Sunday, January 28, 2018

Where is your determination?

Long ago, I was volunteering for the environment.
In retrospect, many of those heroes that I looked up to could have been agents and I could have become their underling cause they really appreciated my skills etc and telling me to join them all the time.

Anyhow, I specifically supported groups that were dealing with the rainforest/deforestation issue, and with some knowledge I acquired then, I could easily tell one of the lies related with the Global Warming Swindle.

After 9/11, I joined a local peace group
where I encountered a few agents and this was the first experience of me
seeing such criminals with full awareness real time, of their real motivation. There are seriously so many agents especially among the left because lefties are the ones who tend to take actions. Therefore they need to mislead them, divide them and destroy their movement. This is simply our reality.

Anyhow, shortly after I realized that the official story of 9/11 was a pack of lies.
And that’s when I was not invited to various rallies and protests any more, where I used to speak, sing etc in front of the crowds. More agents, that means. They don’t want their participants to find out the truth.

So ever since then, I’ve been a lone wolf, printing my fliers starting with 9/11 to Global Warming Swindle, vaccine fraud, Governments are Companies fraud and so forth, costing me hundreds of dollars over the years, handing them out, along with holding documentary film showing at various venues including the State Library in Melbourne which cost me hundreds of dollars due to that Zionist fraudulent business called ‘insurance’ on top of the hire.

Nobody helped me.
I’ve got no sponsor, and I’ve been paying every cent for all these years out of my pocket in order to spread the truth, their horrific crimes, and wake up more. And I’ve been writing so many articles on this blog along with my JP blog, spending a lot of my time and energy.

Then here comes this person, asking me to help with her speeding fine.
I’ve written many articles on Governments are Companies fraud and my battle, and I helped her before when she needed to confront with her local government, the Company. She didn’t follow through, but this time, she wanted to fight against the FAKE police.

So I fixed my “Notice of Demand” to make it as a sample so that everybody can use it by altering it to suit their case, along with providing all kinds of images so that she can attach to her notice.

Then she wanted to see me and eventually decided to come to my area rather than me spending gasoline/petrol to go to her place. Before we met up, I sent a mail and told her that everything costs money. My time, well as they say time is money. If I print out anything for her, I’d use my printer which would use ink, and eventually needs some maintenance job i.e. replacement of this and that, paper, etc. That’s why she decided to come to our area. And I asked her what kind of question she had and if she read through all what I sent out. She ignored those questions and never answered. Later, I found out the answer was “No”.

Anyway, when I met up with her, I basically found out that she wanted me to help her print out the file I sent her, and help her fix it to suit her case. IMHO, that’s what SHE SHOULD DO. I’m NOT her secretary.

And, she said this sort of thing should be for free. i.e. somebody like me, a genuine truther should share the information I’ve found or figured out with everybody for free, while she actually paid tens of dollars to that bunch of agents at CLRG to be their member, and even bought their USB with “lots of information” though I wonder how much of that she ever used… So she paid to the agents but she expects things from me all free.

BTW, Common Law Resource Group. Peter Gargan, Darryl O’Brien, Kelvin Granger and so forth are all FAKE Government’s agents teaching us about the Constitution and basic laws and even though I did learn a lot from them, BUT they never tell us the real effective way to fight back. Instead, they teach us those things and encourage us to go and fight at court when all the courts are actually all COMPANIES therefore that’s where they find you guilty and make you pay!

Anyhow, instead of working as her secretary, I decided to teach her how to use the computer so that she can do these things herself (FOR FREE), so that she’d have autonomy… so that she wouldn’t have to rely on anybody.

You see, that’s what it is. Each one of us has to be a leader, and has to be responsible! Our world has got this rotten because we give our responsibility to somebody else, along with our power!! Thats how we’re now suffering from the consequence of our wrong action. So I see this importance of YOU being in charge of your own matter.

But she simply got angry and said, “That’s not what I want. I have better things to do! It was waste I came here” so I was like, “OK, please yourself. Pay your fine or get your license cancelled” in my mind.

You see, she needs to write this “Notice of Demand” and then, “Notice of Fault” + “Notice of Default” and she’s got a few other cases that she needs to work on. And I’m NOT going to help her as her secretary.

Besides she complained about me telling her about so many agents everywhere. However, unless you understand that reality, you will repeatedly get deceived and mislead, and we can never win.

The thing is that, she usually asks a woman at her community center to do such a job which has been closed for this man-made summer holiday.
Can you see that woman is actually GETTING PAID by someone (could be by her CRIMINAL & FAKE local government) to do such a job. But there then, she expected me to just do it like that.

I don’t think she understood what I meant at all, but anyhow I’ve already done what I could do for her, and that was for free, and yet I didn’t even hear a “Thank you for sending me information” at all to begin with. And I was supposed to do more as a secretary?? Is it fair, you think?

Another one, who asked me to teach him how to fight.
In order to see him, I had to go to the city even though I could do some other things there.

After the talk, he kindly offered me a coffee or something so I asked for a donation.
And he was a bit surprised, “I need to pay!?”

Well, he gave me $10.00 which didn’t even cover the cost of the gasoline but I didn’t complain. As a matter of fact, for this meeting, I parked my car in the area under this SUPER GREEDY but FAKE local government, so I got a so-called parking fine, of which saga still continuing. I don’t complain about that either. I just fight the traitors.
At any rate, when these people ask me how to fight via email, I gladly help them for free using my precious time and energy, cause I want more and more to join this fight when I’ve already proved that they are all COMPANIES and they have NO COUNTER EVIDENCE to say that they are real Governments/Governmental bodies.

Yet I wonder, WHY DO PEOPLE THINK I should do everything for free??

Another one who was fighting for his traffic fines,
apparently had a court hearing and he lost. He said he questioned their jurisdiction but I wonder ON WHAT GROUND? Because I don’t think he told them that they are all COMPANIES in their face, i.e. they have NO AUTHORITY. I assume he was just following the advise of those FAKE GOV’s agents at CLRG, and I know some others who did that and lost.

Also, long ago I told him that magical phrase


But he forgot about it & he didn’t say it.
So, as expected, he lost and paid his fine by community work.
He seemed to think that it was OK because he didn’t pay money but by work.

Well, I’d say he needs to face the fact that he lost BECAUSE he forgot to say something VERY IMPORTANT so that he won’t make the same mistake in the future.

He also said that we the people should get together and help each other, and yet he didn’t let anyone know about his hearing, so we couldn’t support him, or me remind him about that magical phrase.

Yeah, everyone is not perfect, people forget things, contradict themselves and so forth but I wonder what about YOU making some effort!?? and

Where is your determination to fight against the traitors and beat Illuminati for our future!???

I thoroughly understand Bill Cooper’s frustration.
And yet, I will continue, mostly FOR FREE even though I have to pay all out of my tiny pocket. But everybody’s got to do their bits!!

TBH, I really hate it when somebody says to me, “Well done, keep up your good work!” because he/she should do their bits just like I do. I cannot do everything for everybody. Everybody needs to realize that THEY have to do their share.
So, I say to them, “Well, please do your bits!”

If you’re genuinely serious, you should refuse to give them your power (=money & vote) to make those puppets collapse for eternity. And if you don’t have time or courage to do that, simply say below with REAL emotion of gratitude and joy as many times as you can everyday,

Illuminati has perished.
Many have woken up fully, and now we’ve got a seriously decent, fair,
just & peaceful world.

and show me that you are truly serious to beat them.
Don’t stay silent.

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