Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Weather Weapons: Tell our youth that your COMMON SENSE doesn’t agree with official stories. This is the REAL CAUSE why Dementia is the Second Worst Killer!!

In my previous article,

Burn Baby Burn - Here and there in the U.S. & Greece under attack of DEW (Directed Energy Weapon) plus NANO particulates of Aluminum making it BURN SO WELL

I showed you this video,

Engineered Weather Now Flooding Greece and Colorado

and I took the part that you’ve got to watch, of
Guerilla Downfall
and uploaded it on YouTube.

Guerrilla Downfall by Weather Weapons!!

I wrote in the description:

It’s called Guerrilla Downfall in Japan.
I’ve experienced it in Queensland, Australia once.

Notice it’s NOT raining in all surrounding area but only that spot is getting attacked!! We’ve got to stop this by fighting back against all the traitorous fraudulent criminals in our countries
like I do (see my articles “My Battle Against…”) or say the Secret
everyday with real emotion of joy and gratitude everyday, and spread the word far and wide!!

(end quote)

I want everybody to watch it, such a short video, and forward the link to others.
From top left, comes down the chunk of rain…

This is absolutely their evil weather manipulation. And the sky, full of chem-ripples I saw the other day.

Many in Japan would think that some earthquake is coming, but it never happened when I saw these so far. I thought to myself, “They’ve been spraying a lot today” before I left home,

But then I started to see those chem-ripples everywhere!!
*Right click and open to a new tab to have it enlarged properly if necessary.

I couldn’t help but stopped at the service area near Berwick and took this video,

The Real Reason Why Dementia is the Second Worst Killer in Australia!!

It is the pattern in various issues that the criminals NEVER tell us the REAL CAUSE of all kinds of issues and here again, they, including the media which is all bought by evil money, never tell us why Dementia/Alzheimer’s is the second worst killer in Australia now.

They always hide or lie about the cause.
Just like thermite/thermate destroyed those three towers in New York on 9/11, and just like heavy metal toxins (especially in horrific cocktail of poison called vaccines sold to us, using and abusing our emotion and caring mind as usual) causing autism, developmental disorder, learning difficulties, Asperger, delinquency, depression, schizophrenia, and all kinds of so-calledmental illnesses’, DV and violent crimes apart from their false flag operations.

They always hide or lie about the real cause, and sell us more poison.
That’s Rockefeller’s Modern Medicine as I wrote many a time.
While symptoms are the sign of our body fighting back in order to fix the problem, they vilified those symptoms, and sell us poisons that would suppress the symptoms. Therefore, your body would think, “Oh, we’ve gotta fight back further more!” so you get more symptoms and get messed up. On top, every medicine has got so-called ‘side effects’ which is actually adverse health effects which include death.

You’ve got to remember this pattern of these traitorous criminals.
Some time ago, I met this lady whose husband got Alzheimer’s and she told me that she found it among the ‘side effects’ of medicine he was told to take for his heart problem. She knew about aluminum that we are FORCED to inhale from chemtrails, as well.

None of these are natural, everybody.
Can you tell the difference from what you saw when you were young/younger?
Even without HAARP and alike at work, the electromagnetic radiation from all the microwave weapons surrounding us (mobile, WiFi, Smart POISONOUS Meters and now 5G!) might be able to create these ripples, I assume.

Cause the level of EM-radiation going through our boy is now,
Anyhow, back to those chem-ripples

If you are old enough to be able to tell the difference, and if you still have that decent common sense left in you, please tell younger people around you that these clouds are NOT natural at all and they are the result of our FAKE authorities spraying poison over our head everyday.

Along with so many other toxic substances, NANO Aluminum in chemtrails are the real cause of making Dementia/Alzheimer’s the second worst killer in Australia now. People need to realize this ugly reality.

Check out this video I saw on aircrap.org, where anti-chemtrails activist Patrick Roddie who appeared in the FRANKENSKIES interviewing Chris Exley who’s been studying Aluminum toxicity and its relation with Dementia/Alzheimer’s for 30 years.

Chemtrails & Alzheimer's - Chris Exley PhD

and it’s webpage,

Public enemy No.1 (though there are tons of them!) David Keith who used to be at Calgary University but moved to Harvard after tirelessly promoting (= selling) geoengineering = chemrails i.e. poison,
was reported last year that he and other would spray Aluminum in Arizona this year
Chris was saying that their test of rain water didn’t show any abnormal level of toxins, but hey, as you should know, there are tons of FAKE Governments’ agent everywhere, and they could just stop spraying their regular chemtrails while they have such tests. On top, no matter how amateur he might think, there are so many people around the globe who found incredible amount of various toxins in their rain water.

Anyhow, listen to Chris about the roll of Iron and Aluminium on damage to our brain. Also, as my detox doctor told me before, Fluoride helps the absorption of Aluminum into our system, on top of other effects like,
I wrote about Dr. Dean Burk and others here,

Genuine & very credible doctors with conscience and honesty telling us that we shouldn’t trust the mainstream medical lies

so if you missed it, read it though.
Anyhow, their goal (or one of them) is definitely to kill over 90% of us as they depicted on the Georgia Guidestones,
and in order to achieve that, they’ve been poisoning us from various sources, and they are definitely using the double, triple effects by combining all sorts of poisons, just like that DU - depleted uranium weapons have got the metallic and radioactive poisonous effects combined - is what Dr./Major Doug Rokke told me years ago.

Back to that video, Chris Exley is telling us to drink silica water.
Well, I have a question about this silica. Nowadays, in almost every supplement you find has got silica/silicon along with the Magnesium stearate and somebody like Dr. Joseph Mercola says the latter could be carcinogenic.

Also this automobile electrician I know says silica is really bad - cuts through your veins and make some area clogged etc. So I’m not sure even though many victims of HPV vaccines have been drinking silica water and seems it’s fine.

Another reason why I wonder about this silica is because we saw goods with silica started to fill shelves everywhere just like soy products or stainless steel products that magnets don’t stick to became so popular everywhere in the past. I wonder if there’s any hidden agenda behind this silica everywhere. If anyone know anything for sure, please write in Comment.

Anyway, people need to think WHY Dementia/Alzheimer’s etc have been drastically increasing, just like child cancer/child leukemia increased by synthetic Vitamin K vaccines at birth along with electromagnetic radiation.
and we’ve got to beat these criminals by fighting back like I do, or say the Secret with real emotion of joy and gratitude, and tell others to join in!!

Save above image, upload everywhere (SNS), print it out and put up on your wall here and there, and say it every time you see it. ;o)

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