Monday, October 9, 2017

What voting “YES” to Same Sex Marriage really means - continued from the previous post & Las Vegas shooting = False Flag as usual

I wrote about this last time,

Yet another Illuminati agenda - Saying “YES” to Same Sex Marriage means you OK’d to teach primary school kids about masturbation!! with NO SAY from their parents & up to FOUR parents on a birth certificate!?

and I would like you to watch a few more videos.

Politicalpostingmumma talks “Safe Schools”

EXPOSING SAFE SCHOOLS IN THE CLASSROOM Part 2 with politicalpostingmumma

When I heard about this “Doctors in Schools” a while ago, I knew it’s with some evil intentions and the first thing I thought about was deliberately finding children with ’mental illnesses’ and start selling them shockingly poisonous psychiatric medicines. Now, with this move to legalize Same Sex Marriage, their agenda obviously includes to make children believe they need to change their sex.

BTW, that Las Vegas shooting is just another False Flag.
It seems there are many questions,

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: Official Story of Las Vegas Shooting Unravels; Physical Impossibility of Lone Gunman Senior Citizen Makes Narrative Ludicrous

16 Questions about the Las Vegas Shooting That Mainstream Media Will Not Ask

but watching this video around 30 seconds is enough.

Mandalay Bay Cab Driver shows flashing lights in Las Vegas

Just wonder Why so many people around the world still don’t learn a thing but keep believing real criminals' blatant lies one after another!?

Please wake up people around you urgently.

Also, super belated but I was shocked that William Lewis who made “9/11 in Plane Site” had passed away 2 years ago at age 47!!

Filmmaker William Lewis passes away at 47

I don’t think diabetes can cause stroke. It must be the that disgusting side effect of

Rockefeller Medicine

R.I.P. William!!

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