Monday, January 15, 2018

Incredibly COLD summer down here in Victoria & Another victim of Gardasil, the cocktail of poison

Once in several days, they spray chemtrails to
enhance the sun’s HEAT
to make sheople keep believing their global warming LIE
, and yet, other days are COOL to COLD. And these days, it’s been seriously cold!! Day before yesterday, I even put on the heater!!

When we went out driving to a country town a few days ago, cold rain was making this cocky shivering…
Poor thing.
I don’t remember having such rain in the summer in the past AT ALL.
On the way back, we dropped by a shopping center, of that EVIL Frank Lowy so actually I shouldn’t go there…and I saw someone wearing a coat for the winter, seriously!! Also a rainbow,
As usual, there are chem-clouds in the sky

A video I recently watched says it, though it seems this guy thinks it’s rather
Ice Age than cooling,

Baby Elephants Freeze, Record Snows Switzerland, Record Cold Australia (500)

Anyway, I wonder when so many sheople realize that they were lied to.
Same thing I want to say about vaccine fraud when seeing another victim in the U.S.


VAXXED interview, a few years back below

VaxXed Stories: Colton in Utah

Colton seems a real nice young man.
Rusty of didn’t say what was the cause of his death.
Could be yet another [Rockefeller Medicine]’s poison’s so-called
side effect

His mother says that the doctor was her GP for years and she still trusts him - at least apart from vaccines. i.e. she doesn’t realize the entire thing is a fraud excluding some case like car accident injury etc. She and so many sheople need to realize that it is a religion and not based on real science that is not bought by money. Anyway,

R.I.P. Colton!!

This idea of “prevent infectious disease with vaccine” itself is a lie!!
Jenner was a Mason! Don’t you remember this case?
Millions given infected polio vaccine
By Gary Hughes
October 23, 2004

As the article says, same thing happened in some other countries like in the U.S.
They deliberately poisoned their citizens!!
Nowadays, they are hiding poison in so-called “additives” and making so many sick, autism to various symptoms that we never heard before, including death like SIDS. They’ve been making up names to hide their crime.

Somewhere in this blog or in my JP blog, I showed this before,
Can you see there??

In fact, 95 percent of everyone who is exposed to the natural polio virus won’t exhibit any symptoms, even under epidemic conditions

Only few gets polio out of that rest, 5%.
Same with this HPV vaccine fraud as I’ve been saying for years!!
I found above on Glaxo SmithKline’s JP site. GSK makes Cervarix, equivalent of Merck’s Gardasil.

Only a fraction of the population get sick, therefore, as I’ve been saying,
virus is NOT the cause of such illnesses. What they’ve got in their body, poison, mineral imbalance, way of life, what they eat, how they sleep, how much stress they’ve got and so forth combined with some virus will make them end up having some illness.

They LIED there at the very bottom, so that they can sell poison into our bodies. They are using and abusing our emotion and caring mind there again. They are selling poison into our bodies, so that some will die, some will get sick and will become their customer for them to sell more poison!!
This video I put the JP sub says it very well.

Illuminati — Secret Covenant

Also, a JP pediatrician Dr. Taneki Mori said it very well.
He said, children are to get germs and get sick, and
they train their immune system so that they don’t get serious disease in the future.

That’s what infectious disease is all about.
Yes, there are unfortunate cases, but there is NO GUARANTEE that any vaccine works. That’s the reality.

Ever wonder about that ‘herd immunity’ story??
Bunch of kids are immunized and yours not.
So when your kid goes to them, he/she becomes their threat!???
Well, if the vaccines work all right, they must have NOTHING to worry about, right??

Is your brain working all right?????
I really wonder when so many sheople wake up to this fact.

Anyhow, when you understand Governments are Companies FRAUD, you should wonder why they push this shocking practice, and force us to give our kids toxic shots.

Please fight back against these traitorous criminals as I do, by refusing whatever they demand you to pay, not voting in the way they want you to, demanding them to show you some verifiable counter evidence to say that they are your REAL Government and Governmental body.

And as usual, if you don’t have time or courage to do that, simply say below with REAL emotion of gratitude and joy as many times as you can everyday,

Illuminati has perished.
Many have woken up fully, and now we’ve got a seriously decent, fair,
just & peaceful world.

and TELL OTHERS to STOP Illuminati!!

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