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Amazing!! How GULLIBLE ‘We the SHEOPLE’ are - Tommy Robinson ‘arrested and jailed’? Quite likely, it’s a STAGED arrest to waste time, energy and possibly money of ‘SHEOPLE” while hiding the real issue & solution from them

I never heard about this guy, but someone told me this activist in the U.K. named Tommy Robinson got arrested and sent to jail. So I checked on the internet and found some articles and videos,

Tommy Robinson Arrested Outside UK Court, Jailed For 13 Months As Judge Orders Orwellian Media Blackout
by Tyler Durden
Sun, 05/27/2018 - 13:43

Above had a list of ‘defendants’ all Arabic names.
Are they real to begin with?
Is it part of their operations to smear Muslims by any chance?
Another one,

Breaking: Tommy Robinson Arrested, Jailed for 13 Months
By Micaiah - May 26, 2018

had a couple of videos:

Orwellian Police arrest Tommy Robinson for journalism 25.5.2018

It says, “The UK is an Orwellian police state”
UK Government is actually a COMPANY
as I’ve been telling you, and they’ve been doing whatever they please. And this activist doesn’t even know that!????? when there are SO MANY ordinary citizens (strangers), when I tell them, “Governments are Companies” and they say, “Yes, they are!” even when they don’t know the fact such as ‘Commonwealth of Australia’ is registered as a Company with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as shown above!

Also, there are quite a few who come up to me, seeing the signs on my car, and they tell me that they “KNOW this” i.e. Governments are Companies FRAUD along with chemtrails. And yet, this activist and founder of whatever, doesn’t even know that??

And that video also states,

“We the people must write to our MPs, elect those whom will reapersent us and most of all attend Speakers Corners on Sunday and other events across the UK!”

Now, you tell me.
When all our Governments are Companies and so-called politicians who are traitorous fraudulent actors are merely performing a drama everyday to deceive us, how can such action help us!???

We the SHEOPLE got to realize that us giving them our power (money and vote) is the biggest mistake of all!! And yet, these activists and YouTube channels are hiding that!! You’ve gotta think WHY.

On top, as you can see, he was using his mobile (cell phone) to videotape this and then, they tell us that he was getting arrested, and yet, the FAKE police doesn’t confiscate his phone for a long time!! Not only that, whoever had his phone kept videotaping to the end of this drama!! and how can you tell that the FAKE ‘police got it’!? when it’s actually SO clear that the FAKE female police officer took it off Robinson’s hand but she’s not holding it shortly after i.e. she gave it to Robinson’s friend!!

Yes, it’s a matter of fact, I’d say it was actually this George, Tommy Robinson’s friend who got Tommy’s phone because when Robinson says, “Please George, get me a solicitor” at around 3:13, Robinson is looking straight into the mobile!! Is that what happens when a police confiscate your phone!??


This is absolutely a LIE and many cannot even see it!??
And the other video on that page,

Tommy Robinson Sent to Prison
Lauren Southern

And this girl, either she’s a fool or working with this Tommy guy,
talking about he “will die” in prison, trying to stir up people’s emotion as usual saying things like, “I started crying”,
oh really!?

Around 3:17, she says
“…he had everything taken away, his cell phones, all of that…”
Oh, really!?

and she also uses such term like “radical islam
What is she selling here??

I posted my comment on each above.
Luckily I keep record of my comments.

Tommy Robinson Sent to Prison

I wrote, replying to:

+GBLynden's RC
UK Government, along with so many countries' Governments are NOT Governments but COMPANIES!!
And all so-called truth seekers or fighters are NOT fighting the battle in the RIGHT WAY like I've been. That's why.
It is a BIG mistake to go to their court to begin with BECAUSE they are NOT real Court but a COMPANY therefore, they can do anything to punish you.
I never go to court. When they tried to drag me to court, I just showed them my side of evidence and DEMANDED THEM any verifiable counter evidence to say that they are real Government/-al bodies, and THEY HAVE NOTHING TO SHOW.
Therefore, they have NO AUTHORITY over anybody UNLESS you stupidly BELIEVE they are your Governments. They are fooling the world, so it's time for you all sheople to WAKE UP AND FIGHT BACK!!
See "My Battle Against..." articles.

at 17:19 28MAY18

When I checked it on Monday, it was still there.
It’s still there now, but buried with so many other comments, so nobody will probably get to read it. Anyway, I took a photo of it on Monday, so I can show you later, when I fix some problem I’ve got - probably another destruction the criminals have been causing me to have. And on the other one,

Orwellian Police arrest Tommy Robinson for journalism 25.5.2018

Replying to NonLocalYokel, I wrote

You should be ashamed that you're fooled and you don't know it.
All our so-called Governments are actually all COMPANIES,
therefore they have NO AUTHORITY over anybody UNLESS YOU stupidly BELIEVE that they are their Government, police, sheriff, court etc.
Check out my blog, especially "My Battle Against..." articles. I started REFUSING to give my power to them, by stop paying rates, water bills, ridiculous traffic fines, showing them my side of evidence, and DEMANDING them to show me verifiable and sufficient counter evidence to say that they are real Governments/-al bodies and they have NOTHING AT ALL.
We the SHEOPLE need to WAKE UP and fight back in the right way!! Tell others. And remember, the biggest mistake is that we GAVE OUR POWER (money and vote), especially the latter, our POLITICAL power/responsibility to others.

at 17:25 28MAY!8

And you know, YouTube doesn’t allow me to copy and paste at all, therefore, I had to type all URLs manually! :O(

And the latter, once published was already deleted when I checked some minutes after. i.e. that Symposium who uploaded that video quite likely deleted it because they don’t want people to know this Governments are Companies FRAUD and the fact, that we can win using that fraud of theirs.

How interesting! It (the latter) was still there (Wed 30th afternoon), but also buried with so many others. Also, I’m not sure if it shows after I log out from YouTube… because that’s what happens many a time. They show me my comment while I’m logged in, but after I logged out, it’s not there i.e. others cannot see it at all.

Anyhow, I also saw this video,

Douglas Murray on Tommy Robinson (and the Establishment)

I don’t know this Douglas Murray guy at all, but what he is doing there is to repeat the official lie of evil Islam fundamentalists and evil ISIS while ISIS was actually created by CIA, MI6 et al.

So, this stupid fuss about ‘Tommy Robinson arrested’ is actually helping the real criminals. And so many followers without a brain to think to join their protest with hash-tag ‘free Tommy’ and possibly donate for the cause.

I have not even a single drop of sympathy to this activist at all.
Even if they tell us that he unfortunately died in prison, it’ll be like that Saddam execution drama. Also I guess it’s better for them to keep him alive and make him feed all sorts of lies and destruct SHEOPLE.

So, it means we’ve gotta wake up many followers of this story to the ugly reality, that they are actually getting fooled further, which is not easy because their emotion blocks their eyes and ears. And think why someone like me who’s been fighting against these traitorous criminals don’t become popular.

Yes, this kind of FAKE Government’s agents get so popular, and yet many still don’t know what I’ve been saying and doing to topple the rotten criminals. That itself should tell you something. When someone become so popular and well known, you’d better think twice.

By showing us this unreasonable arrest, they are also trying to make us believe that ‘we cannot do anything’, and if you do something, you’d get arrested like him while there IS a real effective solution/action(s) that you can take as I’ve been showing you. Here again, they’re simply trying to stir up fear in our mind towards them who are actually SO SCARED OF US.

Anyhow, gather some courage and time to fight against the traitors like I do, instead of joining their FAKE and USELESS protests as that page towards the bottom, “RELATED ARTICLES  MORE FROM AUTHOR” kindly suggested, and don’t forget to say the Secret as usual,

Illuminati has perished.
Many have woken up fully, and now we’ve got a seriously decent, fair,
just & peaceful world.

with real emotion of joy and gratitude, and tell others!

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