Wednesday, March 1, 2017

While nobody seems to notice, and nobody seems to care,

we are getting KILLED slowly by electro-magnetic weapons called WiFi, Smart Meter, mobile and mobile towers along with so many other poisons they force us to eat, drink, inhale, and absorb.

I wish more people wake up and everybody destroys each one of these weapons that are killing us slowly.

Smart Grid - Smart Meter - Scam and Risk of Death

OMG, they already deleted that!!
Alternative… hope this works.
Please hurry, watch it and tell others about what these videos tell you.

Smart Grid & Compteurs Intelligents = Arnaque et Danger de Mort (Take Back Your Power)

Barrie Trower - The Cooking of Humanity

Anybody left out there with the ability to THINK with their own BRAIN!?
If yes, please join and fight back the traitorous fraudulent criminals in Companies calling themselves ‘Government’, ‘Police’ etc. URGENTLY.

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