Friday, December 22, 2017

BEWARE of BANDITS on the road this Christmas, especially around Pakenham, Victoria

I was coming home driving the other day from Melbourne, and before I got on the highway, I was stopped TWICE to have that breath test which is making some company which makes those test kits RICHER. I’d love to know how many of the drivers get caught and if they, the criminals can ever present us a proof to say that those driver/s would have cause any accident at all.
I saw this poster thingy on the net before, saying:

Paramedics don’t go look around for sick or injured people.
Firemen don’t go look for arsons.
Then why police go around looking for potential criminal who could be absolute innocent?

Surely, we should wonder why... because they are all somebody’s PROFIT rather than “road safety”.

Anyhow, they had no problem with me cause I didn’t drink anything except coffee.
So I drove on M1 and when I came to the area where that notorious bandits of Pakenham Police the Compay’s territory, I noticed a police car behind me with their Rothschild/Mason lights on flashing. So I stopped my car and wondered why they stopped me because I was NOT speeding or doing anything wrong at all.

After some pause, a young bandit finally came to my window, ordered me to open my window really down, which I refused because it was open enough for us to talk. You see, in the past when I did lower the window really down, the bandit STOLE MY KEY so you never do that!

Anyhow, he said that I “swerved the car almost into the other lane”. And that was an ABSOLUTE BLATANT LIE!! I was driving straight and I was not speeding either. He simply lied and just harassed me, and yet when he found out that I was NOT BUYING HIS LIE AT ALL, he said to me that it was my “privilege” that I can drive on that highway.
So I told him that his constitution says that it’s FREE TO TRAVEL in this country, and it was a PUBLIC ROAD. It was obvious that this so-called ‘law enforcement officer’
who is just a Company employee in reality NEVER READ or STUDIED his own Constitution which is the base of the law of the land!!

He didn’t say anything back to my comment but he couldn’t charge me anything so he returned my driver’s license and told me that I could go after my THIRD breath test of the night.

Above was after 2am so I believe he wanted to use his lie to make me believe that I was not driving OK assuming he could trap me.

Also I had another experience with the so-called Highway Patrol, when the bandit LIED TO ME, saying that I was speeding. This one was during the day, and I was NOT speeding at all. And it was also in Pakenham area.

So I’d say, those bandits calling themselves ‘Victoria Police” have NO PROBLEM lying to you, in order to trap you so that they can charge you FAKE fines. So BEWARE, and be FIRM and refuse buying their lies this holiday season, and always!!
Have a nice break, but keep fighting back everyone!!
and say this everyday with real feelings of gratitude and joy! ;O)
Illuminati has perished.
Many have woken up fully, and now we’ve got a seriously decent, fair,
just & peaceful world.

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