Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Yet another Illuminati agenda - Saying “YES” to Same Sex Marriage means you OK’d to teach primary school kids about masturbation!! with NO SAY from their parents & up to FOUR parents on a birth certificate!?

Here in Australia, a survey is going on to see if Australians prefer to make a law to approve Same Sex Marriage officially.

Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey
The Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey is a national voluntary survey to gauge support for legalising same-sex marriage being held in Australia via the postal service between 12 September and 7 November 2017. Unlike electoral voting, which is compulsory in Australia, responding to the survey is voluntary.

I am personally not against Same Sex Marriage in the sense that we should respect their freedom of choice but at the same time, I know they were deliberately created and have been increased by the evil criminals through poisoning us over generations.

Our doctor who works outside of Medicare system cause he woke up to the fraud,
who is very knowledgeable and experienced in nutrition, heavy metal toxins etc told me that boys with excess copper tend to be gay and girls with less than minimal copper you need tend to be lesbian.

Just like many other things, especially when the traitorous fraudulent COMPANY calling themselves ‘Government’ is promoting the move, there is definitely some hidden evil agenda.

A few days ago, I found this flier in my mail box
So I opened their page and I say everybody should read at least four articles on the consequences
preferably before you ever vote, though it’s not valid a survey because the Governments are Companies and they have NO AUTHORITY to conduct any election or survey like this.

Anyway, since my child is much older, I didn’t know that they’ve already started having this Safe Schools education which is simply another brainwashing our kids.

And their page https://www.coalitionformarriage.com.au/gender_identity tells us the result already showing the effect, from the Royal Children’s Hospital, a huge increase of gender dysphoria
What this graph shows is that in the year that Safe Schools was introduced in Victoria, the Royal Children’s Hospital treated six children for gender dysphoria. Six years later, that number was 250.
(end quote)

Wow, it’s like the huge increase of autism, child cancer, child leukemia (due to that Vitamin K vaccine at the birth) and the list goes on!! of weird illness/symptoms that we never or hardly ever heard in the past, and that’s because they were actually created by their poisoning us as I wrote above. Also as usual, they deceive the mass with super cunning wording. They call it ’SAFE Schools’ but it’s NOT SAFE at all.

And that means more money going into medical and pharmaceutical industries = FRAUD.

Rockefeller Medicine
by Corbett Report


I’m sure many of you heard the news about a boy who decided to become a girl changed his mind to go back to being a boy

Australian boy makes u-turn in decision to become a girl

who is to have an operation to get rid of the breasts, and I wonder HOW MUCH the medical and pharmaceutical industries have made from him though I’m not 100% sure to say that this is a genuine episode and not a made-up story using some of those Crisis Actors - similar to that story of Angelina Jolie removing her breasts. Just KINDLY showing us what you can do to make them richer, you see.

And I was shocked to say the least, by reading what they’re actually ’teaching’ at school including “masturbation” to primary school children!!
How disgusting!!

Teaching small/young children such sexual issues must have some horrible consequences, like the one I found on this page,

Brain Washing, Social Control and Programming – Why You Should Kill Your Television
February 26, 2014
…After 90 years of research, Tavistock’s main discovery concerns child sexuality. This has a great influence on the development of personality.
Early sex stimulation produces adults whose emotional development is similar to that of a neurotic child.
(end quote)

“How wonderful!!” they must be praising themselves, cause they’ll achieve (or at least make further progress) their depopulation agenda
by making so many gay, lesbian etc so that goym can’t have children unless they pay more to arrange whatever the criminals made available to their needs, and creating more and more unstable society (with neurotic people with grieving or unhappy parents), destroying & taking away many people’s freedom and rights while protecting those of LGBTI bunch, on top of making more filthy profit.

While I’m not that enthusiastic to protect the religion ( = Christianity), I remember Bill Cooper kept saying that they are trying to destroy it, so that’s definitely to be included in above motives.

Unfortunately as usual, it seems to me many sheople are supporting “YES” cause it looks cool or they want to support their friends who are one of LGBTI especially among youth (AGAIN, their emotion is being used and abused without them being aware) believing they are doing the ‘right thing’, on top, the criminals would do anything to manipulate the count anyway, but please tell others and we’ve gotta fight back just like I’ve been doing.

Otherwise, at least say below everyday as many times as possible
*Right click and open to a new tab to have it enlarged properly if necessary.

and spread far and wide!!

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