Friday, February 2, 2018

WiFi / EMF Refugees - What Being Electromagnetic Hypersensitive is like

Wonder how many people (or rather sheople) remember the summer in the past was like. You know, after the Australian Open, they didn’t enhance the sun’s heat by spraying chemtrails and it got really cool or rather cold for me, and I’ve been using a woolen blanket on top of doona at night, actually THREE NIGHTS in a row now, and I am wearing a woolen jumper inside the house because it’s seriously cold, though it’s pretty warm in the sun outside.

It does get hot in a car, but the air is really COLD.
I should say it’s very easy to fool sheople.
They don’t seem to think or remember what it was like.

Yes, I also wonder how many sheople remember whether if we had any rain in the summer!?
I’d say I don’t recall any summer in the past (before they started spraying big time) with such rain we got this January.

But they would probably think that’s because it’s VICTORIA here…
Thanks to the weather modification and I even wonder if they manipulated all our tools to measure temperature. I know I sound crazy but these criminals ARE actually super crazy and they DO have power to carry out various manipulation.

I mean, when I feel it’s below 18C, my little thermometer shows it’s over 20.
Also when I’m freezing cold in places like a library and ask them to turn down the air-conditioning, they’d say that they set it for 22C, but it feels like a lot less than that. They knew they were going to lie about this global warming YEARS AGO, so they could have messed up with all kinds of things. I wonder if there is any way to find out, for example, if my thermometer is accurate or not to begin with.

BTW, some people on the road DO see my signs,
One young guy was laughing out loud looking at that “Speed doesn’t kill..” he must have loved it. And someone in his 40’s was reading the quote of Mark Twain and nodding seriously. Another was a passenger in a car, and he even turned around after his car passed mine, to read further. Yes, people DO have questions, so they ARE wondering, which is a start.

Recently I watched “They Live” of John Carpenter, the Illuminati’s underling.
And I thought it’s actually and already our reality…
Instead of saying “follow”, they say “obey” deliberately,
in order to make us MORE & MORE OBEDIENT.
and I wonder how many are aware of this reality…and say “NO”
Anyway, about EHS, I showed you a trailer of a documentary, made last year

“GENERATION ZAPPED” Screening in Oakleigh

in which Prof. Olle Johansson with whom I’m in touch says that the amount of electromagnetic radiation we’re getting compared with 10 years ago is like, quintillion times more and that is eighteen zeros after one.


I think I told you that I get metallic noise in my brain 24/7 ever since they installed Smart POISONOUS Meters in our neighborhood EVEN THOUGH we don’t have one. I put the padlock,
and various notices,
I use that description “metallic noise in my brain” because it’s different from “ringing in ears” that I experienced a few times long, long time ago.

Anyhow, some people are hypersensitive to these microwave weapons and have been suffering a lot.

Recently I saw this short documentary, and I’d like to share it with you.
One thing I’d like to point out is that they don’t seem to talk about the Smart POISONOUS Meters, and I wonder how many more are suffering like these people now due to them which have been installed everywhere.

Searching for a Golden Cage 2014


What is an EMF Refugee?

Australian Media Reports on Wi-Fi Risks

I’d like to point out from what that young lady Dafna is saying, it seems anyone could become electromagnetic hypersensitive any day. Also I remember Barrie Trower was saying that EM radiation damages your immune system, can cause depression etc. and I even speculate that those who don’t get any apparent symptom could get health damage.

I might have mentioned about a nurse I met on a train, and she told me about the horrific increase of cancer, brain tumor and so forth in recent years, and I am certain that the Smart POISONOUS Meters are contributing to it along with other microwave weapons and so many other toxins such as fluoride,
agrochemical, herbicide,
GMO, and chemtrails.

We’ve got to stop all these and turn everything around.
So, as usual, please fight back the traitors in the Companies calling themselves ‘Government’ like I do (See “My Battle Against…” articles). And if you don’t have time or courage to do so, please say below everyday
Illuminati has perished.
Many have woken up fully, and now we’ve got a seriously decent, fair,
just & peaceful world.

with real emotion of joy and gratitude and tell others!!


Anonymous said...

I have been researching into using Don and Carol Croft's "HHG's and TB's" to take out the DOR that is generated by cellphone towers and other look alikes. This orgone is for real (look up Wilhelm Reich), it's not to be taken lightly! I was getting the materials ready to make a chembuster, I was itching to try it but didn't have the apoxy resin to set it in. I had the 1/2 inch copper pipes and quartz crystals and a plastic bucket. I did not have it grounded because seriously I didn't think it would work at all. So, I took some plastic bags and stuffed them in the bucket around the pipes and crystals (I didn't have copper wire wound around the crystals in a clock wise configuration either). Using more plastic bags near the top, I twined the bags so as to keep the pipes from touching each other. This was NOT hooked up to any electrical outlet. I grounded it incorrectly, I used some wire and just stuck it in the bucket not touching the copper pipes- just the plastic bags and let the end of the wire drag on the floor. I thought I set it up where nobody would touch it. Murphy's law reared his ugly head yet again- my DH went to get something and bumped it. He then touched it with his hand to upright it and got shocked severely- but it was not an electrical shock, it must have been 'negative' orgone energy (or positive?) from the thing not being grounded right! He is recovering somewhat, and I feel terrible about what happened, I truly did not think it would do that otherwise I would have told him to not touch it!

So, if you do these right, apparently you can neutralize the bad energies we and the entire planet are being subjected to if you use TB's and HHG's. There are instructions on and to show how to make these as well as chembusters. Just watch out with chembusters if you make them make sure they are grounded with the copper wire wound around the pipes and stuck into the ground, these energies are not to be fooled with.

Jenny M. said...

Oh, almost forgot! These HHG's and TB's are supposed to be effective against any and all bad 'energies' out there including EMR from wifi (or die fi as I like to call it), dumb meters and the like. There is something to the way you wind the copper in a clockwise direction, if you look up energies that use this 'cooling' force such as the brilliant research of Viktor Schauberger and his trout turbine engine, he says that the clockwise direction is an 'implosive' force and a creative one, not a destructive counter clockwise 'heating' force. He had designed an implosion engine which was the opposite of the centrifuge, where instead the energy was drawn into the center. Many ancient societies knew this hence the 'feminine' swastika. Occult forces used the opposite one for destructive purposes. Even just 'rotating' the water back and forth vigorously causes the water to become energized.

Here are some links: (how to make your water taste better, try a blind taste test it works!) I used a deep pitcher and a wooden spoon to mix my water by hand.
This shows you how to make orgone generators and other things like TB's and HHG's.

Instead of just reading about the planned destruction, it's much more fun to do something positive about it. :)