Wednesday, June 20, 2018

[REVISED] We’re under BEYOND RECKLESS Boiling Sky!?

Amazing revelation from Patrick Roddie!! I thought…
Simply watch this video, everyone.

Boiling the sky

Published by Patrick Roddie originally but I can’t find it. Seems got deleted.
It had the URL to see those images in the description but it’s gone.

Above was uploaded by Reverend Galileo on June 19, 2018, that says:

Patrick Roddie* - Our skies are being boiled with massive amounts of directed energy, superheating the atmosphere beyond 100º Celsius and forming massive plumes of steam all across the globe, satellite images proved today.
(end copy & paste)

And that * URL unfortunately shows:
Oops! That page can’t be found.

They don’t want you to read the original description maybe??
Anyway, it is shocking if this is true, and we’ve really got to fight back those traitors just like I’ve been.

Supplemental Information
I asked Patrick about the URL to see those images, and he kindly replied and VOILA!

To see those colors/temperature, you change the “(P)roduct” to
BAND 13: 10.3 μm (“Clean” IR Longwave Window Band)
which is the fourth, above “GeoColor (CIRA)”.
I don’t know how to turn the globe to see the other side, but see it for yourself.

And then, I found something which Patrick probably didn’t notice first.
I opened that page myself,
and saw these images,

Looks horriffic, right?
SHOCKING!! I thought, and then looked at the Antarctica area…
Yeah, showing RED which is 70C…
Wait a minute!
I see “ - “ (MINUS) there
meaning this site cunningly used the color to make us think it’s hotter, but it was actually COLDER!

And yet, I wonder why the temperature is not even…
Can someone fill me in here?

And while I thought people could get the heat underneath, now I wonder if they get chilled below those red to black spots even for a few minutes or however long that could influence? Or is that totally natural??

At any rate, it is a known fact that they’ve been altering our weather worldwide by spraying toxic chemtrails and using very harmful HAARP and HAARP like antenna facilities.

So, I was saying that we’ve gotta fight back like I did, and that is still valid.
And if you don’t have courage and time, say the Secret at least

as many times as you can, with genuine emotion of joy and gratitude and tell others!!

Save above image, print it out, make copies and give everyone you know.
Also, put that up in your house here and there, and say it overtime you see it.

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