Sunday, February 5, 2017

Someone asked me how to get that GOVisCO information, i.e. Company Search Results…

Well, I thought that was simple, easy and straightforward but this person says he can’t get the results. So I did it myself, using this FAKE so-called ‘Local Government’ as an example.

First you open, and if you don’t see the option of Company Search, click that top right icon which looks like a magnifier, and then put the name of the company you want to see above the line like this,
then press that “Company Search”, where the mouse is.
It’ll probably ask you if that is “Your Business?” (click “No”), where it is (change USA to Australia) and there could be a box with “I’m not a robot” then simply tick the box and then you get the results,
So print that out but they eliminate some words as you print it, therefore you capture it with screen shot function etc, so that you have that “First, choose a company to be included to your “Notice of Demand” and so forth.

You click the top, then you get this
So do the same. Print out, take screen shot or whatever you need to use it as a proof that they are just a COMPANY!! along with other evidence you may need to present them (such as ABN search result page) and keep above pages as pdf files if possible for your future use.


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