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Think about the “human nature” upon 16th anniversary of 9/11 - Heavy Metal Toxins make people “crazy”, “violent”, dumb down etc ~ Contaminated Vaccines ~ ’Shaking baby syndrome’ FRAUD

Another anniversary of that shocking crime is here tomorrow.
That dodgy INSIDE JOB which woke me up big time,
which contained multiple, various crimes…
The top ones are either simply STUPID or DUMBED DOWN and doesn’t bother to check any FACTS therefore they cannot present any verifiable counter evidence to so many questions, and yet dismiss the allegation. SO PATHETIC
I’ve been wearing the “Loose Change” top that a FAKE Government’s agent in Melbourne gave me years ago, starting mid last month, and will hand out fliers again tomorrow…
They are holding a film showing in Oakland, CA.
Hope many will come and join!
It’s just not only Iraqis but so many others have been killed using their INSIDE JOBS and so many disgusting LIES…

Right, Empire State DIDN’T COME DOWN like those towers and WTC7
R.I.P. Bill Cooper!
(above, Bob and his family in 1997. Far right is Bobby who was murdered on 9/11)
I met Bob McIlvaine in New York back in 2008.
Listen to his description of Bobby’s body,

9-11 Family Member Bob McIlVaine - Part 3 of 4

He is the father who says that his son “was killed by my Government.”
I always think about him, and Dan Wallace

Dan Wallace speaks about 9/11 Truth

and I assume his ‘friend’ Luke Rudkowski must have been involved in Dan’s assassination
I met Luke Rudkowski first time at the conference John Bursill the agent held in March 2008 in Sydney and saw him again in New York. I offered to sing my 9/11 song for the crowd,

September 11th was an Inside Job!

but he turned it down saying they had no time. So I went to see one of the victims’ families and offered to sing for him, outside of the venue, but he managed to take me to the stage instead. It was Manny Badillo
Anyway, I thought Luke was VERY DODGY.
Wow, now see what I’ve found! though I haven’t watched them yet, the title tells what I thought, maybe… though the first one seems to be from a no planer which I disagree

Day of death of Dan Wallace, girlfriend Sabrina Rivera sleeping with Luke Rudkowski /Lukasz Milewski

Special Guest 9/11 Truther Ryan Rodriguez Speaks on Dan Wallace RIP & Zionist Luke Rudkowski

I’ll watch them later and tell you what I think.
Anyway, I thought about Derek in the Midwest
probably would agree with me, but I believe he was fixed = mind controlled so that he wouldn’t upload vital information. His site was not accessible any more,
and even his look changed.
If you go to his channel and see his videos,
you’ll know what I mean.
It's like former MI5 David Shayler, who ended up wearing woman’s clothes and got evicted from the house he was living in. Wonder what’s happening with these real truthers nowadays.

Anyhow, back to Bob Mcilwaine, he recently stated
exactly what I’ve been thinking in these years, that
we need a revolution.
And I’ve been telling you that it IS possible, using their fraud of Governments being Companies. Hope more people join my battle against traitorous fraudulent criminals.

And I know many people would say “That’s human nature” when they see some crime, deceit, etc negative phenomena. But I do no agree with that.
This short documentary, made upon tenth anniversary, tells it.

BOATLIFT - An Untold Tale of 911 Resilience

I saw another similar video years ago, but I cannot find that.
Instead, I found this article from a few years ago,

7 incredible stories of heroism on 9/11

It’s written based on that disgusting official story, but the top one about the young man with red bandana is also telling us what the true human nature is really like.

Unlike some people believe, that’s the reality.
We humans are originally benign, caring, kind people who offer help when others around us needed. Well, that’s of course, EXCLUDING the member of Illuminati the evil criminals who get brainwashed starting when they are in their mother’s womb.

And then, various poison that Illuminati has been making us eat, drink, inhale, suck etc. are making many people ‘crazy’, ‘sick’, and/or ‘suffer’ from all kinds of problems. Read some articles on heavy metal toxins, especially the top one - I gave you the links in this article,

How can I detox my son/daughter from this vaccine?

I believe they are at the base when someone gets addicted to alcohol, drug etc. Otherwise, you cannot explain why some people can realize it was a mistake and come out of it, but some others would go to the very end which includes their deaths. I personally know two of the former, and one the latter. And that latter must have driven by heavy metal toxins he got in his system.

And now, two scientists found all the vaccines for humans in Italy and France were contaminated with micro, sub-micro or nano metals!
Study Shows All Vaccines Are Contaminated and Toxic

It also said,

Gatti and Montanari work in the emerging fields of nanopathology and nanotoxicology. The two researchers coined the term “nanopathology” in the early 2000s after finding that nanoparticles (particles less than 100 nanometers in size) “induce far more severe [health] effects” than larger particles. As they explain, the minute size makes it “extremely easy” for the particles to infiltrate the body’s tissues.

Of course, CHEMTRAILS that we have been FORCED to inhale NANO-PARTICULATES of aluminum, barium, strontium, boron, and so forth!!
Evil crime, on top of weather manipulation for their gain.

Then I also found this news,
New Film Exposes Shaken Baby Syndrome Myth
– Opponents Want to Silence it at Film Festivals

When I heard about this ‘shaking baby syndrome’ some years ago, I thought that wouldn’t be able to kill a baby at all!! and I was right!! All lies to HIDE CRIMES OF POISON CALLED VACCINES. So-called ‘SIDS’ is the same, and so many other issues where they would tell parents, that their baby has got some “congenital disease”. Since they start giving poisonous vaccines from DAY ONE, they can say anything to deceive us!!
The site of the documentary is here,

The Syndrome Trailer

Various illness, issues, and crimes (apart from their inside jobs and false flag operations) are caused by all kinds of toxins that they feed us. And I have to add to say that I found a report a JP doctor was making to the FAKE authority (though he didn’t seem to know they are FAKE), that notorious Monsanto’s glyphosate made his patient, a young man very violent!!
So, please detox yourself, tell others and let us eliminate Illuminati!!
And if you don’t have courage to join my fight, say below everyday as many times as possible .
*Right click and open to a new tab to have it enlarged properly if necessary.

and spread far and wide, at least!!
We’ve got to have a genuinely REAL investigation into 9/11 and so many other issues!!

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