Thursday, November 16, 2017

From a few months back, on HUGE PROTESTS against vaccination in Italy…

I put this up on my JP blog this July and failed to do so on this blog.
Guess you might have heard about it but in case you didn’t, I believe this is very important so here it is,

Protesting against mandatory vaccination all across Italy

They say that they made a worst law in Europe to make vaccination mandatory on June 7, 2017.

6 + 7 = 13

2 + 1 + 7 + 6 + 7 = 23
The culprit, Health Minister

Federico Valerio says, that the problem is Glaxo is in the parliament
and that reminds me of Japanese FAKE politician Akira Matsu’s husband Tomoo Nishikawa,
works in a law firm where they have Glaxo Smith-Klein and Merck among their clients.

Seems this firm is very popular among those criminals

Matsu pushed real hard to sell Cervarix that notorious HPV vaccine of Glaxo.

I just need you to watch the video from Italy, and you’ll see this politician
says many things SO TRUE!!
Wonder if he is aware that Italian Government is also a COMPANY…
Therefore, taking this to the European Court won’t help.

I might have written about this before, but when I was handing out my fliers, I met two very tall and good looking young men
elite and underclass, by Oliver Curry shown on BBC article years ago

in front of the State Library in Melbourne. One of them as he was taking my flier said,

This is my mother!

I happened to run into Illuminati’s underlings’ children! So, I asked him, “Don’t you think it’s so wrong to deceive people and exploit them?” The other one who was not interested in talking to me, briefly said, “I just wanna be rich.” and then the first man, pointing out a homeless on the other side of the road said,

“Homeless are exploiting us too!”

What sort of logic is that!?
Anyhow, I asked them if they had been immunized.
After some silence, the first one opened his mouth and said,

“I’m allergic to needles…”

So, while making it compulsory for us commoners to get vaccinated WITH POISON, Illuminati’s underlings don’t let their children get shots. That itself should tell you that you should do everything to avoid these poisonous jabs especially when we NEVER KNOW what they put in them like,

Millions given infected polio vaccine By Gary Hughes October 23, 2004

Anyhow, back to the Italian protests, I also showed this Update from Dr. Tenpenny,

Update on Forced vaccinations in Italy and France
by Messiah Mews
Published on Jul 9, 2017

Please show these to your friends, families, colleagues etc to wake them up from a shocking religion called vaccination. And as usual, please join me in the battle against the traitors or say below everyday as many times as possible with genuine feelings of joy and gratitude
*Right click and open to a new tab to have it enlarged properly if necessary.

and keep spreading hidden facts far and wide!!

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