Monday, July 31, 2017

Tell them their ‘Notice’ is all NULL & VOID!! ~ The Agreement I made with so-called ‘Civic Compliance Victoria (CCV)’

I had another so-called ‘parking fine’ and this criminal was pretty persistent and audacious to keep sending me their fAKE notices even after I wrote the “Notice of Default”. So, this is what I sent to them last,
I wanted to see the face of the person who saw above first,
And I attached a copy of the “Notice of Default” to refresh their poor memory.
Haven’t heard from them at last i.e. the idiots got the message finally. ;O)

Honestly, I am sick and tired of all these fraudulent criminal Companies keep stealing from us as you know. So I decided to pay a bit to make an agreement with one of them to beat all of them, with so-called ‘Civic Compliance Victoria’ which is nothing more than a trade mark
You see that “R” in a circle, indicating its a registered trademark
Anyhow, I wrote a check for them,
See the amount, 6 6 6
And the date,
25th of June -> 2 + 5 + 6 = 13
Year 2017 -> 2 + 1 + 7 = 10 and above becomes,
13 + 10 = 23
with a cover saying,
And I enclosed below:
(I’m going to add images to some of them)

Their Infringement Notice with Due Date 07MAR17
Copy of “Notice of Default - Final” I sent on April 14, 2017
Commonwealth of Australia the COMPANY on SEC
Treasury Corp of Victoria the COMPANY on SEC
State Government of Victoria the COMPANY on DnB
Parliament of Victoria the COMPANY on DnB
Department of Justice the COMPANY on DnB
ABN 32 790 228 959 State of Vic - Dept of Justice contains “IMES” = CCV
exfacie - Civic Compliance Victoria Explained - top page
Civic Compliance Pty Ltd - ABN Lookup that says “Private Company” for ABN 68 122 448 122
Victoria Police the COMPANY on DnB
Sheriff’s Office the COMPANY on DnB
VicRoads address showing “60 Denmark Street Kew”
VicRoads - Roads Corporation the COMPANY with VicRoads’ address on DnB
TAC on DnB
(I sent either one of them)
*Right click and open to a new tab to have it enlarged properly if necessary.

Magistrates Court of Victoria - Company Logo = Kangaroo Court
Pretended Law … - Chief Justice Latham 1942
Above, I jotted down “On top, you are all Companies!!”

I sent it in an express envelop to track it, and it was delivered
I have noticed all sorts of these Companies give out GPO Box numbers but they tend to go to “Port Melbourne”. Guess there is a big center for all these criminal Companies there, and their underling, Australia Post doesn’t show exact addresses. In the past, they even hid/didn’t do their job as expected.

Anyhow, the check was cashed!!
So, it means the Agreement has been successfully made!! ;O)
Guess it’s a bit hard for you to read, so I just copy and paste the content below:
(I emphasize here and there with bold etc)


Upon cashing the enclosed check for the amount of six dollars and sixty six cents, Civic Compliance Victoria (CCV) has agreed:

- to admit that CCV, Victoria Police, Infringements Court/Magistrates Court of Victoria, Sheriff’s Office et al are all Companies (though CCV could be nothing but a Trade Mark only) therefore nobody has any obligation whatsoever to pay their unconstitutional and unlawful fines fraudulently charged via so-called ‘Infringement Notice’ or ‘Enforcement Notice/Warrant’ etc because all of above have no authority or right to charge fines, bully, harass, threaten, arrest and/or order citizens including stopping drivers or pedestrians for no real constitutional and lawful reasons, suspending registration or license, confiscating/seizing or selling anyone’s property, money and/or monetary fund, wheel clamping any vehicle other than their own.

- to admit besides above, that the Commonwealth of Australia is a Company registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, and all the Governments at any level and their bodies in this country are all Companies including so-called State Schools.

- to admit that Governments and Companies are two very different entities. Governments are paid by the people and work for the people, whereas Companies are to make profit and please their shareholders therefore Governments cannot be Companies, yet it is our reality which means this huge fraud has been going on to deceive the nation, i.e. people of this country for decades along with some other countries in the world, and that you all fraudulent Company employees are committing a crime of impersonating as public officials and are working for such evil traitorous criminals.

- to admit the system of driver’s license and vehicle registration is a con even if they were not unconstitutional, to make the Companies called VicRoads (alias Roads Corporation) and Transport Accident Commission (TAC) richer by charging every driver and/or vehicle owner hundreds of dollars which must be tremendously more than the actual cost. Despite their advertisement which is aimed to give people very positive impression about themselves, I have never met anyone who ever used TAC’s insurance and who knew anyone who used it. So it would be very interesting to see especially TAC’s income and expenditure, since it is obvious that insurance is a big business of Zionists along with banking which they used to frame people around the world and has created huge debts in so many countries. A documentary titled “Money as Debt” explains evil banking fraud very well.

- to admit, based on directly above, that ’INFRINGEMENT OFFENCE’ for ‘OWN OR USE UNREGISTERED MOTOR VEHICLE’ is absolutely null and void especially when all the Governments and Governmental bodies are Companies, therefore nobody needs to pay for it at all. Everyone should keep their license plates as a memento and a reminder so that they will never be conned into this kind of fraud again in the future.

- to admit that the slogan of ‘Speed kills’ is not true, which is obvious when you think about Autobahn in Germany. If that were true, so many drivers over there would be killing a huge number of people everyday but that is not the case. This slogan was created to con drivers into a theft called ‘speeding fines’ just like so-called Local Governments’ unlawful and unconstitutional rates, permits, parking charges/fines etc. They are yet another absolute fraudulent theft since they do not own those public roads, which actually belong to people, besides they have no authority just like you. As the article titled “Speed doesn’t kill, says Benz” published on March 5, 2010 on The Age explained, speed doesn’t kill. The truth is “WRONG DECISION” COULD kill. Cunning and misleading propaganda has been made up to charge FAKE fines to innocent citizens while so-called police officers who are Company employees have been witnessed speeding, turning without using the indicator, using radio or even mobile while driving though they never get fines but charge innocent citizens who use mobile or even just taking a look at it while waiting on a red light or so. All these fines (while you don’t even call them “fines”) are nothing about safety, but all your dirty profit: a theft.

- to admit, based on directly above, that ’INFRINGEMENT OFFENCE’ for ‘EXCEED SPEED LIMIT IN A VEHICLE’ is absolutely null and void, therefore nobody has to pay for it at all.

- to solemnly promise that Civic Compliance Victoria (CCV) will make 100% sure that all these traitorous fraudulent criminal Companies including CCV itself will never disturb (My name) myself, my family and our descendants in any way with issues described in this Agreement and similar, since all of you have no authority or power over the citizens and we do not consent with the Admiralty Law or whatever you use to deceive us.

- to expect, based on above, that all your notices will be Returned to Sender from now on because they are all null and void.

- to admit that CCV, Victoria Police and their traitorous fraudulent accomplices have been stealing from innocent citizens by making them look as if they are criminals while so-called ‘law enforcement officers’ actually never, or hardly ever arrest real criminals at all.* Promoting ID check even for domestic air travels and introducing high quality facial recognition, iris, and fingerprints to replace passports are good example of treating citizens as criminals. In the U.K., they have already started to arrest people with that facial recognition technology, therefore that will be our norm in the near future unless more citizens wake up any time soon and throw all of, or quite a few of you into jail for good.

*Domestic violence and violent crimes excluding you criminals’ false flag operations and inside jobs, on top of so many other issues we are facing today such as autism, developmental disorder, learning difficulty, Asperger, delinquency, depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, and sudden increase of gay and lesbian in recent years are actually caused by heavy metal toxins including aluminum and copper. We can get poison through our skin, for example, copper from water pipes and hot water systems can go into your body when you’re taking a shower, and certain people cannot detox it well and that toxin can affect them in various ways. This fact has been deliberately hidden from the public for decades by evil criminals who have been promoting poisonous vaccination which contains such toxins. Thus, victims of heavy metal toxins and mineral imbalances are categorized as criminals where violence is involved, with no real reasoning behind it. It is known certain agri-chemical especially of notorious Monsanto has similar effects i.e. making some people violent. Only if we had a genuine government (though the system itself is a fraud), it would help everybody have hair mineral/urine tests and detox accordingly on top of banning various poisons that your kind of ‘authorities’ have been promoting. That will make our societies much more peaceful and safer which your bosses never want. At any rate, this means Victoria Police et al are helping the evil criminals destroy families instead of helping them solve the problem so that they can live happily together.

- to admit that hidden agenda of all you fraudulent Companies is to waste people’s money more and more while making yourselves and your associates richer, take freedom and rights away from us and enforce unreasonable control further more, poison citizens via food and drink with agri-chemical, additives, evil genetically modified technology etc, via air = toxic sky - chemtrails the weather weapon, via poison called ‘medicine/treatment’ and various electromagnetic weapons such as mobile, WiFi, SmartMeters in order to make evil Rockefeller’s ‘Modern Medicine’ fraudulent industries profit, and dumb down citizens so that we never realize we are living in a society much worse than George Orwell’s “1984” or the film “Hunger Games” series showed us, because this is a lot more cunningly covert where many people never dream such a fraud is our reality, paying their attention only to entertainment and sports activities (“bread and circus” from Roman days so that people wouldn’t pay attention to the politics) as they are taught and guided at school and by media which is bought by big money and tells us what you want us to believe. While many people, mainly strangers I speak to, already know Governments are Companies, one guy who didn’t know all this said to me, “If our Government is a Company, it must be already bankrupt and finished.” So I told him that these Companies which pretend to be our Governments and Governmental bodies are different from regular companies because they are already deep in debt, and yet their task is to make that debt bigger and bigger so that they can charge us = steal from us MORE. That’s why we keep seeing you criminals wasting our money constantly. That ridiculous ‘Sky Rail’ of Victorian Government the Company is a good example but in general, you criminal Companies tend to keep hiring more employees where there is no real necessity, yet that makes you need to steal from us more. Look how many so-called ‘police officers’ or those with yellow vests that say “Protective Services” (VERY honest! since a COMPANY is to provide a SERVICE. Same with our stupid ‘Local Shire’ outlet had a sign “CUSTOMER SERVICE”) walking around idly at stations, on streets, have nothing to do but bully innocent citizens or harass and now even arrest homeless when we should use such money for helping them so that they can lead some decent, humane life rather especially in this extremely cold weather that your accomplices have been manipulating.

*Rockefeller’s fraudulent Modern Medicine has been injuring and killing so many around the world and lots of citizens are waking up to this fact. It is evil especially with their deadly ‘cancer treatment/medicine’, when there are many real CURES and cancer itself is NOT a deadly disease as one doctor clearly stated who had treated many cancer patients, that he never wrote “cancer” as the cause of their deaths on their death certificates but “they died from side effect of the medicine/treatment”. Also psychiatric medicine is a complete sham and their medicine is absolute poison.

- to admit that ‘Melbourne CBD rampage’ which took place on 20th January this year was an absolute false flag operation, along with many other performances everywhere such as Lindt’s Cafe fuss in Sydney, just like Manchester, London and so forth ‘terror acts’ or needless to say 9/11 - September 11th, 2001. We should never forget about Port Arthur Massacre in Tasmania from years ago where traitorous murderer John Howard succeeded to take certain rifles away from good, honest Australian citizens. While these operations are planned and carried out for various purposes, they are fundamentally to take our freedom and rights away from us. As far as we saw, Melbourne CBD rampage DRAMA provided an opportunity for Victoria Police to have a big scale exercise with their new employees that they’ve been hiring recently, to alter the bail laws (reported two days after the show), and your Satanic court also succeeded to start having NIGHT Court! On top, you greedy criminals must have collected a large sum of donations from gullible individuals whose emotions were used and abused, while nobody seems to have died there in reality. We saw some FAKE blood which doesn’t change color or dry up but we definitely saw a lot of Crisis Actors.

- to admit all kinds of citizens’ groups and various truth movements are actually started or infiltrated by FAKE Government’s agents in order for you criminals to collect personal information of people who are righteously against you, and they are there to spread disinformation after doing some terrific job to gain everybody’s trust and positive emotional support, mislead them to fight back within this fraudulent system such as protests, demonstration and/or petitions which are simply DEGASIFICATION that will never work unless you evil doers allow it to work to a certain extent. It is obvious when we remember the massive protest all around the world could not stop Afghan Bombing after 9/11 at all. Furthermore, these agents are there to divide people and ultimately destroy the movement, thus “We the People” can never win.

- to admit that ‘Parliamentary politics’ is a fraud because it is merely a politics of greed and it will never achieve a real free and democratic society where nobody is forced to suffer. Needless to say, “majority vote” is not democratic at all. Besides, this system called ‘Government’ itself is a fraud because it is a system to exploit and control the citizens. The biggest mistake of all is to give away one’s power - money and vote. Sadly, so many believe that they are carrying out their political responsibility by voting (at elections held by Company employees i.e. invalid) when they are actually giving their political responsibility and power away to somebody else. When many enough of us realize that, it will be the end of you evil traitorous criminals and the beginning of genuinely fair, peaceful and just world.
(End of the Agreement)

And again, I tell you that

The said check was cashed on the 4th of July 2017 thus this Agreement has been made successfully. ;O)


Unknown said...

yes i totally AGREE this world is corrupt and is full of corrupt men and woman, that cause us all to LIVE IN SLAVERY. but YOU FORGET God is STILL IN CONTROL. not the evil men and woman. the corrupt SYSTEM we have was NECESSARY in order for the coming ANTICHRIST TO RISE UP and take HIS PLACE ON THE WORLD scene. SLAVERY is alive and well on planet earth and GOD ALLOWS IT ALL!! TRIBULATION will soon be upon this dyeing planet and as such IT'S GOD'S JUDGEMENT on HUMANITY. PROPHECY OF SCRIPTURE MUST COME TRUE, no one within humanity can stop what is coming upon this world!! YOU either BELIEVE THE BIBLE or YOU DONT?????????????

Aus911Truth said...

Hi steve jones,

I prefer to KNOW FACTS rather than BELIEVE in anything/anybody cause when you BELIEVE, you get DECEIVED. And I don't understand, if GOD ever really existed, why does he/she allowed Illuminati to succeed/flourish this much.