Sunday, February 5, 2017

Moon Landing HOAX - further evidence on top of what I showed you before

We were all lied to on various things.
Almost everything we were told over the years are lies.

I found this video recently, and it’s a good addition to what I wrote before

Watch it before they delete it!! - Secret NASA - Real Footage

I still remember when I was talking with many members via CC mails, of the so-called 9/11 Truth including Prof. Stephen Jones (who was actually a professor at a university of Mormons, DUH!!), Kevin Ryan (very dodgy, too), that agent in W.A. named Frank Legge (you can put that name in my blog search) who attacked me because I started talking about this very Moon Landing Hoax. One of them admitted that the first one, Apollo 11 didn’t get to the moon, but my take is that all of them didn’t.

So, here’s the video of which some parts are actually REALLY hilarious.
I hope the readers can spot the fact that some materials dropped and falling, or thrown upwards and flying, that they move at the same speed as on the earth, and that’s because these footages were taken on earth!! LOL.
So here you go,

Moon Missions: More Proof We Were Never Even Close

And we’ve gotta remember that it is said those criminals used a huge sum of money they SAVED without getting to the moon, in order to create their weather weapons to cause more destruction and poisoning upon us.

ENJOY watching above, and tell others!! ;o)

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