Wednesday, June 13, 2018

I am NOT impressed with that “flat earth” bit at all, but this video is very intriguing.

I uploaded these (the ones with JP subtitles) on my JP blog last year and now I realized that I didn’t show you here, so

No mountains or forests on earth1of2

No mountains or forests on earth2of2

Original is this, but as I wrote in the title of this article, I’m not agreeing with that ‘flat earth

I actually SHIVERED when it showed Mt. Everest.
And I remembered when I went to Sequoia National Park years ago in the winter and saw the second biggest tree (I think it was) in the world and I was actually SCARED.

Also I remembered when I visited ruins in Belize and Guatemala, and I did climb one of those “mesa” surrounded by (our version of) forest. It was an amazing site. Anyway, I don’t know if what this guy is telling is what actually happened or not, but if it was, it shows yet another example of us being lied to.


Oh, today I don’t attach the regular bit about “Secret”, but please keep saying it everyday!
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