Tuesday, July 17, 2018

HUGE FRAUD: Our ‘Governments’ are all COMPANIES, stealing, and poisoning us via various means!!

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HUGE FRAUD: Our ‘Governments’ are all COMPANIES, stealing, and poisoning us via various means!!

After I found this fraud some years ago, I started to refuse paying rates (equivalent of ‘property tax’ in the U.S.), water bills over six years ago which are both unconstitutional and on top, our seeming authorities are actually all COMPANIES with NO authority.

They have been deceiving us for decades with their FALSE NAMES just like that Rockefeller Medicine
deceiving us with names (of ‘illnesses’ when our bodies are actually trying to fix the problems) and sell us poison, and have been stealing our health, wealth, freedom & rights on top of poisoning us through various means.

You see, they are SO powerful because We the Sheople KINDLY giving their power over to those criminals.

There, “our power” is obviously our money and vote, as well as us just believing that they are our authority and kindly and blindly without checking their authenticity, acknowledging their power over us.

That’s why you go to their Kangaroo Court
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which I never did because they couldn’t show me any counter evidence to prove that they are genuinely real court at all.

I also started refusing to pay various FAKE traffic ‘fines’ a few years back, and I simply presented them my side of evidence and demanded them (incl. ‘Victoria Police’ the Company,
‘Magistrates Court of Victoria’ the Company, which is under the ‘Department of Justice’ where there’s NO JUSTICE,
with ABN = Australian BUSINESS Number = Company
’Sheriff’s Office’ the Company)
to show me some verifiable and sufficient COUNTER evidence to prove they are genuinely legitimate Governments and/or Governmental bodies.

That’s why I never went to court when any of these traitors tried to drag me there, cause they are all COMPANIES with NO jurisdiction!!
Would you go if a Company named Kmart tells you that they’re holding a court hearing and you must come? You’d laugh at them, right? That’s our reality now.

’Supreme Court’ in Victoria is just a Business Unit 19
Needless to say, not just Victoria
’High Court’ is of course, a Company, too
And not just Australia but others like in the U.S.

And it’s not just ‘Department of Justice’ but everything under our FAKE ‘Governments’ are all COMPANIES!!

So, please fight back along with me to regain OUR world.
We’ve got to stop giving our power to them and tell them that we know they are traitorous criminals!!

See my blog articles to learn how to fight back:

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REFUSE paying ridiculous so-called Traffic Fines which are absolutely UNCONSTITUTIONAL and in plain language, are simply a THEFT!! - ‘Parking Tickets’

Another “Notice of Demand” to the FAKE ‘Local Government’ which is a COMPANY

FAKE ‘Police officers’ intimidating an innocent citizen AGAIN

and realize those criminals have POWER over us BECAUSE YOU ARE GIVING YOUR POWER TO THEM!!

So everybody should simply STOP giving their power to them, then they will collapse.

Also, and if you don’t have the courage and/or time to fight back like I do, say the Secret everyday with genuine emotion of joy and gratitude!!

[REVISED] SECRET - Let’s defeat them all!!
And tell everybody you know!!
If many people are aware of what’s really happening, we must be in the midst of a revolution, but we’ve got to have a peaceful one like my battle.

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And we’ve got to stop 5G, another means of them killing many more when we’re already getting zapped QUINTILLION TIMES MORE than 10 years ago. And that is EIGHTEEN ZEROs after one.


Time to wake up, Sheople… LONG DUE!!

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