Sunday, December 30, 2018

Do parents know what’s happening at school!?? Teachers banned to use “boy/girl” and Illuminati’s underlings promoting the idea of calling babies “THEYBIES”!!

First, it came from Nebraska,

Why teachers can’t call kids ‘boys and girls’ anymore
A school has instructed its teachers to stop addressing students collectively as “boys and girls” when getting their attention in the classroom. You won’t believe what they’re now being called.
GRACE KOELMA October 10, 20149:30am

Teachers over there were banned to address children as “boys and girls”, and instead told to call them “hey campers” !??? or “purple penguins” !?????

Then a secondary school teacher I know locally told me that in primary school in our area,
teachers are banned to say, “You are a good boy/girl” already!!

Do parents know this!???
On top, there’s a talk about altering the word “baby” to “theyby”

The Rise of 'Theybies' Tucker Takes on New Gender-Neutral Designation for Kids

Then I saw Vigilant Citizen writing about Celine Dion, selling genderless baby clothes and points out how Satanic they look. So colorless to begin with,
Skull design on the cap, and

How sickening!!
I can clearly see that they are planning to make us goyms have
identity crisis in very near future.

On top of what I’ve been saying that they have been creating more and more people other than heterosexual by putting more poison into us (excess copper in boys = gay and less than minimum copper in girls = lesbian), they must have been manipulating us via other products like,

Study PROVES chemicals in shampoo and toothpaste are altering sex hormones in adolescents

We’ve gotta stop this lunacy, everyone.
Please fight back like I do, or at least say the two sets of Secret

All poisons have gone back to Illuminati.
Yes, thank you!!

*cause they realized that they have to take their responsibility ;o)

above and below everyday many a time, with real emotion of joy and gratitude,

And make sure to tell others!!

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