Tuesday, November 7, 2017

EMOTION - You’d better be very careful with this trap . STOP being their parrot!!

I had a brief chat with a mother of two small children yesterday, first about the weather, how cold it’s been. And then I started telling her about chemtrails, and she seemed a bit interested and said that her husband is “studying about them” so I mentioned about their official name ‘geoengineering’ based on their ‘Global Warming’ LIE. And I found out that she was one of those who still believe in this LIE unfortunately. And she literally started to run away from me.

That’s what your emotion does.
Blocks your eyes and ears so that you won’t be able to know the facts, the facts deliberately hidden, suppressed or ridiculed.

I’ve written this again and again, but this is the trick these traitorous fraudulent criminals constantly set under the guidance from people like Edward Berneys, the expert of mass psychology = manipulation, brainwashing with propaganda.

Edward Bernays : Father of Brainwashing Mass Propaganda

Some say that lefties will kill us all. I was one of them myself in the past, but yeah, I can see that. They all believe they are doing the right thing but they don’t know how badly misled they are to begin with. When the population’s actually showing decline in many places, especially when Bill and Melinda killing so many in Africa and Asia,

Prince William warns there are too many humans

Following his grandfather’s steps,

So this mother was even telling me, when I asked her why it’s been so cold, that it was “because of the warming”. She doesn’t even realize that she is not making sense at all. Warming is warming. Getting warmer, hot, hotter… and then, why our winters getting colder and colder? It just doesn’t make sense but she was told that, and she chose to believe it BECAUSE she is a good person, and good person should care about the environment.

She has become just another parrot. One of those who simply repeat whatever they are told by the media or the FAKE authorities or seeming experts who are bought by money or brainwashed.

At least I repeated telling her to watch/listen to what Dr. David Evans said,

Dr. David Evans, Carbon Modeler, Says, "You've been had"

but I doubt she would even check that out.
It is really sad but so many good Samaritans, SO HORRIBLY misled and will choke us to death in the very near future BECAUSE their emotion refuses any controversial allegation, they will never check any fact and on top, they actually cannot think for themselves but just like her, would repeat whatever they were told. Many have totally lost their scientific and questioning mind.

This applies with those who deny 9/11 real story, without knowing what kind of people are questioning BIG,

9-11 HELLO! Major Doug Rokke

US Army General Whistle Blower Reveals Facts of 9/11 World Trade Center/Pentagon Attacks

…Melbourne CBD rampage (search in this blog) and so many other false flag operations believers, vaccine/modern medicine believers, fluoride believers,
and the list goes on.

They never examine facts, never try to find out so many REAL experts and citizens are warning us but believe they (including I myself) are crazy, and choose to stay in the dark because that’s easy and comfortable. And same goes with those who says YES to that Same Sex Marriage survey, too. Is it all right with you to make our society like this below? Can you see that they are destroying our children’s foundation and security they need to have as they grow up?

Europe is finished. Nothing can save it now

Like that man says, it’s SO UN-NATURAL and yet those who support it cannot see the criminals real agenda behind the scene because they believe they are doing something good and right. They can never imagine that more people other than heterosexual means less and less children unless you can pay to get extra service to conceive/have a child somehow. And that’s Agenda 21

Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21, Club of Rome

People need to realize that these are no longer (so-called) conspiracy theories but our reality.
As I wrote before, those traitorous criminals of the COMPANIES which are calling themselves ‘Government”, ‘Police’ etc., deliberately increased the number of people other than heterosexual by poisoning us over the years if not for centuries (Remember? Excess copper in boys tend to make them gay and less than minimal copper in girls tend to make them lesbian) - Did you know that nowadays I find COPPER in a bag of chips and AMMONIA in cookies. We’ve gotta ask WHY!? - and then legalizing this Same Sex Marriage on the surface but actually their agenda is to destroy the natural way of life that humans had for centuries along with damaging our children by sexually stimulating them from early stage, as I pointed out before - that’s what that evil think tank Tavistock found and that’s the reason of this national survey.
…After 90 years of research, Tavistock’s main discovery concerns child sexuality. This has a great influence on the development of personality.
Early sex stimulation produces adults whose emotional development is similar to that of a neurotic child.
(end quote)

It is very sad that so many are horribly unaware of what’s really happening.

Anyhow, once you learn the fact of Governments are Companies FRAUD, you should realize that you must think twice of what you were told by them because they are there to constantly LIE to us.

And even with that, I mean I met someone… actually twice, when they understood that fraud, and yet they still said to me that they believe in vaccination. So I said to them that they described it correctly cause they just BELIEVE whatever they were told without knowing many facts which are deliberately hidden. They need to THINK while they, the FAKE authorities deceiving us big time, WHY they are so eager to make vaccination compulsory. Yet, just because they decided to BELIEVE in vaccines, their emotion comes along to block their brain - the proper thinking and questioning system.

As I always say, it is very important to know facts rather than believing in something or somebody. And the majority of people tend to believe and keep believing lies instead of checking any facts.

Also I’d like to advise you, whenever you get emotional or feel anger, beware and examine yourself whether if you are believing something without checking any fact by yourself. This trick is very strong and cunning. Your own emotion seriously block your eyes and ears and you simply refuse whatever laid out in front of you, and you choose to keep BELIEVING whatever you decide to believe.

You see, you chose to believe something or somebody, and that means you feel positive about it/them. So when somebody comes along and tells you the opposite view, you don’t like it. Therefore you get emotional/angry, and flat deny the second theory without checking or examining any fact scientifically.

I remember when I found out that slogan = propaganda of Victoria Police the COMPANY, ‘Speed kills’ is a lie,
Speed doesn’t kill, says Benz
Speed Doesn’t Kill – It’s Official
*It’s actually, “Speed doesn’t kill - Wrong decision could” but they made it sound more horrific. Even without these article, you should be able to realize that ’Speed kills’ is a lie if you think about the Autobahn in Germany or any car race all around the world. If ‘Speed kills’ is true, every driver in such races should be dead by the end of the race. And this is just like that HPV is NOT the cause of cervical cancer as the chart below clearly shows:

and I was telling that to a friend of mine. And straight away, she got angry. She confronted me saying, “But you know young people tend to speed and have horrible accidents!” There, she was just repeating what we were told without real data in our hand. So I explained further, and she eventually calmed down and saw my point. But just like that, your emotion actually protects the criminals’ lies. It helps their agents among us, because they successfully made us LIKE THEM, so many of us cannot see their real figure/motive.

Keep in mind that they are very good at using and abusing our emotion in order to achieve their hideous agenda, therefore you’ve gotta be open-minded all the time, especially when you hear something new, contrary to what you believe.

After all, I’m not sure about this mother ever waking up in the near future, but I had an experience of another person who said he believed in vaccination (on top of above two), who changed his mind fairly recently because he clearly knew our Governments are FAKE. So we’ve just got to keep waking up others by giving them hints. ;O)

As usual, I encourage you to join me in this battle, and if you don’t have the courage to do that, say below everyday as many times as possible.
*Right click and open to a new tab to have it enlarged properly if necessary.

and spread genuine facts far and wide as usual!!

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