battle Against…” series) or if you do not have time and/or courage, please say two sets of Secret:
All poisons have gone back to Illuminati.
Yes, thank you!!

*cause they realized that they have to take their responsibility ;o)

above and below everyday many a time, with real emotion of joy and gratitude,

and tell others to join in!!

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