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You’ve gotta connect the dots to see the entire picture!! - Various issues now includes Directed Energy Weapons as the cause of California fires

Traitor Malcolm TurnBS is now pushing to make another FAKE law to detain children over 10 years of age for two weeks WITHOUT charge…

Australian plans for child terror detentions cause backlash
6 October 2017

and in Victoria and N.S.W., they want to make euthanasia LEGAL,

Two states to debate voluntary euthanasia bills

What’s happened to people’s brains!???
They never pay attention, never think, hardly ever doubt these criminals properly, and even when they are awake, many don’t do a thing.

As I tried and showed you all these years, tons of so-called ‘terror acts’ are all inside jobs/false flag operations. ALL LIES, everyone. And yet, using that as an excuse, they now want to detain children without charge. I know they are surely and simply SO CRAZY.

And while the real cause and real cure of many illnesses have been hidden or banned, and especially, cancer is NOT a deadly disease* and the truth is that people are getting killed by so-called ’side effects’ of toxic medication and treatment, they want to make another murder legal by calling it ‘euthanasia’.

*Dr. Niwa who woke up to the lie of his occupation after he lost his son to leukemia, or rather the treatment = poison, clearly stated, while he had many patients with cancer, that he never wrote “cancer” in the “Cause of Death” bracket in their Death Certificates. That means, you cannot die from cancer!! and there are real cures like apricot kernels.

So, you’ve got to connect the dots and see the entire picture.

Many people, even when they are awake, it seems they are focusing on just one issue and not paying attention to others, therefore they cannot see the forest. As a consequence, they will get deceived again with something else easily.

Guess it’s better if you know and understand this Governments are Companies FRAUD fully. If you do, you will be skeptic with every move of those traitors and will question their reason, hidden evil agenda of theirs beneath the surface. But for example, people who got swindled into vaccine fraud, tend to go back to another fraud called ‘modern medicine’ of Rockefellers’. Thus they will keep getting swindled and get more poison, and never get cured.

Rockefeller Medicine

We’ve got to stop this idiotic practice by seeing the entire picture clearly.

Let’s go over things and take a look at issues.
It’s going to be very long, so you just pick whatever videos you’re interested or come back again and again to watch more.

My quest started with 9/11, and it’s always there with me.

911 Victim's Father Bob McIlvaine Is On A Quest For Justice

Incontrovertible - New 911 Documentary by Tony Rooke

How they EASILY Rigged the WTC Towers for Demolition

then I came across that Maurice Strong-Al Gore’s ‘Global Warming’ SWINDLE

Dr. David Evans, Carbon Modeler, Says, "You've been had"

Australia PM advisor says climate change a UN-led ruse

which was planned long ago by Club of Rome, as Ann Bressington points out

Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21, Club of Rome

Years ago, I was volunteering for some environmental issue, naming deforestation issue. And Randy Hayes of RAN, Rainforest Action Network repeatedly told me to come join the Rio Summit in 1992!! If I ever did, I assume I would have become their lie spreading machine. I had similar opportunity, being persuaded to become a full time environmental advocate here and there. I used to think those people who were trying to get me in their movement ‘heroes’ but nowadays, I can see many of them were actually Illuminati’s shills, including Dennis Hayes who started the Earth Day.

When I visited him after 1990 Earth Day and asked him if he was going to organize the Earth Day in the following year, he said, “YOU do it!” with a smile. Obviously I didn’t do it but if I listened to such invitation here and there, I would have become Illuminati’s underling without knowing. I’m telling you this now so that you can understand there are many who got swindled into this along with so many FAKE Governments’ agents. Anyhow, those who are not familiar with this Agenda 21,

Agenda 21 For Dummies
by liberalbias100

Australia’s membership is second only to that of the United States
How do you like that?
Ultimately, the one below is good to watch on Agenda 21 which includes Ann’s speech,

Agenda 21 The Depopulation Agenda For a New World Order

And there’s more like,

NASA The End Of Mankind Leaked Depopulation Document https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6RPYT7Mybs

Are you proud that Australian DoD is in it!??
I told you many a time, that Australia is one of the core countries of Illuminati.
Then, onto VACCINE FRAUD, initially with the poison called HPVV/cervical cancer vaccines
99.85% of those who get infected with so-called HPV don’t get this cancer with no treatment or medicine, i.e. your immune system gets rid of it!! And yet they call HPV “cause”. Does that make sense to you!??

and the entire business of immunization/vaccination,

Vaccine Nation Directors Cut Gary Null

which was started by a FREEMASON,

using the decline by the improvement of hygiene and nutrition

Eventually, they seriously started killing people BY THEIR VACCINES,
that is what Bill and Melinda etc have been doing right now.
Or making victims infertile
so that we goym cannot have children, Just like GMO and WiFi etc, electromagnetic weapons do.

I believe everyone on the earth must watch this interview below urgently,

Barrie Trower: Dangers and Lethality of Microwave Technology (2010)

And this short video below was pretty good.
Can you see that guy in the FAKE authority’s side - Ken Karipidis is LYING with no problem?

ABC Catalyst - Wi Fried

Anyhow, once you learn that one of their goals is to kill the majority of us,
many things will be SO simple and clear to see such as,

Everyone must know this before it is deleted - Why is the US Government always hiding it

or more recent,

Beyond Treason

BTW, I wrote about William Lewis died a few years back in,

What voting “YES” to Same Sex Marriage really means - continued from the previous post & Las Vegas shooting = False Flag as usual

and I wrote “I don’t think diabetes can cause stroke”, and then I found that there was more to the illness he had. I’d say, pretty obviously, just like Ted Gunderson, he was poisoned and murdered, though Gary Franchi doesn’t clearly say so for some unknown reason…


You can see William’s filmography here,

William Lewis - IMDb

Again, R.I.P. William!
Your “9/11 in Plane Site” woke up many,

9/11 In Plane Site - Director’s Cut

and another brilliant film,

One Nation Under Siege

from above, the problem of education.

Charlotte Iserbyt - Deliberate Dumbing Down of the World

If you are an avid reader, check her documents here,

And this dumbing down/indoctrinating our youth is really succeeding. I might have mentioned about one girl, whom I showed my flier of Governments are Companies FRAUD, and when I asked her what she thought, she said, “I do not agree with your opinion.” She can’t distinguish facts from opinion!
Another young man, when I explained about the heavy metal toxins and mineral imbalance as the real cause of many issues,
he just denied it without presenting any verifiable, sufficient, and scientific evidence to refute my side of scientific evidence!! He just doesn’t want to see our ugly reality. I can see he is really scared of me because I talk truth. In that way, I’d say he is a coward but I assume this and above girl’s reaction is the result of this fraudulent education i.e. brainwashing, so they have ’successfully’ become obedient workers.

George Carlin - They don’t want thinkers but OBEDIENT WORKERS

Talking about the problem of education, this one is a classic.

Hidden Agenda - Norman Dodd interview

where Norman Dodd tells us that he was told that we’ll never see sound banking ever on the earth, the top of Ford Foundation told him that the US is to merge with Soviet Union (now Russia) i.e. the world becomes one = One World Government = COLLECTIVISM which we see here and there, also that the Carnegie Endowment at the beginning of its operation concluded that there was no more effective means than war to alter the life of entire people which actually, I see the link with the Iron Mountain report, and along with Rockefeller and others, they manipulated the education of history (as a start) and began deceiving the world further more.

As for education, I hope many have seen below…

Who Controls Our Children?

Peg Luksik talks about the “Outcome based education”, which Charlotte Iserbyt wrote,

Who Owns Your Children? (The Dangers of Government as a Parent)

‘Public education’ FRAUD is about dumbing down our children as well as taking parental rights away in order to prepare for the ‘world without war’ - which sounds great but in reality, their version is of course, New World Order, as depicted in the “Report from Iron Mountain”

Iron Mountain ‒ Blueprint for Tyranny
or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NTWTU0D1urY

Oh, and I can’t leave weather modification out of the list,

FRANKENSKIES Full Length Documentary

Chemtrails the Secret War

And now, did you hear that they used DEW - directed energy weapons to cause horrific fires in California?

Drone footage of fire damage in Santa Rosa | Los Angeles Times

Notice this weird phenomena,
While many buildings are totally disintegrated
there are trees with green leaves
And even the glass window is gone!!

And some say this reminds us of the scene from 9/11
2,600~3,000F is 1,426~1,648C.

Evidence of Military Grade EMF Accelerants Used in Sonoma Napa FIRES

and this absolutely weird way of a tree burning INSIDE,

Is it REAL? Tree Burning From the Inside Out

Another interesting thing I found is on this page,
where it says that many people saw lightnings without thunder. And that’s exactly what I witnessed here in July to August, I saw several lightnings not during the day but at night, and didn’t hear any thunder at all. Also, though I was driving, at one moment, my eyes met with one of them and that lightning was very weird because it was not vertical or horizontal, but it was ARCH!!

Of course, it was not a smooth arch but the lines going kind of zigzag, and yet, it was like a rainbow shape.

Remember, this is Austraia.
And July ~ August is WINTER.
And I’d never seen any lightning in the WINTER in the past!!!!!

California Gets Cooked | Fires Created by Microwave Directed Energy Weapon

So I wonder this sort of weird fire = DEW attack may come to this country as well in the near future.

Someone I know pointed out that they would destroy here and there like this, and then build some tall towers, and create their ‘Smart City’. I can’t find it now, but yes, my daughter’s school did have this piece of paper with full of their ideas of our future, with this ‘Smart City’ drawing. Also he told me that there is now, “Agenda 2030” so I’ve gotta check that out.

Anyway, you’ve always got to translate their language.
Just like in George Orwell’s “1984”, everything is upside down.
When the City of Melbourne supports “YES” vote,
when it’s just another COMPANY
you’d better think twice to figure out their REAL AGENDA.

Remember, they are all COMPANIES, therefore they have NO AUTHORITY over us at all!! If they do, that’s YOU who give them that. And you’ve got to stop it NOW.

So, please join me to fight back against these traitorous fraudulent criminals. And if you don’t have courage to do that, say below everyday as many times as possible. We ARE in the movie “Divergent”


and yet, there IS a way to fight back without physical force:
*Right click and open to a new tab to have it enlarged properly if necessary.

and spread far and wide as usual!!

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