Wednesday, May 9, 2018

5G is GENOCIDE!! - Listen to Barrie Trower, the former UK Military, Intel & Electromagnetic WEAPONS Expert

When will you stop trusting FAKE authorities who have been committing shocking crimes upon us one after another over decades if not centuries?

As I told you in the past, I’ve been getting affected by our neighbors’ Smart POISONOUS Meters. I’ve made a Faraday cage around my bed to protect me. When making it, I went to a hardware shop to buy chicken wires, which ended up bird cage wires
with some help from a man working there, who was I believe an electrician.

He knew about the issue and knew about Faraday cage, and he kindly checked the power and frequency of Smart TOXIC Meter to figure out which wire would block the emission.

It took weeks and weeks for me to build it cause I have other things to do and so forth, and the first time I slept in there, it worked perfectly and I slept without that horrible metallic noise in my brain after a long, long time.

But after that, it changed.
I was and am still getting horrible above mentioned noise along with headaches which could be really, really bad, ear ache, pain in my eye/s and even pain in the chest! Not constantly but on and off, and yet it’s not good.

I also got weird lump on my tongue,
I got some residue of Bicarb-soda on my mouth there, which helped in deleting it. See? Never get Rockefeller Medicine’s toxic ‘medicine/treatment’ ever.

Anyway, I believe that our neighbors’ Smart POISONOUS Meters are responsible.

And here, the fact is, that our FAKE authorities, i.e. traitorous criminals and their underlings change its frequency and/or power from what they publicly told us. i.e. Those traitors in the fraudulent Companies LIE to us constantly.

You should know that by now, and you should question when they tell us that ‘5G is safe’ because it is NOT. Listen to Barrie Trower, though I’m not sure about this Richie guy who says that FAKE truther David Icke is his friend,

William Cooper Speaks On David Icke

I say this not just because Bill Cooper said so, but that was definitely the impression I personally got when I went to listen to Icke years ago when he came to Melbourne. Anyway, just listen to what Barrie tells us.

Barrie Trower 5G Will Devastate Humanity But Those Behind It Are Above The Law!

It is very interesting and dreadful, around 13 minutes into is, Barrie says

“…by using Government figures, WHO figures, secret figures, I proved that in just three generations, 60 years of human life, only…of the exposed populations, only one in eight children after three generations could be born healthy.”


“…that experiment showed that entire species of animals, entire species can be extinct in five generations.

“…after five generations, for some animals, they could become extinct EXCEPT, and this is interesting, except bacteria and viruses, They seem to proliferate and grow and become more deadly in microwaves.”

Here, I remember that fact in what “Dr. Mary’s Monkey

and Dr. Tent, along with Dr. Horowitz were telling us

where they told us that they were mutating, reversing and whatever with their viruses to make them worse and nastier by radiating and so forth.

I used to think that cockroaches are the ones who survive anything in the future, but it was NOT roaches which the criminals vilified in order to make us buy more and more pesticide to kill us slowly, but viruses and bacterium which survive the deadly EM rays while they kill us all!!

And if you haven’t watched this one below (on WiFi mainly), DO watch it now.

Barrie Trower - We Are Destroying The Planet

Those traitorous criminals - especially Kevin Rudd,
(See his smile when Murdoch told him that he was going to be the next PM)

installed WiFi in all schools including primary (elementary) schools here in Australia when my daughter was Grade 6. She was getting thirsty, headache, and even rash. I got worried, came to know what Barrie was saying, and wrote to the principal of the secondary school she started going and attached some videos in CD-ROM.

He ignored everything and did nothing.
Even now, or more so now, I simply despise him who went up the ladder, and I absolutely agree with Barrie, and believe he should go to jail for the rest of his life along with others because she, along with quite a few of her friends, their menstrual cycle is messed up. I didn’t allow the criminals to give her that shocking cocktail of poison called ‘Cervical cancer/HPV vaccines’ which have been making so many girls and women infertile and yet, she was damaged with WiFi the weapon to some extent. DISGUSTING CRIME by itself, I should say.

Now, as if it’s not bad enough, and as I’ve been telling you, they are adding the finishing touch and are going to introduce another weapon called 5G to kill many of us if not all. We simply have got to stop it, folks, by stop giving them our power and telling them that they are committing shocking crimes upon us i.e. THEY are the criminals!!

It is a great shame that Barrie doesn’t seem to know the Governments are Companies FRAUD and Illuminati’s agenda to kill the majority of us if not all, as they depicted on Georgia Guidestones.
At any rate, we’ve got to seriously topple our rotten and FAKE, criminal ‘Governments’ - we need a powerful (but peaceful) revolution NOW, and don’t forget to say below with real emotion of joy and gratitude as many times everyday

Illuminati has perished.
Many have woken up fully, and now we’ve got a seriously decent, fair,
just & peaceful world.

and spread the word far and wide URGENTLY!!

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